A Desperate Fraud…

Listen, it’s difficult to quantify, I know.  I’ve been trying and it’s just VERY tough to determine.  I mean, I don’t know HOW stupid a person has to be to think that intentional sabotage of a constitutionally mandated government function is the same as proving it “inefficient” but I know we’re all about to find out…

As you may know, Donnie Dumbass put a political stooge, Louis DeJoy, in charge of the Postal Service.  His qualifications?  He gave a bunch of money to the huckster-in-chief AND, apparently, rivals the Orange Moron in stupidity.  So, in order to help Donnie’s Russian friends help Donnie in the upcoming “election,” DeJoy is doing everything in his power to destroy the United States Postal Service.  How?  Why, cutting service, of course.  First, no more overtime.  Then, just to make SURE the Post Office struggles, DeJoy has ordered mail sorting machines shut down early.  Finally, carriers have been told not to make multiple trips.  If your package (say…your heart medication) can’t be taken in the first run, your package won’t be taken at all that day.

These assholes always have a story, of course.  In this case, DeJoy is pretending this is all about “cost cutting.”  It isn’t.  It’s about undermining the postal service because it has traditionally done a very good job – despite Republicans best efforts to undermine it.  The claim is, the Postal Service is running a deficit right now because of Trump’s pandemic.  That’s likely true.  (Who isn’t?  Everything that guy touches turns to crap.)  But if Congress can bail out Wall Street, Congress can sure as hell bail out the USPS.

Who won’t do it?  Republicans.  Who won’t do HIS job in the Oval Office?  A Republican.  Who opposes the USPS as provided for in the US Constitution?  Republicans.  Republican Mitch McConnell keeps blocking legislation from the House (400+ bills and counting!)  Sure, his lack of response is hurting AMERICANS (right AND left) all over the country, all day, every day.  But he’s got the Republican President’s back.  The Republican President is allowing Americans to die needlessly at an incredible rate, apparently, at least in part because he “thought” the virus was only going to affect Democrats.  It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

At this point, it’s getting easier and easier to make a case that the Republicans just hate the United States.  I know.  That sounds like hyperbole.  But the United States of America isn’t the land she sits on.  It IS the Constitution.  Without the Constitution, there IS NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  But Republican ideology says the Federal government can’t function correctly and Republicans make every effort to make the statement true – even if it means killing themselves.

No matter how  you slice it, killing yourself just to try to win a political point is fucking stupid.  (Hey, take it up with Herman Cain…)  Destroying the Post Office just to try to win a political point is stupid.  Undermining the Constitution of the United States just to try to win a political point is exponentially stupid!  In my mind, anyone who supports any of those positions?  Do I need to say it?  Does ANYBODY need to say it?

Above all, Trump can’t let people use absentee ballots (though HE does).  He NEEDS the machines so his Russian buddies can hack them and control the outcome.  Let me put that another way.  Trump is pretending the safer voting method – mail-in – is rife with fraud because he KNOWS the oh-so-hackable machines are necessary to commit his own fraud.  It’s why conservatives are so thoroughly conditioned to fear and loathe any voting platform except those god-forsaken machines…

So…how stupid are YOU?  Do YOU know this is a transparent effort to interfere with the “election” or do you pretend it’s just business management?  The whole world is going to judge you based on your answer.  Warning, the stain may be permanent…)

I know, some Republicans will be out telling everybody about how inefficient the Post Office is and how they cheat on shipping costs and that it operates at a loss.  Of course, by now, most thinking people know that Republicans NEVER have factual information on their side so the only choice they have is to lie.  The “loss” the Post Office suffers is only because (wait for it) Republicans passed a law in 2006 mandating the USPS fully fund pension accounts for employees who had not even been born at the time!  That’s true.  75 years into the future – just to artificially add an additional burden to the Post Office.  It was GREAT sabotage from the GOP point of view.  It did much damage, which was the intention.  Republicans ate it up with a spoon…

The thing all Americans need to remember is that the Republican GOAL is to destroy the United States.  Steve Bannon said so when Donnie took office.  He said they were going to preside over “the destruction of the administrative state” and we’ve been watching it happen ever since.  Republicans LOVE it…for now.  Thinking Americans?  Not so much.  Eventually, even the rank and file Republicans are going to see what they’ve done by supporting all of this.  It’s not like THEY’RE going to be spared the consequences.

Here’s what you need to know.  It’s called a ‘mail-in’ ballot but you don’t HAVE to mail it in.  You can drop it at your polling place if it hasn’t been eliminated to try to keep you from voting.  If you live near your county Registrar’s office, you can take it straight to them.  (In Sonoma County there’s even a drive up window for your voting convenience.)  If getting to the Registrar’s office is too far, there are (or will be) little vaults placed around your area where you can drop you ‘mail-in’ ballot.  (Honestly, I don’t know WHAT they’ll do in the anti-American states…)

When you get your ballot in the mail, fill it out, and TAKE IT BACK PERSONALLY!  (Hand-carrying your ballot is a very good way to say “Fuck you, Donnie!”)  These guys are going to do anything and everything possible to cheat in this “election” – all the while screaming about how Democrats cheat, of course – and we have to do whatever we can to stop them…

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