The Deceptipublicans…

Here’s how you can know, for certain, that mail-in ballots are secure: if there was a dependable way to cheat with paper ballots, Republicans would already be doing it as aggressively as possible, just like they do with every other voting system – all the while whining about how Democrats cheat, of course…


It seems the disaster relief talks have collapsed.  Republicans just won’t do anything to help working Americans.  They’ve come to believe their own rhetoric.  They think the 30 million (and growing) people out of work should just go out and take the 5 million jobs (and shrinking) available and the problem will be solved.

Republicans are now pretending that the additional $600/wk unemployment enhancement is discouraging people from going back to work.  It’s not the virus.  It’s not lack of day-care.  It’s not the lack of work to go to.  It’s that sweet extra $2,400/mo they can’t earn working.  The truth is, Republicans realized that the additional payment exposes the truly horrific pay structure of the United States for what it is.  Their story is their story, of course, but facts will continue to intervene.  Cutting off money from the people who spend is going to freeze the economy.  It really is that simple.

As it happens, the crashing economy is just a symptom.  The problem – obvious to anyone who will see – is Covid-19.  (170,000 dead Americans, so far…)  But Republicans decided Covid-19 isn’t real so it can be safely ignored.  It’s like having a deep gash in your Femoral Artery and only worrying about getting blood on the carpet.  Wrong focus.  I’m thinking ‘negative outcome.’

No one is going to fix the symptom – the economy – until they’ve addressed the problem – Covid-19.  Trump’s proposed payroll tax certainly won’t do it.  What good, after all, is a payroll tax cut to people with no pay because Covid-19 shut down their business?  No, the only chance of maintaining any life in our economy is an outright propping up.  But the Republicans have said no to that, too, under the delusion that magic is going to happen and all will be well.

At the rate we’re going, the US isn’t going to enjoy ANY leadership on “the Rona” until January 21, 2121 at the very earliest – and THAT assumes Biden gets sworn in.  In the meantime, Depression anyone?


I wrote in my July 27 piece, ‘The Hand-Basket,’ “I operate on the axiom that a position that depends on falsehood for it’s defense doesn’t deserve to be defended.”  I was challenged by a conservative friend of mine who suggested conservatives agree with the statement.  It reminded me that conservatives often think their positions are as legitimate as anyone else’s.  They aren’t.  In fact, I occasionally have conversations with progressives who wonder how WE know WE’RE on the correct side of the various “issues.”  Turns out, there’s a way to tell.

On MY side, I use logic, critical thinking, and verifiable facts.  I’m allowed to rely upon experts and expertise and the scientific method.  On their side?  They have Sean Hannity’s hunches, Donald Trump’s assertions, and disinformation produced by conservative “think” tanks.  I feel pretty good about my chances…

Conservatives refusing to admit defeat…

I know.  They never admit defeat.  But a refusal to admit defeat doesn’t mean one hasn’t be defeated.  Facts and evidence continue to roll over their opinions and assertions whether they confess it or not.  The trick is to recognize your victory when won and walk away…

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