Donnie Dumbass KNOWS…

He can’t win honestly…

Perhaps, by now, you’ve heard that Donnie Dumbass has declared outright that he’s holding up money for the Postal Service as a means to disrupt the “election.”  The idiot said it right out loud.  He was on Fox Business on Thursday morning and said, “They want $3.5 billion for something that’s fraudulent … for the mail-in votes, universal mail-in ballots. They want $25 billion for the post office. They need that money so it can work and they can take these millions and millions of ballots.”  Trump added: “But if they don’t get those two items, then they can’t have mail-in ballots.”

NO evidence exists to support Trump’s lie that mail-in ballots increase fraud.  Conservatives believe it but ONLY conservatives believe it – because those guys will believe anything.  Thinking people prefer evidence and the evidence says Trump is – at best and as always – wrong.

But apparently, the cheating weasel isn’t taking chances that the Postal Service might get the job done anyway.  To make sure, sorting machines across the country are being removed.  The very sorting machines the Postal Service would use to sort, say, mail-in ballots.  You might want to read that again.  They’re actually pulling out sorting machines specifically to cripple the United States Postal Service’s ability to provide it’s Constitutionally mandated service.  It is, without question, an attack on America, an attack on the Constitution, and blatant cheating.

No doubt, Republicans will be out soon offering up some excuse, some kind of “defense.”  (They should be humiliated but, apparently, have no shame…)  They’ll be lying, of course, but that won’t stop them.  I’ll be curious to see how Republicans spin this but it’s already a “no-sale” for me.  His arguments are easily disproved bunk.  His actions are easily recognized voter manipulation.

There will be much writing in the coming days about the various kinds of damage and injury that will occur as a direct result of Trump attacking the Postal Service and I’ll let others discuss that for now.  But there’s another aspect of this I’d like to mention.

The reason Trump doesn’t want people using mail-in ballots is because he knows he can’t win if people use mail-in ballots.  No, I’m not “reading his mind.”  He SAID so, remember?  Out loud.  Really.  That’s stupid, saying the quiet part out loud.  What’s amazingly stupid is that in expressing his “thoughts” on mail-in ballots, he’s inadvertently giving away the whole game on computerized voting machines, right?

See, if one does a little thinking about Trump’s position, the fact that he confesses that he can’t win if people use mail-in ballots means he must believe he CAN win if people are forced to use the computerized machines, right?  Would people vote differently on the machines?  Or would those votes just be recorded differently on the machines?  Question: if he KNOWS he can’t win if people use mail-in ballots but believes he CAN win if people have to use computerized voting machines, how is he NOT exposing the fact that the voting machines are NOT secure?  If he can’t get help from Putin, he can’t win and Putin can only help by having his minions dial in and flip votes in the machines.

Think about it.  He’s said many times that if people use mail-in ballots, Republicans lose.  He’s right about that.  So he’s willing to go to ANY length to try to prevent people from using mail-in ballots.  There can only  be one conclusion: He’s admitting he feels like he has enough control over the voting machines to “win!”

My guess?  He thinks so because it was only the voting machines (and the Russians, of course) that put him in his current position in the first place.  Trump should never have been installed as President and his actions indicate that he knows it.  Mueller was right.  Trump cheated in the last “election” and he has every intention of cheating again.  (It seems highly likely that’s the reason the full transcript of the Mueller Report has never been released…)

I’ve been a vocal opponent of computerized voting machines since they were first introduced.  It seemed obvious to me that the company that builds Automatic Teller Machines should be able to produce a voting machine that kept a paper trail and provided a receipt…just like the ATM’s do.  It’s only since the introduction of computerized voting machines that We, the People started getting “election” results that didn’t fit.  It’s only since the introduction of computerized voting machines that We, the People started getting told that exit polls – the Gold Standard of polling – suddenly don’t work (in America).  Al Gore wins the 2000 “election”, Bush 43 gets the Office.  Hillary beats Dumbass by millions of votes in 2016 but Dumbass magically got just the right electoral districts to “win” the “election?”  Not buying.

As of this writing, I don’t have any ideas about how people should proceed in seeking justice.  We KNOW the corrupt Republicans in the Senate won’t do anything and as long as the Senate is in the hands of traitors, the entire Congress is impotent.  (For the record: I do NOT care a whit about party affiliation or political leanings in this.  If you support Dumbass’s assault on the Constitution, I count you a traitor.  Period.)

I think We, the People are going to have to hit the streets – yes, AGAIN – and demand his removal.  I don’t mean impeachment.  Resign and walk away – or face the consequences.  (Sidebar to the NSA; loud and unruly crowds, riots, and demonstrations.  No one is “threatening” anyone, here.)  I, for one, will accept nothing less.  I once took an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  Recently, it’s been ringing in my ears a LOT.  I’m not going to pretend Dumbass didn’t attack the United States of America in an effort to keep an office he never won, doesn’t deserve, and can’t administer…

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