Errata – Aug 17, 2020…

If nothing else, Covid-19 has certainly exposed every weakness, every failure of our society – and they are legion!  The owner class has always hated it but the New Deal made America great in the first place and unless and until we return to the same principles the future isn’t looking too bright.  Remember when Americans could do things like defeat a pandemic or deliver a letter?  Republicans are bad for America.

JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”  Hopefully, after the revolution, we’ll build a better Republic.  That doesn’t happen often in history – at least not right away…

I think any and all evidence supports the position that the so-called “free market” is a failure for the largest number of people.  This is largely because of the tiny number of people who are hoarding the wealth of the nation.  I propose we start to fix this once-great nation here: we tax ALL wealth over one billion dollars at 90%.  The people hoarding that wealth stole it.  We don’t allow OTHER criminals to profit from THEIR crimes.  Why should we allow the modern Robber Barons of the world to profit from THEIR crimes?


I saw this headline in the Guardian this morning: “Is Trump’s New Post Office Chief Trying to Rig the Election?”

Why…yes.  Yes he is.

Well, that was an easy quiz…


10 Dollar note, dollars, money, American banknotes. Image shot 04/2011. Exact date unknown.
Apparently, we’re supposed to wish the economy back to health…

Congress left town without passing any disaster relief.  Yeah, sure, they call it ‘stimulus’ but it’s disaster relief.  If the businesses that are closed had been destroyed by, say, a tornado, not even a conservative would suggest anyone “get back to work” in the pile of rubble that once housed the business.  Not being able to go into the building because of a microscopic bug is no different.  It’s a disaster – now exacerbated by natural events in the Midwest.

But, apparently, it’s not a big enough disaster for Republicans.  They just HAD to make it worse.  First by trying to insult the virus into submission – which hasn’t worked.  Then by ignoring it – which also hasn’t worked.  The truth is, NOBODY likes the idea of the government paying all that money.  It’s just that there’s no better choice.  If the government keeps money in the pockets of the working poor, the economy has a fighting chance.  If not?

So now there’s a movement to just cancel rent.  Truth? We can’t just cancel rent.  The people who own the rental homes still have payments THEY have to make.  It’s the most glaring example of how economic pain trickles up.  It’s indisputable evidence as to why it’s so shortsighted to keep so many working Americans locked in desperation mode.  Anything goes wrong, anything at all, the economic fallout trickles up.

The renters trapped by the situation aren’t deadbeats.  The Senate Republicans act like all these down-and-out renters have to do is cash in a bond and all will be well.  FAR too many Americans have ALL of their “discretionary cash” tied up in “food” and “rent.”

Republicans are in a tight spot.  They CAN’T help Americans because their false ideology pretends that government can never do anything good.  But if they DON’T help Americans the economic fallout is going to spread like – well, like an unchecked virus.  Poor Republicans.  They’ll be damned if they do the right thing and they’ll be damned if they DON’T do the right thing.  Based on everything I’ve seen so far, I expect them to NOT do the right thing and the damage to compound.  It’s just what they do.

Never underestimate the amount of damage a Republican is willing to do just to try to prove a fraudulent point…


Honest to gods, I don’t know what the Republicans can say about Joe Biden that 1) I can’t point to the same (usually worse) from their guy and 2) might change my mind.

I don’t give two figs about Biden.  I’m voting against Trump.  Simple…


Speaking of voting, remember: you can pick up your ballot at the Registrar’s office and you can hand deliver your completed ballot BACK to the registrar.  No matter how hard the Republicans try to make it, vote on paper.  Don’t let Trump/Putin steal your vote!

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