Reality Vs. Delusion…

I got into a discussion with a friend of mine about whether or not Jacob Blake was reaching into his car.  Was he or wasn’t he?  My friend thought he was.  I didn’t.  I think his right hand is on the door frame.  Then I realized, it doesn’t matter.

Was Jacob reaching into his car?  Maybe.  Is that a death penalty offense?  No.  Well, apparently, that’s a ‘no’ for white people.  It looks as though it clearly IS a death penalty offense for non-whites.  Like I said, I saw him bend over the way a person does to address someone in the back seat and that makes sense to me since he had his kids in the back seat.  But even if he WAS reaching into his car, the shooting isn’t justified unless and until you can say for certain WHAT he was reaching for…

Of course, the conservatives have tried to present a narrative to justify the shooting.  They always do – when it’s a cop shooting a black man.  That’s all distraction.  There’s nothing in the incident in which he was shot to justify being shot.

I’m not great at predictions but I’ll make one here: IF the body-cam video is ever released, I suspect it will NOT support the contention that Blake was reaching into his car…


Of course, the unwarranted shooting of yet another unarmed black man by police has resulted in protests which prompted this young, Trump-loving, law-and-order type yahoo named Kyle (17) to murder someone.  It’s peculiar.  I haven’t been able to find out WHY Kyle started shooting in the first place.  I know the second guy he murdered was trying to wrest the gun away but why did Kyle murder the FIRST guy?

I guess we’ll have to wait until the trial.  From what I’ve heard, Kyle seems to have been EAGER to murder someone so…prison is probably the right place for him…


Cult 45 held their convention.  From all accounts outside of the conservative bubble, it was a real bull session.  If anything any of them said was true it certainly didn’t make it into journalistic outlets.  Fact-checkers have issued pages and pages of “corrections” and findings.  Most people have commented on how bizarre the message was.  If we elect Biden, went the message, we’ll have rioting in the streets, rampant unemployment, and spreading contagions.  We’ll lose face with countries around the world.  The economy will crash and burn.

So, describing Trump’s America today and pretending it might become Biden’s America tomorrow is the best they’ve got?  Okay.

DystopiaBiden’s American, according to Trump…

It doesn’t really matter, though, right?  When I hear there’s such a thing as an undecided voter in this once-great nation, honestly, I just don’t believe them.  I feel like if a mock “election” were held today, it would come out pretty much the way it’s going to come out in November.  Trumpsters are going to vote Trump because of how awesome their day-to-day lives are today.  Everyone else is going to vote against Trump because of actual reality.  I have NO information that reality defeats delusion…


186,883 Americans dead due to Covid-19 as of this writing.

The Dumbass “strategy” has been, “Ignore it.  It will go away.”  It hasn’t started working yet but it will.  Eventually, so many Americans will have died there won’t be anyone left to spread the virus.

The truth is most of the deaths have occurred in old people – useless folks from the point of view of conservatives. (Why else would they dismiss those deaths so blithely?)  The next largest group to be infected, though, are the working poor.  Here in brutal America, a large population of a desperately poor working class is a device used to keep wages low.

If enough of THEM die, employers may face the risk of having to pay a fair wage.  One might think the business community would want Dumbass to deal with Covid-19 just to help suppress wages…

2 thoughts on “Reality Vs. Delusion…

  1. i moved from ca to a cattle ranch do to dead of step dad..i always heard bad things about cattle people and ranching works….i leaned everything i learned was far from reality..yes watching a video is safe arm chair reality..walk a mile in these guys shoes only then could a informed man have go on a ride along with a cop pull over a guy or gal dont want to go back to prison and will kill not be arrested …the stress Must be (cause i never done it ) unimageable maybe like war ? everyday not knowing which ones going to go off is this my last stop.. i could never be a cop i dont have the balls and ive been in a tight spot or two. and now days who wants to be a cop pay sucks never know if going to make it back home safety people spiting in your face..reminds me of when the Vietnam vets came home .not having a gun and 911 your only real defense they could be in reality be your life savor in time of need ..just a though ..have great day mark love ya tom

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    1. I don’t know, dude. I thought about it. I agree it’s a tough job. I don’t think that justifies shooting someone in the back. None of the other stuff they’re saying does in my mine, either. I THINK everyone agrees that cop was in no immediate danger. That’s why people keep having to make up details in the “what if” mode…


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