Fictions and Follies…

Okay so, maybe I’m just jealous. I’ve kind of come to admire how my conservative counterparts just…insert their preferred reality in place of whatever is actually going on.

A pandemic that’s killed, so far, 186,000+ Americans because of trump’s inaction? Why, no! In the conservative bubble it makes FAR more sense that medical professionals and institutions would risk their professional licenses and certifications – not to mention the legal consequences – by lying about Covid-19 – just to make trump look bad.

So, to hear them tell it, 186,000+ Americans haven’t died from Covid-19. It’s only been like 6,000 or maybe 4,000 or hell, I don’t know, maybe 150 people and a cat. The thing I don’t understand? If you’re going to just make up a reality anyway, why not make it a perfect reality? Why include ANY Covid-19 deaths?

At first, I thought, this is how they make their lie seem credible – acknowledge and stipulate to a FEW deaths but deny the bulk of them. That doesn’t really track, though. ANY number of deaths surely makes Dumbass look…well, like a dumbass, right? So why not just deny ANY of them?


Personally, I think trump humping the flag is every bit as disrespectful of the flag as someone setting it on fire. And at least the person burning a flag is expressing an honest emotion…


Speaking of disrespect, the Atlantic reported this last week that trump counts military members “suckers” and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice “losers”. Okay, so the Atlantic leans left but Fox “News” confirmed and reported the story as well. Based on everything I’ve ever seen from the coward trump, I’d guess he DID say those things and I’d wager he’s just honestly expressing his true (and vile) position.

Sure, he can – and will – lie. Helpfully, his reality-replacing base will work as hard as they can to believe him. But nobody else will. The dumbass has no regard for the military. He just shines them on like Eddie Haskell. (Yeah, something of an archaic reference there…) Cult 45 will just overwrite what they know with what they’d prefer to know and keep going.


I’m VERY excited about California’s new color-coded slow re-opening plan. Mostly because of the anticipation it creates for the inevitable new color-coded slow re-closing plan in the near future.

We can close and open and open and close all day every day for months years, days, weeks – whatever. If we’re not going to deal with the underlying problems the symptoms aren’t going to get better.

It’s a sad thing that so many Americans don’t seem to understand this…


Pelosi! (You have to kind of spit it.) She’s trying to spin her recent hair appointment as a “set-up.” Truthfully? I think she WAS set up. But it was her own arrogance that allowed her to be set up in the first place. She didn’t know the rules? Bunk. When someone told her something different, she, of all people, should have known.

Okay, so the truth is, rich people get privileges in this once-great nation the masses don’t enjoy and, right or wrong, that’s just the way it is. I think she was wrong and ended up projecting a “do as I say, not as I do” message. But I STILL don’t think her disregard for protocol is anywhere near as damaging or dangerous as trump’s disregard for reality…


Remember, because of Covid-19 the rules of the “election” are changing this year. Evil, America-hating progressives have to go first and have their votes in by November 3. Then, the god-loving, patriotic conservatives get their turn and start voting on November 4. Know your group and vote accordingly…

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