Losers and Suckers…

I find myself wondering how many military members trump lost when they found out he considers them suckers for joining and losers if they get injured or killed. Some, I imagine. If they’re true trumpsters, though, they simply pretended he didn’t really say that and put their vile little red hats right back on. At this point, it’s pretty clear to any of us outside the conservative bubble that those who insist on supporting him ANYWAY are the true losers and suckers…


Speaking of losers and suckers, I ALMOST started to feel sorry for trumpsters. Imagine how many battles they’ve fought over Covid-19. They marched out, social warriors on social media, name calling, ruining friendships and other relationships, tearing their own families asunder – all in defense of the dumbass and his pretended position on trump’s pandemic – only to find out he wasn’t just wrong. He was lying the whole time.

I mean, how embarrassing to be so completely exposed for the gullible rubes they are.

But, like I said, I ALMOST started to feel sorry for them. Then I remembered, all I have is evidence in the form of a recording of trump himself describing in detail the dangers and threats of the virus, proving he knew. And as we know, trumpsters say, “Evidence, shmevidence!” See, trumpsters have faith. They disregard evidence just as easily as a snake sheds his skin.

I’ll be voting against trump because of all of the truths I know about him.
Trumpsters will be voting FOR trump because of all of the truths they refuse about him.


I’m guessing there are STILL some suckers out there pretending climate change is a hoax. More faith over facts. Nice. I’d say events have overtaken your ideology. I’d say you were wrong but it’s really worse than that. Because you chose faith over facts, we ALL have to suffer the consequences. It was EASY to type contradictions into your computer and hurl epithets. It’s going to be far less easy to live with the consequences of your lies…

It’s weird living in and moving through the conservative hell-scape conservative positions have brought to us all. Orange skies are not the norm. When the sun is bright red, it’s a sight to behold – and then get back indoors where it might be safer to, you know, breathe. We’re supposed to go outside to meet with people because of trump’s failure on Covid-19 but we have to stay INSIDE because it’s not safe to breathe the air…

Trump’s America: just try not to breathe so much…


I really feel like rich people, with the help of their conservative suckers, have won their class war. I’m still seeing articles and posts asking what we can do but I think we already know the answer: nothing. With the help of faith-based conservatives – and the careful manipulation of that faith – the rich people have destroyed this country and it’s government. The DOW keeps going (generally) up because the rich people know they’ve created the most incredible buying opportunity in the history of the world. It won’t take too much longer until they own most everything, leaving the vast majority of Americans out in the cold.

Believe it or not, THAT’S when the real squeezing will begin. THAT’S when things are going to get ugly. I’ve long suspected the conservatives who helped bring about this end think they’ve accrued to themselves some kind of a pass. Maybe, they hope, when the 1% starts squeezing in earnest, conservatives will be passed over. They won’t.

I don’t know how long Americans will tolerate a dictatorship. We’re a spoiled bunch and we know it. Because we’re spoiled we might have a short fuse regarding things being taken away from us but because we know we’re spoiled, we MIGHT just decide losing a few things here and there is somehow acceptable.

I’ll tell you this, though: it’s not going to end well…

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