Cognitive Distortion…

RBG’s Seat…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing was a bit of a gut-punch to those of us holding on to the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, there’s some path to saving this once great nation. (There isn’t.) I’m hearing lefties out there swearing up one side and down the other they’re going to fight the corrupt GOP-controlled Senate to stop them from foisting another Sour Cream Court “justice” on the American people.

“Don’t you remember,” they shout angrily, “when the GOP said they can’t put a nominee up for a vote in the last year of a Presidency?”
“Didn’t you know,” I reply, “They were lying their hypocritical asses off at the time?”
“We’re going to fight to stop them!”
“Excellent. Which exact mechanism did you plan to employ?”
“Um…we’ll make angry phone calls!”
“Yeah, that’ll do it…”

It’s hard to say what kind of impact the passing of RBG is going to have on the upcoming “election.” BOTH sides were sort of pointing to the so-called “High Court” as the big prize for winning. Who gets to appoint the next “justice?” Now? Well, we know the answer. Trump. THREE Supreme Court nominations (one stolen, of course) for the dumbest man in the history of stupid! And the court’s decisions will reflect that for years to come. Or at least until the revolution, whichever comes first…

Then I see speculation that perhaps the GOP will hold off on naming someone as an enticement to getting GOP voters out. That doesn’t make sense to me. Look, we all know that Trump isn’t going to win this “election” unless the Russians are successful. If, say, the internet goes down on “election” day, Trump loses. Do you think the GOP is going to take a chance with that seat? No. They’ll have some Federalist Society toady appointed by the First Monday in October.

By all means, though, feel free to make angry phone calls. It won’t change the inevitable but it’s an EXCELLENT exercise in venting…


Blind Love…
Have you ever been blindly infatuated with anyone? Of course you have. Percy Sledge wrote a brilliant song about it called, ‘When A Man Loves A Woman.’ His song is about a man loving a woman (obviously) but it applies to a woman blindly in love with a man, as well. In a larger sense, it applies to ANY infatuation that blinds one to reality. (Say…Cult 45?) So…with apologies to Percy…

When A Man Loves the Donald
When a man loves the Donald,
Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else.
He’d change the world for the good thing he’s found.
When Don is bad, he can’t see it,
Donald can do no wrong,
Turn his back on his best friend if he put Donald down.

When a man loves the Donald,
He’ll spend his very last dime,
Tryin’ to hold on to what he needs.
He’d give up all his comforts,
And sleep out in the rain,
If Donald said that’s the way it ought to be.

Well, some men love you, Donald.
Gave you everything they had,
Tryin’ to hold on to your heartless love.
Saying, “Baby, please don’t treat me bad.”

When a man loves the Donald,
Down deep in his soul,
Don can bring him such misery.
Don is just playin’ him for a fool,
He’s the last one to know.
Lovin’ eyes can never see.

When a man loves the Donald,
he can confess no wrong,
he can never trust the real world.
Yes, When a man loves the Donald
You know exactly how he feels,
‘Cause baby, baby, Don’s his world.

When a man loves the Donald…

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