Does He or Doesn’t He?

So…just a friendly reminder: Donald Trump thinks military members are “suckers” and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, “losers.” Those are HIS words, not mine…

Trump’s tax information is leaking. What we know NOW is that Trump is among the worst businessmen in the world or he’s the biggest tax cheat in history. (It’s likely both…)

Trump’s man-baby tantrum in the “debates” seems to have backfired. Cult-45 saw him as strong, of course. (That’s what they were told to see.) But everybody else started supporting the notion of having mics that could be cut when the tantrum starts. Trump unable to distract? Enter Covid-19. Could be a coincidence…

Trump has had a pre-existing condition for quite some time, being a fat man. Now he’s added to it if, in fact, he DOES have Covid. Still, his administration is before the courts trying to strip pre-existing condition protections from the Affordable Care Act. He knows HE can afford to pay for health care out of pocket and doesn’t CARE about you…


After Trump was sent to Walter Reed, his team of doctors gave a presser. They said they were “just 72 hours into the diagnosis.” This (likely) truth accidentally exposed the fact that Trump knew he had Covid-19 at least 36 hours sooner than anyone else and kept attending campaign events anyway. (Remember: he cares about himself, not you…)

It was a very rosy rendition. It was SO rosy, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called the press corps together immediately afterward and told them off the record that the situation was worse than the doctors had indicated. This, of course, angered the man-baby.

So, the White House, caught once again not giving a rats ass about the American people, pulled out their always available go-to card: they lied. The White House issued a statement that said the doctor was mistaken when he said 72 hours. He SHOULD have said three days. Also, he was mistaken when he said 48 hours. He SHOULD have said two days.

I guess we’re left to decipher the difference between 72 hours and three days. Then, Meadows was trotted out to explain that, no, trump’s situation isn’t that bad and in an effort to demonstrate that the dumbass was still doing the Presidentin’, Meadows included the comment that Trump was asking for “documents to review.”

You gotta hand it to the dumbass. He knows his base and his base is VERY impressed by the term ‘documents.’ He’s never looking at papers, briefings, information, or folders. It’s ALWAYS ‘documents.’ That seems to be all it takes to impress his base…


Speaking of Trump’s base, I’ve heard that the Proud Boys, the White “Supremacist” group that Trump told to “stand back and stand by” doesn’t admit women into their group. I don’t know why that surprised me. After all, I know women can be small-minded bigots, too. I guess I could have known by the name, ‘Proud Boys‘, eh? I find myself wondering if they can’t allow women because every time they get near girls they can’t talk anymore…

It continues to be true – every hour of every day – I’ve never seen a better argument AGAINST white “supremacy” than white supremacists…


I read an article that suggested that trump wants food aid boxes to include a letter from him. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea reminding people they need food aid boxes because of trump policies…


One of the bits of information that was included in the claim that trump has Covid-19 was that he was given an antibiotic cocktail. It’s a special, experimental treatment. It has no FDA approval. In fact, the doctors had to get special permission to use it.

I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use experimental treatments on the so-called President of the United States unless I had no other choice. It seems…irresponsible.

So maybe trump DOES have it – badly enough that doctors had to pull out all the stops and take any chance. Then again, maybe it’s just another hydroxychloroquine lie…


Racists and other conservatives don’t like it that thinking people are questioning the veracity of trump’s Covid claims. They pretend we’re out of line wondering if this is just some new ruse intended to distract from the avalanche of bad news coming out about him on a near-daily basis.

It would be hard to be a conservative these days. NOW they have to pretend they never heard – or at least didn’t understand – the story of ‘Peter and the Wolf.’ Just to help out with our less-capable fellow Americans, one cannot lie every hour, every day, every week, every month for years and years and years and NOT have the world suspect even the possibility of further mendacity. I mean…hey, maybe the wolf DID show up this time. But THAT’S why we don’t lie…

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