Disruptions and Distortions…

Look, I know the alternative reality crowd is never going to admit this but I’ve noticed that while they’re shouting and making a fuss about the bad behavior of Anitfa, whenever the cops DO go far enough to make arrests of people who break windows or start the fires, the person of interest seems – commonly – to be a conservative trying to undermine the BLM activities.

And now it’s conservatives who tried to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. So maybe – just maybe – liberals aren’t the problem after all…


It’s voting season. I find that several of the heavily promoted ballot measures in my states are being financed and lied about by some very wealthy and powerful special interests.

Proposition 22
Uber, originlly founded as “Uber Cab,” is pretending they’re NOT a cab company. They don’t want to take responsibility for their employees so they’re pretending they’ll just go away if they’re forced to. Frankly, I’m okay with that. Capitalism teaches that if you can’t run a business in a profitable way, you shouldn’t be in business. If paying one’s employees an honest and fair wage is a problem, close your doors.

They’re complaining that drivers should be allowed to remain “independent contractors” because of the flexibility it offers. There’s no reason they can’t be flexible in their schedules if they’re employees. To me, “independent contractors” in this context stinks of “right to work.” “Right to work” is a euphemism created by predatory Capitalists. It’s always important to remember that the slaves had a “right to work” as well. I’m more of an ‘honest-day’s-pay-for-an-honest-day’s-work’ kind of guy…

Proposition 23
Dialysis centers are bitching because someone thinks they should have a doctor on site when patients are receiving dialysis. Why, that will cut into profits, yes? So they’re running ads saying dialysis patients won’t be able to get dialysis if doctors are required to be on hand. I’d bet that’s not true. Those greed-heads are not going to walk away from a profitable market just because it might be slightly LESS profitable…

Proposition 15
California Proposition 15 this year attempts to correct the deception of Proposition 13 from 1978. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association (“Deceiving Californians since 1978”) is trying to defend their tax-shifting, corporate-benefiting tribute proposition by telling everyone the property tax on small businesses will go up. They won’t. Or, more accurately, they already have. Here’s the deal:

Properties that get sold – even commercial properties – get reassessed at the time of sale. There are other triggers for reassessment as well. Most SMALL commercial properties have been sold and reassessed through the years. But the largest corporations in the state? They don’t sell property. They sell companies and transfer the property – avoiding the reassessment trigger. This means while YOUR property taxes have gone up over the years, large corporations are still paying property taxes at the 1976 rates. (Prop 13 included a rollback of rates to their 1976 values…)


Okay, so it’s been a couple of days and the dumbass has yet to backtrack on his declaration that he won’t participate in a debate he can’t disrupt. At this point, it seems he might really stay away. I wonder if he realizes he gave away the game. I mean, everybody OUTSIDE of the conservative bubble knew that if the moderator had a mic cut-off button Mr. Trumpery would run away. After all, can you imagine him trying to present a cohesive plan – or even a coherent thought? No, me neither.

I have this theory that suggests that the people who rise to the top of any existing hierarchy is the person most willing to do whatever it takes to rise to the top. THEY present that as ‘hard-working’ and ‘dogged determination’ but mostly, it’s devious backstabbing and immoral and/or unethical actions. In Mr. Trumpery’s case the behavior is audacious rudeness. People – Republicans nor Democrats – weren’t ready for his bombastic, bullying approach. His inability to function in polite society caught everybody off guard.

But he’s a one-trick pony and everyone is on to him now. (Okay, everyone NOT caught in the alternate reality…) So it’s no surprise he won’t participate in a process he can’t disrupt. If he can’t disrupt, he’s got nothin’…


Pence and Harris, on the other hand, know what a debate is supposed to be and handled it better. Pence tried to be a bombastic asshole to Harris but that’s not his authentic self and he didn’t pull it off too well. What I DID notice was this: when Pence tried to describe the vision of the Trump/Pence team, he spoke of what’s best for the American corporations. When Harris was describing the vision of the Biden/Harris team, she spoke of what’s best for the American PEOPLE.

I’ll tell you this: I care more for the American people than for American corporations…

2 thoughts on “Disruptions and Distortions…

  1. I had a couple of thoughts reading this; about the dialysis places—which has nothing to do with me because I live in WA, I wonder if the insurance companies are pushing the bill or consumers? If it’s consumers…then go, go, go but if it’s insurance companies, I’d be suspect? Like I said, nothing to do with me, but I was curious.

    And about bullying Trump. The thing that bothers me about politicians, the media, etc “standing up to him,” is that many have only done it as they have seen his power truly wane. And frankly, for me, it’s too little, too late. This cycle, we need our “blue” Senators and Congressmen/women but everyone should be paying attention to who did and didn’t act against that ‘Hitler wanna-be’ and act accordingly when elections roll around each season. These people should be held accountable to help keep another Trump from happening in the country.

    Many Democrats are as guilty as the GOP because they stood silent.


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