In the Books…

Well, that was…excruciating but ultimately satisfying…

Congratulations to Joe and Kamala. It will be nice to have decent people running the show for awhile. Of course, the dumbass isn’t going quietly. He’s beaten. He just doesn’t know it. People will explain it to him, though.

Biden won, fair and square. In fact, he had to do a seriously heavy lift against Republican cheating (more on that in a subsequent piece) but he managed to get it done.

To me, the most amazing single bit of theater from the whole thing came from Cult 45. I’ve long been aware that the conservative bubble has complete control over a segment of our society. Through the years, I’ve watched the bubble move the crowd from one position to it’s polar opposite in a matter of days. YEARS ago I realized that conservatives don’t have principles, they have positions which can (and often do) change with the wind.

But even I didn’t have a full understanding of the level of control the conservative bubble maintains. Not until I saw them. In Arizona, a gaggle of trumpsters stood outside the counting facility and shouted that the counting must continue because it’s the correct thing to do to count the votes. At the exact same moment conservatives were in Pennsylvania demonstrating outside the counting facility that the counting must cease because counting the votes was harming Trump’s position.

Yeah, I’m used to them taking one position, then switching to the opposite on a dime. Taking both positions at once? That’s new…


The Senate is still up in the air. If the conservatives retain control – which seems likely in the face of so much Gerrymandering – Biden will be blocked from moving forward with some of his ideas (anything that needs Congressional approval). But he CAN put us back in the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization. He can begin to heal some of our national institutions and he can restore (to some degree) our standing in the world. Frankly, I’m not sure how long it can last nor how deeply the world can/will trust us. After the Trump years, our system has proven far more fragile than many of us ever suspected and now the world knows that what a decent man like Biden might do today can be easily UNDONE by an indecent man like Trump…


I’m looking forward to my conservative fellow Americans demonstrating their belief in all that talk they were on about when the topic was “support the President” and “respect the office.” I confess, I wasn’t able to do that when Donnie was “in charge.” I’ll be watching for their example. What was the line? “You support the President because if you wish for the President to fail, you wish for AMERICA to fail!” There’s also, “You respect the office even if you don’t respect the man.” I’ll be watching for examples from conservatives…


One man I think everyone respected was Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy for 35 years. He wrestled with Pancreatic Cancer for the last year and a half and it finally got him. Alex apparently waited around long enough to find out who won. My deepest condolences to the Trebek family. I think we’ll all miss him very much…

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