Apparently, some of the rioters are upset. They are complaining that they now face prison and they just do not seem to understand why. They are asking the dumbass for pardons and, not surprisingly, the dumbass is not responding. I am no lawyer but I do not think he CAN pardon them at this point. The Constitution says specifically that he can pardon “except in Cases of Impeachment.” Having been impeached for the second time – an impeachment directly associated with his incitement to insurrection – I think his ability to pardon the attackers has been removed. (Constitutional lawyers, am I right?)

On the one hand, it’s kind of fun to watch these sad, betrayed suckers gaze in wide-eyed wonder as they try to grasp why so many are so angry with them – and why they’re likely going to prison. They’re only now beginning to understand that the dumbass was only too willing to sacrifice THEIR lives trying to benefit his own – and some of them STILL don’t seem to get it. Some do, of course. I’ve read where many in the trump camp are revolting. Yes, I know, they’re ALL “revolting” but I mean ‘reacting to being betrayed…’

I honestly believe the radicalized insurgents would readily strap on bomb vests and blow themselves up if the right person told them to do so – just like the Islamic terrorists they are always on about. Apparently, I’m not alone in this belief. The families and friends of the domestic terrorists aren’t helping to hide them. Largely, family and friends are working to identify and expose the radicalized insurrectionists and the FBI has more leads than they can follow up quickly. I expect they will all be followed up. It will just take a bit more time. I even heard, anecdotally, about a woman who changed her profile on some dating site to reflect her “conservative” values and when the conservative “incels” try to impress her with their presence in the Capitol, she just forwards the “proof” to the FBI. Nice.

I just hope the dumbass doesn’t slither his way out of this one, too. I know that traditionally, American presidents never go to jail. But trump has spent his life trampling traditions so, in this case, he should meet his devoted followers in prison. Perhaps they can all have a nice conversation about loyalty…


I think Lauren Boebert isn’t going to last long in Congress and she MAY face criminal charges that put her in one of those cells with other radicalized traitors. She’s the Q-anon follower who tweeted out the location and movements of various persons of interest to the attackers. Talk about in on it. Directing insurgent traffic from inside the Capitol and on her own phone wasn’t the most brilliant move I’ve ever heard of.

But I wonder how many of the 147 Republican House members or if traitorous Senators Hawley and Cruz will be expelled for their part in the attack. See, the Republicans are FAR more loyal to the party than the country. As a party, they KNOW if Congress does as it should and expels the traitorous members, their strength as a party will be weakened. I feel certain Republicans will opt to retain as many members – even disloyal traitors – as they can. You know – for the good of the party…


I know that Moscow Mitch said he was glad the Democrats were pursuing impeachment a second time. People speculated that he was using the opportunity to be rid of the dumbass once and for all. I suspect McConnell is happy about it because he sees it as Democratic overreach he can use to take back the Congress in the mid-terms…


The DOW seems to doing just great, thank you very much. It’s important to remember that ALL of this started because rich people were afraid they were losing too much power in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was intentional. It was planned. When you look for the guilty, look to the one percent. (Specifically, Charles Koch.)

The monster that is the radicalized right didn’t happen by chance and it didn’t happen over night. Nor was it the result of one party. Sure, Ronald Reagan introduced the ridiculously stupid concept of “Supply Side” economics but it was Bill Clinton who signed the law that opened the floodgates to the world of disinformation we all suffer from today.

I can’t really speculate on the details of how this all plays out but history shows, over and over, that accurate information is the lifeblood of democracy and the disinformation machine that was built, nurtured, and maintained by the one percent is destroying ours.

If it was up to me, I would correct the First Amendment to include; “any agency that identifies itself as a news agency may not knowingly present false nor misleading information.” We can’t really stop people from lying by pretending to be expressing their opinions but we CAN provide dependable news outlets…

2 thoughts on “Fallout…

  1. I suppose there are educated people that stormed the Capital. (I have a very hard time believing that, but, just statistically, right?) but mostly with the crew and particularly with their mug shots-I keep thinking, “Instead of dropping out of high school to marry your cousin and build a survival bunker, probably should have taken a few more Government, Civic and History classes.” 🙄


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