It looks like the fights over voting are heating up. There’s been a bill offered in Congress to eliminate Citizen’s United, the foul ruling that allowed the richest of the rich to buy our once-great government and, well, do to it what they’ve done. It’s going to take a Constitutional Amendment, though, and we know the radicalized Republicans will never support the effort. How do we know?

While Democrats in Congress are trying to fix Citizen’s United, Republicans are trying to change voting laws in an effort to give themselves a boost in upcoming “elections.” Can’t win with your policies? Why, simply suppress your opposition by changing voting laws! One of the conservative geniuses in Georgia spelled it out. As reported by Politico, ‘“They don’t have to change all of them, but they’ve got to change the major parts of them so that we at least have a shot at winning,” Alice O’Lenick, a Republican on the Gwinnett County, Ga., board of elections in suburban Atlanta said.’

Meanwhile, cheating Texas Republicans want to reduce the number of days available to vote because – of course they do. Not to be outdone, the cheating Republicans in South Carolina want to implement new voter ID laws. Cheating Republicans in Pennsylvania want to implement voter ID laws AND limit absentee ballots. When one throws in Gerrymandering and other voter suppression techniques used by cheating Republicans it seems like they’ll do ANYTHING to try and “win” an “election.” Well, anything except offering a more palatable platform. THAT idea never seems to enter these cretin’s heads…


The cons are starting to slither back to Facebook bringing their “alternative facts” (read: lies) and rejection of evidence with them. I’m not surprised. Once the circle-jerk known as “Parler” was shut down, they were bound to find their way back. I HAVE noticed there is not even a modicum of contrition over January 6th, though. It’s like it never happened or, at least, that it’s being hyped by liberal media. Whatever. I’m pretty sure I’ll have less grace for them than I used to.

I saw radicalized conservatives attack and defile the United States Capitol building and try to find and murder the Vice-President of the United States – all the while droning on about their pretended “patriotism” and ALL without a SHRED of evidence. As the saying goes, stupid is as stupid does. It pretty much dropped ALL of the pretense, though, and, for that, I’m grateful. This is not a loyal opposition with honest intentions. These are traitors. I don’t have as much grace for traitors as I do for the merely stupid.

The thing is, the Onan Network, Newsquacks, and Q-anonsense are still out there poisoning minds and radicalizing the gullible. Sure, a lot of the weakest thinkers will be going to prison now. But the One Percent’s radicalizing disinformation machine known as the conservative bubble – will just make more.

The truth is, I was glad when they absconded to Parler. Facebook got quiet and peaceful. Boring, even. But as it happens, leaving them alone and unchallenged in their little echo chamber helped to radicalize them faster and more deeply. At least being on Facebook means they might get challenged more often. I don’t know how to defeat the One Percent’s disinformation machine but I CAN demand evidence or brand them liars and, in my opinion, thinking people the world over should do just that…


I’m glad President Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. Apparently, Canada isn’t as happy but Biden is doing the right thing in making the move away from fossil fuels. I live in California. California has long been prone to fires but with the increase in global warming California is pretty much on fire somewhere all the time these days. Using the nasty-ass tar sands oil just so we can stay addicted to oil isn’t sustainable anyway so why keep polluting and why keep building infrastructure to support a dying technology?


Sure, it’s only been four days but as it stands, I think Biden is doing a good job so far. I was VERY interested in voting for him in the 1988 election but he never made it that far. He was brought down by a plagiarism scandal. Can you imagine? THESE days, NOTHING qualifies as a deal killer. Bush 43 started not one but TWO illegal wars. He got re-elected anyway. Donnie Dumbass watched while nearly 400,000 (and counting) Americans died as a direct result of is failure and millions still voted for him. Biden had to step down because of misattribution. Good times…

2 thoughts on “Scandalous…

  1. My new FB argument, IF I care to engage, which odds are, I won’t, (I feel such a sense of relief with an adult in the WH. Like you, Biden wasn’t my first choice, but personally I like what he’s doing so far and LOVE not waking up in a worried sweat) is, “You’re supposed to be loyal to your country, not a man. You’re looking for a kingdom, not a democracy.”

    I will never, never, never understand the idolization of that fat, bald, vain, stupid man.

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