The Tyranny of the Minority…

I have recently seen many stories about how Liz Cheney is in the crosshairs of the Republican party for supporting the impeachment of the orange moron, Cheetojesus. The left has come out with a “maybe we don’t like Liz because she’s a Cheney and, as such, has done bad things.” It’s a fair point. I don’t like or trust the Cheneys. But in this case, she did the right thing. Now she’s being pilloried by her own team – for doing the right thing – and the left is wondering if they should try to come to her defense – after she did the right thing. I think we should ALWAYS stand for the right thing, even if it comes from someone we don’t like. Correct information is correct information regardless of the source.

If someone is going to “get” Liz Cheney, let it be for some wrongdoing, not for standing up for the right thing…


I suppose we owe Donnie Dumbass a thank-you. No, really. Putting it nicely, I’d say the Dumbass represents the far-right extreme of political philosophy, the Libertarians. Now, to be sure, he presented as a Republican. This is because the Libertarians infiltrated and usurped the Republican party. But the Dumbass represents the closest thing the Libertarians will ever have in the way of Presidents – and he was easily the worst President ever to pollute the Oval Office. He failed at everything he touched and destroyed everything he could. He showed the world there is no place for Libertarian politics in the real world. He proved that while Libertarianism can be made to look good on paper, there is no practical application. Old school Republicans – the rational conservatives – fled the party. People who continue to cling to the failed Libertarian philosophy are operating outside of rational reality. It’s a sort of fever-dream…

Having been exposed as a party of preferential thinking by their ongoing and dedicated support for Donnie Dumbass, the Libertarian RINOS who usurped the Republican Party have had increasing difficulty getting votes. (‘RINO’ is an acronym meaning ‘Republican In Name Only.’ There are DINOS, too – Democrats in Name Only. It’s meant to be derogatory but it effectively identifies people who operate as members of one party while doing the bidding of another party…) As pointed out, rational Republicans fled the party, leaving only the RINOS. So, the remainders (Hillary’s actual “deplorables”) have done what ethics-challenged, self-serving, intellectually incurious people ALWAYS do. They’ve decided to cheat. It’s kind of an expected step on their road back to obscurity. With all the new voter suppression laws the “Republicans” are passing across this once-great nation, it seems they’ve decided to drop all pretense at honesty and just cheat outright – all while pointing the finger of cheating at Dems, of course.

In one sense, it’s comforting. At least we don’t have to try to plow through the landscape of bullshit meant to present the fraudulent picture of “competing ideas.” This is just naked, partisan power grabbing, exposed by Trump and now available for all to see. That is to say, they’ve become more honest about their dishonesty. Somehow, I find that refreshing…


Speaking of cons working to manipulate the system, the recall of Gavin Newsom has advanced to the ballot. This whole thing is being driven by cons. They think they see an opportunity. As we’ve already seen, they KNOW they can’t win on the strength of their ideas so they’re going to go with whatever is left. In this case, California has ridiculously low standards for recalling a governor. The rule is, the backers of a recall have to collect valid signatures from 12 percent of the voters in the last gubernatorial election. In this case, that number is about 1.5 million signatures. Now, the total population of California as of 2019 was 39.5 million people. If I’ve done my math correctly (and you really should check) 1.5 million signatures represents about 3.7 percent of California’s population. In my mind, the threshold number for a recall should represent at least 10 percent of the state – or about 3.95 million signatures. Even at THAT, the message is, “Oh, 90% of you are happy? Well, we’re not! Long live the tyranny of the minority!”

I think, particularly in this current environment where so many have succumbed to the misrepresentations of the conservative media, it would be EASY to find 1.5 million Californians disgruntled about, well, everything, really. And, as it happens, the signatures came from the most conservative regions of the state, with Amador county leading the way. Most of the signatures came from the pseudo-State of Jefferson – a region of Northern California SO conservative they think they’d do better on their own (they wouldn’t) so they created this “state” and yearn to live free in it, lucky they don’t have to.

A recent Public Policy Institute poll showed that 56% of Californians oppose the recall. But now ALL Californians are going to spend up to 400 million dollars for a recall only 4% of the people want! If they succeed, they remove the current governor for one year. One. Then we get to do it again next year. Worse, this is the sixth recall attempt against Newsom. Newsom opponents started almost the day he was inaugurated. Supporters of getting rid of Newsom have never come close to reaching the number they need to recall the governor until this attempt but even THIS attempt would have failed if an activist judge hadn’t stepped in and given the backers an extra four months to gather signatures. (I DID tell you Newsom’s French Laundry visit was going to be the most expensive meal in history, yes?)

It’s a waste of time and a waste of money. I’m not happy with everything Newsom has done – because he’s not perfect – but I don’t support a recall. Still, the Libertarian RINOS know this may be the only chance they have…

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