Party’s Over…

Like many people in this once-great nation, I’ve been watching the Liz Cheney debacle play out and wondering if the Republican party was going to be able to save itself. Then I remembered. Donald Trump destroys everything he touches. Everything. Donald Trump has very definitely touched the Republican Party. The Republican Party is doomed. But not to oblivion. There will still be a Republican Party. It will just have no more credibility than the Libertarian Party. Most people don’t even realize there IS a Libertarian Party. It will take awhile for the Republican Party to fall to that kind of obscurity but they’ll manage.

In the meantime, rational conservatives, once-Republicans, are saying they’ll start a new party. It won’t do any good. The Libertarians who infiltrated and brought down the Republican Party will just follow the “Rationals” to where ever they go and do the same damage there…

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