Could-a Been…

I saw this tweet this morning. Rep. Omar is correct that we need to address the filibuster but I would go with “fix” rather than “abolish.” She doesn’t seem to understand the country she lives in. She’s still buying the facade. But there’s a pattern in this once-great nation. Republicans (really pseudo-republicans) take power and, put simply, destroy everything they can. People start to get angry. As the anger grows, the power base (read: hyper-rich people) gets…concerned. At some point, the Dems are allowed to take power and fix something – but only one thing. They get to do one thing to quell the masses. After that, you can guarantee Republican “wins”, one after another and each “win” destroys something else. My conservative friends would challenge this characterization but I put my faith into journalism, not opinions, so I have a better understanding of how things are playing out than they do. Not because they’re dumb but because they’re completely misinformed and have no clue about actual events.

We’re seeing this play out right now, with the so-called January 6th Commission. Biden got the “stimulus” package. He gets nothing else. As you likely recall (unless you’re one of those pseudo-Republicans) on January 6, 2021 the losing, out-going, so-called “president”, CheetoJesus, the Dumbass, called on his apparatchiks to attack Congress and stop democracy. Being the blindly loyal sheeple they are, they did. And? They failed. The contrarian media went into overdrive, working to convince the lackeys that they hadn’t done what they did. THEY hadn’t attacked Congress. It was someone else. But they were so proud of their “accomplishment” they couldn’t stop bragging so the story failed. WHEN it failed – even the dumbest among us couldn’t accept the idea that it was Antifa disguised as trumpsters – contrarian media went with “It was no ‘attack’ at all. These were just tourists on a peaceful, though unauthorized, visit to the Capitol.” All they had to do was forget the deaths and destruction. Easy.

Dems decided to settle the matter by “investigating” the circumstances of January 6th by creating a bi-partisan commission to look into events of the day. The GOP will have none of it and of course they won’t. The party leaders already KNOW what such a commission would determine. You’d have to be dumb as a trump to come to any other conclusion. So? The GOP stops it. How? Why, by declaring a filibuster.

There was a time when the filibuster was a physical event. One had to physically hold the floor of the Senate long enough to defeat a given bill. It worked sometimes but it was tough and it should be tough. Somewhere along the way on our current path from Republic to Shithole, a filibuster became a declared event. One needed only declare their intent to filibuster and it is treated as successful – whether it would have been or not. When Democrats came to power in 2020 (because the Dumbass was literally killing Americans by the HUNDRED THOUSANDS) they pretended they were going to address the problem of the filibuster. Of course, they took an untenable choice in the matter; leave the filibuster as is, or eliminate it completely. This was always a false option. The correct choice – not even mentioned by most Congress critters, was to return to the talking filibuster. Leave the filibuster in place but make them do the work, take away the lack-of-governance-by-fiat option. That would have worked to create a semi-functional government again. So, of course, the Democrats deferred.

It all looked very political, of course. Will they or won’t they? Can they get that DINO – Munchkin, I think his name is, to do the right thing? (What? Manchin? Joe Manchin is his name? Wait, didn’t he issue a scathing rebuttal about Republican obstruction of the January 6th commission? Okay, but they only got away with it because Manchin refused to correct the filibuster, right? That all looks pretty dog-and-pony to me…)

(As a sidebar, history shows Julius Caesar as some kind of genius mastermind, able to rise to the pinnacle of power and seize the Roman Republic for himself. It’s an image I’ve always accepted. It seemed to make sense. But none of us knew Caesar. Using our current downfall as a guide, Caesar might well have been a complete dumbass simply too stupid, too uncaring, FAR too selfish to understand the kind of damage he was doing. I mean, look at who’s leading the charge in the destruction of America. Donald “the Dumbass” Trump. The “man” has NO redeeming qualities. None. He’s the very definition of the Seven Deadly Sins. He’s pure, unadulterated stupid, and he’s bringing down the United States of America. Not single-handedly, to be sure. He’s got help in the form of other egomaniacal, pompous, self-serving blowhards and Caesar likely did, too. I wonder if Caesar was orange, too…)

Anyway, because Moscow Mitch is capable of uttering the magic word “filibuster” Dems need 60 votes to create the commission, not 51. McConnell has enough control over his simpering, whining, spineless members to prevent ANYTHING from reaching the 60 vote limit. Honestly? I think that’s the intent. It seems obvious to everybody but the willfully blinded that the goal of the Klepto-class is to create a formal aristocracy – a feudal system – with themselves at the top. I’ll tell you this: I suspect – I HOPE – they get a revolution, instead.

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