Living Their Principles…

Okay, so…a gun rights activist (GRA) judge named Roger T. Benitez has overturned California’s assault weapons ban. He seems to be one of those guys who reads the sentence and comes away with half of it. The Second Amendment says, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” Always-wrong conservatives are SO focused on the last 14 words of that sentence, they completely disregard the first 13. All of this is based on the wrongly decided District of Columbia vs Heller. The cons MADE their faulty decision based on the last 14 words without regarding the impact of the first 13.

GRA’s try to have it both ways. They’ll insist they ARE part of the citizen militia but at the SAME time, they’ll insist the “well-regulated” part doesn’t apply to average citizens. They’re wrong. The Second Amendment was written because the young idealists who founded this once-great nation thought they could get by without a standing army. The idea was, the citizens would fall out to defend the country until a formal army could be raised, trained, and fielded. Really, it was a dumb idea. It was the kind of idea I call a philosophical position. On paper, it SEEMS correct but there IS no practical application. The error of the thinking was first exposed during George Washington’s administration. John Adams, only the second President, realized we needed a navy and built one. Thomas Jefferson, ever the moron conservative, first dismantled Adams’ navy, THEN realized we needed a standing navy after all and began rebuilding it. We’ve had a standing military ever since and the Second Amendment became moot. It should have been removed at that point.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. Now we have Americans gunning people down at, well, military rates. As we’ve seen over and over and over, one can murder an AWFUL lot of people in just a few seconds, thanks to wrongheaded decisions by the Sour Cream Court and those of the horrifying Roger T. Benitez and his ilk. I find myself hoping that Judge Benitez or one of his loved ones become among the first killed in California by an AR-15 as a result of his ruling… (Quick note to the authorities: this statement is not intended as a threat. I just think people should have to live their “principles…”)


There’s a golfer, Jon Rahm. He was golfing in a tournament and was playing brilliantly. He was kicking butt and taking no names, just rolling over everyone. Then, on the 18th green, officials came out and told him he had tested positive for Covid-19 and had to drop out of the tournament. Apparently, he doubled over, saying, “Oh, no, not again!” (“Not again?!?”) The media coverage is playing up the emotional angle. How sad he was, what a bummer such a great run was interrupted, that kind of thing. I felt badly for the guy, too. Then I read this in the Guardian: “Players who are fully vaccinated – 14 days past the full vaccination cycle – are not subject to testing as a result of close contact.”

To me, this indicates that his awesome, record-chasing performance was interrupted because Mr. Rahm is an anti-vaccer. Whatever compassion I may have been feeling went right out the window. At this point, anti-vaccers get what they deserve. (That’s why I don’t support all of these bribes being offered by the states to entice people to get on board. No, I know. I understand about herd immunity…) Conservative media convinced Rahm Bill Gates was out to get him so he passed on the vaccine? Really, if conservative’s wrong-headed thinking wasn’t so effing dangerous to children and other living things, it would be fun to watch them walk into wall after wall wondering why their foreheads hurt. Oh yeah, did I mention this guy was closing in on winning a $1.67 million dollar prize? Living his “principles,” I guess, but that’s some expensive stupid…

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