Quick question; can we just make Joe Manchin go away? He’s a moron from West Virginia. He pretends to be a Democrat but only works with Republicans. His (current) job is to make sure the Democrats fail – all while trying to appear “bi-partisan.” “Oh,” whine the Dems, “but we would lose the majority.” Listen, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill here but you don’t HAVE a majority as long as you’re saddled with Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema, for that matter. If nothing else, the Dems should withhold electoral support for them but they should ALSO start to claw back any money for those states that comes from the Federal government. I don’t really CARE that Manchin and Sinema claim to be Democrats. They’re Republicans. Let the effin’ Republicans pay for their campaigns…


So…2 “good guys with guns” get into a dispute in Austin, Texas. They “decide” to settle their dispute using their “good guy guns” because…of course they do. Gun Rights Advocates (GRA’s) ALWAYS think they could take, say, Wild Bill Hickok in a gunfight, given the chance. They couldn’t. In this case, they couldn’t even take each other. They DID manage to shoot fourteen innocent bystanders. The interim police chief there, Joseph Chacon is quoted as saying, “One thing is clear – greater access to firearms does not equal greater public safety.” Well, duh…

Wild Bill was a famous lawman (among other things). He GOT famous cleaning up wild western towns, that is, making them safe for decent people to live out their normal lives. Wyatt Earp had the same reputation. Do you know how they did it? They took everybody’s guns. They didn’t KEEP them, of course. They just had town laws that said you had to surrender your weapons when entering the town. You could pick them back up as you left. That was the pretext of the famous Gunfight at the Okay Corral. The Clanton’s refused to relinquish their guns in town.

I’ve long felt that if anybody could understand the “guns as tools” argument, it would be law enforcement people in the old west but two of our most famous lawmen took the position that, important as they are as tools, they had no place in a civilized society. These were not “anti-gun” men. They just knew stupid when they saw it and allowing drunken men to carry weapons was – and is – stupid.

These days, because of the wrongly decided Heller decision (decided by conservatives so of course it’s wrong), GRA’s will respond with “Those guys were violating people’s Second Amendment rights.” I disagree. They were simply regulating where it may or may not be appropriate to carry guns, an idea perfectly in keeping with the Second Amendment – the “well-regulated” part. And regulating where it may or may not be appropriate to carry guns, an idea perfectly in keeping with the Second Amendment, they cleaned up several famously wild towns.

These days, cons are working as hard as possible to get guns BACK into the hands of any moron who can carry one and the whole freaking country needs “cleaning up” again. I’m sure many will never see the connection…


According to the ‘USA Today’ (so…take THAT for what it’s worth) a Federal judge in Texas has tossed a case brought by hospital workers at Houston Methodist, the first hospital system in the country to require all of it’s employees receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Some, deceived by conservative media, didn’t want to. Houston Methodist said they were going to fire anyone who didn’t. They DID fire a couple of managers who had “missed” an earlier deadline for managers and then they put nearly 200 workers on suspension until they get the jab. If the DON’T get it by June21, they’re out. The con workers whined, of course. (They’d done their “research.” No, Karen, reading a meme on the internet is NOT “research.”) Then they filed suit. Now the suit has been tossed. They’re collecting money on a Go Fund Me campaign to appeal.

Those people (the anti-mask whiners) are never going to just do the right thing. And, oh, by the way, there IS a right thing in this case. The world is NOT all about precious little you. You have an obligation to the society in which you live. The group CANNOT reach herd immunity until the effing herd complies, right? You’re making choices for other people you would never allow other people to make for you. Selfish. But I don’t blame them directly. I KNOW most of the rank and file cons are deceived by the infotainment they prefer, the “opinion” machine.

It all brings us back, full circle, to Joe Manchin’s ridiculous pretense that such a thing as bi-partisanship is possible. The cons are SO dedicated to their contrarian positions they’re literally willing to kill themselves and the people around them just to “own a lib.” To me, that’s stupid to a staggering degree…


As a public service announcement, I’d like to share something I heard on the radio. A woman called into a talk show and said her father had been fully vaccinated, waited through the two-week buildup period, went back to living his life, then contracted Covid-19 and ended up in the hospital with a full-blown case that very nearly killed him. Why? He was taking immunosuppressants for arthritis. They “suppressed” the vaccine. He didn’t have the anti-bodies but he didn’t know it. The medical community is catching on to this but if YOU take immunosuppressants and had the shots, get checked. You MAY not be as safe as you think you are…

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