Immoral “Morality…”

Apparently, the UK has a new media player, GB News. They’re far right. From what I hear, the programs are poorly produced and extreme in their views so some on the left aren’t taking it seriously. They should. When the Clinton administration issued a waiver to allow Fox “News” people may not have taken them seriously, either. Fox lost millions of dollars in it’s first few years. It takes a while to radicalize a large enough group to become profitable but Fox managed and this GB News might well manage as well. From that point forward the radicalized crowd become a contrarian force dedicated to the proposition that selfishness is and should be the ultimate human pursuit and if everybody’s selfish enough everything will work out well for everyone. Sure, it’s stupid but it’s a fundamental core of conservative “thought.”

To be sure, the UK has already had it’s share of conservative influence. Hell, conservatives lied their entire country into leaving the EU. The US is ahead of the UK in the hateful, selfish, and stupid media market but, apparently, the UK is bound and determined to catch up. It’s too bad, really…


So…apparently, conservative “Christians” decided to heckle Mike Pence when he went to speak at the so-called ‘Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in (where else?) Florida. They called him a traitor for not overturning the outcome of the 2020 “election” even though he was QUITE clear about the fact that he had no power or authority to overturn the outcome of the 2020 “election.”

Pence IS a pro politician, though, and just plowed through his prepared speech while security removed the disruptors. Of course, he ALSO hit the highlights of conservative falsehoods and claimed to be fully on board with their positions (with the likely exception of their position that he should be hung for treason). HE thinks he has a chance to run for President in 2024. I don’t think the BASE thinks he has a chance. They still want the dumbass loser. The dumbass loser will continue to threaten to run again in 2024 – so long as it keeps his rubes sending the lazy son-of-a-bitch their hard-earned money…


OMG, the freaking Catholics… Did you hear that a high ranking official is suggesting that Joe Biden shouldn’t be allowed to take Communion as long as he supports a woman’s right to choose? Still waiting on word of Priests being denied Communion for raping and molesting young boys. It’s the whole “forgiveness” issue and, they will tell you, has absolutely nothing, NOTHING, I tell you, to do with the profitability of the church…

Meanwhile, a woman named Mary Margaret Kreuper, a retired nun in California, got caught using Catholic church funds to support her lifestyle, specifically, her gambling addiction. She was the principal of a Catholic school and had a scheme to siphon money. It worked – to the tune of some $835,000 dollars. Of course, the Catholic church wanted to display some more of that “forgiveness” it’s always on about so they made her promise not to do it again and found her another school she could administer. They moved her quietly so nobody would know about the accusations in her past and gave her access to more of the church’s money. It was quite the compassionate gesture and I’m sure she… Wait, what? Arrested? But, but…the forgiveness…what about the forgiveness?

So, if I have this right, according to the Catholics, you can fuck the kids but DO NOT fuck with the money. Just like Jesus would have wanted…

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