Lies and Consequences…

There’s a guy out there, likely you’ve heard of him, named Mike Lindell. Mike sells a pillow and desperately wishes he was the Orange Moron’s boyfriend. (Okay, I don’t know what he wishes but he ACTS like he would like to “get with” the Dumbass…) He went to some right wing conference and claimed the Dumbass won with 80 million votes to Biden’s 67 million.

Why not, right? In fact, why stop at 80 million? Since the cons are just making things up as they go along, I find myself wondering why they stop at 80 million. Why not 400 million? Why not a billion? Facts are meaningless distractions to them so there’s no problem if someone should point out that America doesn’t even have 400 million people. On the other hand, cons want – frantically – to believe the dumbass won. They’ll accept any number they’re told. So if they have no chance of convincing smart Americans and they have no chance of being challenged by conservatives, why not just claim 6 TRILLION votes?

Maybe they’re trying to keep it “believable.” But they’re unbelievable…


Speaking of unbelievable morons, CheetoJesus and Bill O’Reilly are teaming up for a “stadium tour.” Two losers on a “waah-waah” tour crying about how unfair life has been to them. Tickets went on sale June 1. According to Ticketmaster, they’re having trouble selling out the venues. Most tickets cost between $100 and $300 dollars and stadiums are BIG.

They probably should have stuck with a “conference room” tour…


Truth be told, I’m not very impressed with the billionaires vying for the position of first useless, wage-thief to get to space. I don’t mean to be repetitive but conservatives – as a group – are idiots and they decided decades ago that taxpayers shouldn’t fund space travel. Instead, they thought it should be private corporations. Of course, corporations only do things for profit. That’s their jam, profit. I don’t think it’s a good idea to cede possible discoveries in space to private corporations. Nothing good will come of it.

Here’s an idea: let’s put them all together on a single ship, “accidentally” aim it for the sun, and launch those greedy pricks off the Earth. Blasting greedy, thieving rich people off the planet once and for all? Now THAT would be inspiring…


We hear in the news that California is suffering a severe drought. I’ve taken to saying California isn’t in a drought. These days, California is a desert that occasionally gets some good rain. I own and operate a small swimming pool service. One of my customers asked me what I thought was going to happen regarding swimming pools in relation to the drought. I told him I was certain the powers that be will make poor people stop drinking water before they make rich people stop swimming in it.

Now there are mandated cutbacks to households up and down the state with the “stick” portion of the carrot-and-stick program being higher water rates – which the rich will pay easily and the poor won’t be able to pay at all. It looks like my off-the-cuff, flippant response to my customer was dead-on accurate. Bummer…


So, the American west is burning and/or hot enough to burn at a moment’s notice while the rest of the country is drowning in floods. Fact-based individuals know these are the predicted results of man-made climate change. After all, they were predicted! Cons, of course, continue to insist these results of man-made climate change are anything BUT the results of man-made climate change but then, they think the CheetoJesus was a competent leader so…I think we can safely ignore their “thoughts” on the subject – or, really, any subject, for that matter…

The thing is, after awhile, one starts to wonder what the fat cats doing this to the planet think they’re going to do once the planet can no longer sustain human life. Sure, the plutocrats are the least developed people ever to walk the planet but technically, they do qualify as “human” so a place capable of sustaining humans seems like a beneficial thing. As it happens, they DO expect their money to solve their problems for them. For awhile, it will likely work, too.

When food can no longer be provided to the masses, the Capitalists will just pay whatever the new cost and not look back. They’ll buy up what’s left and leave the masses to work it out for themselves. When the temperature regularly reaches 130 degrees, they expect to be able to just fire up the air conditioning and keep cool – maybe go for a swim in their indoor pools.

But the farther out one runs this little thought exercise, the more one realizes the Richie Riches of the world have a glaring problem they haven’t seemed to take into account: the work. By which I mean, if the only people left are the wealthiest of the wealthy, the one-tenth of one percent crowd, how will they get anything done? When, for example, the AC breaks, who fixes it? I know, they love, love, LOVE, to tell the world about their great accomplishments and all they’ve achieved. Ask ’em, they’ll tell you – they’re great! They ALL have stories about starting out with nothing (but a small, million dollar loan from daddy), working out of their garages, and “building their success” through grit, hard work, and determination. Technically, the “hard work” part is correct. It’s just other people’s hard work that gets it done. The truth is, people who work know what work looks like and it’s not what those blowhards do.

So the useless parasites are going to have to maintain a core of useful people. It would be informative to see how many useful people it takes to maintain even one bloated fat-cat. (Just their estates require teams of useful people.) Sure, one doctor can maintain several patients so they can share but still, they’ll need several. White-collar professionals will be fewer than the blue-collar workers needed to get the basic maintenance done. How many of THOSE will need to be maintained? At some point there will be FAR more workers than parasites. That means private armies of security to protect the useless. But ALL of that – the working class, the white collar professionals, the private security armies – can only be maintained with money.

Once society collapses under the weight of desperation, money won’t have much meaning. After all, how much money is enough to entice you to give away what little food you have and let your own family starve to death? Even most cons aren’t that dumb. Remember, global climate change won’t be a localized event where the rich can just move behind some wall somewhere. It will be everywhere and it will affect everything.

So it seems…short-sighted to continue to despoil the environment of tomorrow for profits today. Even if the selfish and arrogant think their money is going to save them, I don’t think it will for long. Sooner or later, desperate but useful people will simply TAKE the protective environments from the useless – and we’ll know how to fix the AC!

13 thoughts on “Lies and Consequences…

  1. It must be obvious, even to you by now that Joe Biden is cognitively impaired. It must be obvious, even to you, now, that when Biden was put up as a candidate that he wasn’t up to the job. He slid into the Oval Office with a lot of help from his friends who are now running the show and doing a lousy job of it. So, if offering the country an old fart who is in the early stages of mental decline hasn’t been a problem for the unethical Democrats why should playing a bit of hanky panky with the votes be so hard to believe?


      1. There was a lot of evidence either toned down or kept under wraps before the election. Check out Joe Biden’s gaffs in general and specifically at the G7 conference on you tube. That’s where you’ll find evidence of Biden’s mental decline and other, frankly unpleasant evidence that he’s not the right man for the job. If you can’t after that, ask what the hell were the Democrats up to, then there’s no point debating it.


      2. Biden stutters. It’s been an issue with him his entire life. He uses verbal tools to work through it. The con media then edits creatively.

        I, for one, along with 81 million of my fellow Americans, am glad he won. I’m clear you’re ready willing and able to repeat the nonsense you’ve been fed in the conservative media and that you accept it as an article of faith so maybe this is a good time to jump to the one point you made we CAN agree upon: there’s no point in debating it…


      3. You obviously didn’t bother to watch the video that shows Joe Biden speaking at G7 and confusing Syria with Libya three times. Go live in your fantasy world.


      4. I couldn’t find that information from a credible source but I understand cons are going to have fun with Biden gaffes the same way libs had fun with Trump’s. That’s politics…


      5. Search term: Biden confuses Syria with Libya Three times you tube.
        That is, you get to see Biden and hear what he has to say on the matter. If you don’t consider that credible then you’re far more narrow minded than I thought.


      6. I should have been more clear. I’ve seen it, just not from a credible source. I can show you videos of Trump misspeaking, too. In fact, I don’t know ANYBODY who hasn’t made mistakes like that at some point in their lives. If that’s “proof” of senility, well, I guess we’re ALL senile.

        Look, I’m very aware conservative media started pounding on the idea of Biden’s “cognitive decline” the moment he became the presumptive nominee and they’ve hammered the message home to the point where you really don’t have any choice but to believe it. But your team didn’t have any problem with Reagan’s full blown Alzheimer’s. Your team didn’t even have any problem with Bush 43. Granted, he wasn’t senile but he is the second dumbest person ever to hold the office in the modern era. The only person dumber than 43 is Trump and not only does your team NOT have a problem with his “cognitive failures,” you seem to worship him. This causes me to believe the “concern” is manufactured and the “outrage” fake.

        If it’s any comfort, I don’t think Biden intends a second term. Even if the charge were true, all he needs to do is hang on until the middle of this term and step down. Then Harris can take over and STILL run for her own two terms. That would mean no more cognitive decline of Biden OR Trump so…just hang in there…


      7. I don’t know how old you are, but I remember how awful your ‘team’ was to Reagan. But this isn’t about Reagan or Bush or even Trump. This isn’t a game of ‘what about’.
        This is about the Democrats putting forward a candidate for the most powerful job in the world when they knew he wasn’t up to it. It’s no comfort to me that Biden is ‘hanging on’ till Harris takes over. (Why do you say hanging on?) I’ve been predicting it well before the election. And no surprise to the Democrats who planned it. Not sure what credible sources has to do with what Biden said on a global forum. Three times without correcting himself.
        There’s another YouTube clip you’d most likely dismiss: Biden gave his usual ‘give me a break’ answer and as he usually does when asked a hard question, he left. And got away with hardly any media reporting. That happened at that same G7 forum when a reporter asked him a question that wasn’t scripted. It’s obvious that the President’s pet reporters were imported and this particular journalist slipped under the wire.
        There are YouTube clips of Biden, kissing the back of a woman’s neck, sniffing at a little girl’s hair. There is a list of clips as long as your arm that makes the US President either cognitively damaged or a creep.
        Welded on Biden supporters forget that Biden is in the most despised category of professions. He’s a politician. You’ve got ‘press’ in your name. Not sure what that means, but I’m not linking you to an article that you can lightly dismiss, I’m pointing you to a video clip. No matter what the source, the reality is that, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. And Biden’s own words and actions convict him.


      8. Okay, side stuff. Yes, the left didn’t like Reagan. Politics is a rough game. I don’t care that your team says mean things about Biden. It’s all part of the game. Also, I didn’t say Biden was hanging on. I was suggesting that YOU hang on. Biden will be gone soon enough and you won’t have to worry about him anymore…

        Didn’t I make clear that I watched the video? The reason credible sources are important is because of these so-called ‘deep fakes.’ But, assuming the video wasn’t doctored, I watched while he said Libya three times. He also said Syria once and the White House had to clarify that he MEANT Syria. I just don’t think it’s proof of senility, that’s all.
        In point of fact, this IS about Reagan, 43, Trump, AND Biden. Three of the last four Republican presidents have demonstrated mental incompetence with nary a peep from the base. I think it’s dishonest to attack Biden on things that were ignored by the cons regarding the other three, especially when the “proof” is so subjective.

        Biden is commonly referred to as a gaffe machine. We ALL know he misspeaks. He has his entire career. It doesn’t prove senility. You’re seeing what you’ve been conditioned to see by the conservative media and what you prefer to see as a conservative. I never once saw Trump give a speech that was clear and concise. His offerings were commonly word salads in which he said nothing and everything. Like you, I can point to hours and hours of video. (Likely, some of THOSE are deep fakes as well.) Many times, he issued pure nonsense (covfefe, anyone?). Your team not only ignored it but physically attacked the United States Congress trying to keep him in power illegally. Now, suddenly, “mental competence” is important to the right? I’m not buying. You don’t like Biden because he’s a Democrat. Really, you don’t NEED another reason. On the bright side, Reagan proved the office CAN be occupied by a full-blown Alzheimer’s patient and the country can still operate.
        I appreciate the exchange and the fact that we can disagree without hurling epithets. It’s refreshing. Thank you.


      9. ‘If it’s any comfort, I don’t think Biden intends a second term’ What makes you say that and why should I take comfort from what you think?

        Do you think it because Biden is old and shouldn’t have been put forward as a candidate? Or because he is too cognitively compromised and shouldn’t have been put forward as a candidate? Or both? And if Biden doesn’t intend a second term, I agree Harris will take over and do openly what she’s doing now, behind the scenes. Old or senile, Democrats knew that the leader of the free world wouldn’t make it to the next term. Their plan all along has been to slip Harris in as back up. That’s why it’s unethical and disgraceful.

        If ‘the White House [not Biden] HAD to clarify that he MEANT Syria.’ that video isn’t doctored or ‘deep fake’. If that video isn’t doctored or ‘deep fake’ chances are that other clips on you tube aren’t deep fake. You say that ‘Biden is a gaff machine’ but let’s not believe the current gaffs. Talk about subjective. Do send me a couple of links or search terms to back up your assertions.

        Didn’t I make it clear that Biden belongs to the most despised profession, politicians. I don’t like or dislike Biden. I dislike the unethical behaviour of the Democrat party that the befuddled Biden and his wife went along with. If Biden isn’t senile, then he knows that the plan is to keep him in office for a respectable time and hand the reins over to Harris. If he is senile, then what’s been done to him and to the country is unconscionable.

        Biden’s speech is slurred, rambling, omni-directional and often nonsensical. His handlers shield him from even the fawning and protective press. For his rare press conferences, they supply him cheat sheets and a list of friendly reporters to call on. For Biden’s struggles, he deserves sympathy.
        But not the presidency.


      10. Okay, this feels like we’ve come full circle and now we’re just repeating ourselves. If I may summarize, you think Biden is senile, I don’t. I guess we agree to disagree and move on. I hope you have a nice day…

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