Conservatives in Congress are doing everything in their power to block the efforts to look into their attack on the Capital building on January 6th. You remember. They are such poor losers, they simply refused to accept the loss. When their whining and crying didn’t cause states to simply disregard the vote and declare the “winner” they preferred, they decided to attack. As I recall, they taunted Dems as “Sore Loserman” when the Sour Cream Court awarded the Oval Office to Bush 43, despite the vote and there were NO Democratic attacks on the Congress and nobody threatened to hang the Vice-President. But when THEY lost? Why, just like any three year old, they threw a tantrum. But sure, Dems are the snowflakes…

The cons attacked Congress and did some terrible things and threatened to do even worse. Then their man-baby pseudo-god, the CheetoJesus, told them to go home and they did. Now…everybody knows what happened. The whole world watched it on TV, live. But the Republicans, being the party of responsibility, immediately shunned all responsibility and started blaming anything – EVERYTHING else. Hell, they even tried to pretend those blindingly white assailants were cleverly disguised Black Lives Matter activists. Now, while that would have meant an Academy Award for makeup, I can say with some certainty that no self-respecting progressive wants anything to do with a MAGA hat considering the vile things it represents. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t don one just to make one Don look bad. Of course, they didn’t need to. He makes himself look bad without effort.

So…the Republicans began lying about what happened and have been lying about it ever since. In response, Democrats in Congress called for an investigation. The useless Senate tried but the cons used their outsized power – with a little assist from the reviled DINO Manchin – to block that effort. So the House has picked it up and, surprise, surprise, the cons are doing everything they can to CLAIM participatory cooperation while blocking every effort to move forward. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is trying to set up a commission to investigate. She asked minority leader McCarthy to name five members of their caucus to the panel.

McCarthy offered up five names. At least two of them were ringers – people whose job is to obstruct. Jim Jordan is a staunch ally to the Dumbass and his entire reason for being in Congress seems to be to keep investigations from moving forward. McCarthy also named Jim Banks who released a statement immediately after being named saying he was going to use the opportunity to “investigate” anything else he could think of – an obvious attempt to disrupt the proceedings. Pelosi, being no dummy, blocked Jordan and Banks from the panel so McCarthy, in a tantrum, pulled ALL five of his nominees. “If you won’t let me put my biased, disrupting, and obstructing elements on your panel, I won’t put ANYBODY! Waaaaa!”

It’s just a stall tactic. Do you know WHY the cons have to engage in stall tactics? Of course you do. THEY know what such a commission will find. EVERYBODY knows, even the cons. If the cons actually believed it was ANYTHING other than what it was, they would welcome an investigation, not block it. But they know. It wasn’t Black Lives Matter. It wasn’t Antifa. It wasn’t a peaceful, unauthorized tour of the building. It was a direct, violent assault on the Constitution of the United States of America. Every once in awhile, conservatives decide they hate, hate, HATE the United States of America SO much they just have to attack. (Actions speak louder than words…) And it SEEMS like it’s always in response to someone trying to force them to act like decent human beings. (Ft. Sumter, anyone?)

The commission will happen. Cons will reject the findings. The rank and file will dutifully repeat what they’re told. It doesn’t really matter. It’s all political spectacle anyway. EVERYONE knows what happened on January 6, 2021 and everyone knows WHY it happened. The thing is? Those pricks will be back. (Less those who are currently reaping the rewards of their oh-so-brave anti-vax stance, of course.) They’re stupid. They’re violent. They’ve been whipped into a frenzy. But that means they’re dangerous and they will destroy this country to get their beloved moron back…


This takes a bit of getting used to but I’d like to propose that this society STOP trying to get the anti-vaxxer crowd to get the jab. No more pleas, no more bribes. (I guess they’re called “incentives.”) The whole concept of herd immunity is that if enough people get a vaccine, they can protect those who CAN’T get the vaccine. But very early on, the conservative bubble started blasting the vaccine (while taking credit for it) and downplaying the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Smart Americans moved forward with the vaccine, anyway, but because of obstructionist conservative contrarianism, we were unable to achieve herd immunity. Scientists say we need about 70% vaccinated, minimum, but we never got above 65% because of self-centered assholes.

NOW, humanity is being “treated” to a new variant, the Delta, and an even newer variant, Lambda. The vaccines seem to work to prevent deaths in the variants but they’re BOTH far more virulent than the original version and the anti-vaxxer crowd is reaping the whirlwind. Their body, their choice…and they’ve made their choice. But the United States (and the rest of the world, really) will benefit from giving them their whiny little way. It turns out, they may not believe in evolution – but evolution believes in them.

The conservative bubble is actively promoting stupidity as a virtue and, as we saw in the bit above, stupidity in large groups is VERY dangerous. But every day now, we’re culling some small part of that stupidity from the herd – and by their own choice! Every day, fewer stupid people. Every day, fewer Trump supporters. Every day, fewer anti-vaxxers. Every day the ratio of responsible, vaccinated people to irresponsible, unvaccinated pukes is changing, slightly. Trump’s feckless response to the virus killed 600,000 Americans, politics notwithstanding. But now the focus is on those who would disrupt civilization just to “own a lib.” Over time, it’s likely that enough contrarians will die of stupid stubbornness that we’ll BACK into herd immunity.

Yes, it does mean the rest of us are going to have to wear masks and social distance for awhile longer. That, too, is a “choice” the cons have forced on us. But that “choice” HAS been foisted on us and we’re stuck with it, for now, so at least we can take some comfort in the notion that, with these next mandates, we’re likely reducing the number of numbskulls that have been vexing this once-great nation for FAR too long, now…

So, please. Everyone, be quiet. Let the contrarian crowd panic about being tracked. (They can share their concerns on their ever-present cell phones.) Let them worry that Bill Gates wants to control their bodies. Let them take whatever stupid, self-destructive stance they want to take. Afterwards, we’ll be able to move into their houses…

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