Trouble On The Horizon…

Okay, two things are changing in the world of CheetoJesus. It looks like the dumbass is seeing in increase in his legal troubles. There’s a written record of him trying to push the DOJ to “just say the election was corrupt.” Apparently, the entire quote is, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.” He called the acting Attorney General at the time, Jeffrey Rosen, and the phone call was documented in hand-written notes by his acting Deputy, Richard Donoghue. His message was that Rosen should declare the election corrupt and that he and the Republican congress would take care of the rest. This was December 27, 2020. Ten days later? He’s orchestrating an assault on the Capital building in an effort to thwart Democracy. Orchestrating, not participating. He’s a coward…

The other thing that has changed is that the IRS has been ordered to turn his taxes over to Congress. Congress has had the legal authority to examine anyone’s taxes ever since the Teapot Dome scandal of 1921. The dumbass just didn’t want to, though, and his corrupt DOJ supported him. No, there was no legal basis. They did it anyway. Now the taxes are being turned over. Well, they will be. He still has some weasel maneuvers he can engage but eventually, he’ll lose. The legal system moves slowly but it moves inexorably…

Some will say the left just wants to prove he doesn’t pay taxes. That’s not right, though. Everybody knows the rich have corrupted the tax system so they don’t have to pay. Only workers pay. The thing I expect trump’s tax filings to prove is that even with all his advantages handed to him – he STILL cheats. The taxes will be compared to loan applications. When investigators find he inflated values for loans but deflated values for taxes, he’ll have some splainin’ to do…


Today, August 1, begins the rental eviction waves across the US. It’s going to be ugly. Some states have extended the eviction “ban” but many have not. I hope the states that are offering assistance do a better job of explaining the programs than California did. I confess, I didn’t look too closely into the details but what came out in the “news” was the message that California will cover 100% of the back rent – just as soon as the tenant came up with 20% of the missing rent. What?!?

For a lot of reasons – but mostly the so-called “free market” – rents in California are, well, unbelievable. It often takes two adults working two jobs just to make ends meet. If it takes everything one has to meet even one month’s rent, how are they supposed to come up with 20% of a year’s worth of back rent?

My other question is, who are they putting in the space? I mean, let’s be honest, here. The evictions are going to hit the poorest the hardest – just like everything else in this brutal nation. Landlords don’t like renting to people who have been evicted. Are they now going to put one recently evicted renter into the space they just cleared by evicting their tenant? Do you know who is NOT competing with the poorest of the poor for the spaces occupied by the poorest of the poor? Anybody NOT in the “poorest of the poor” group. So, if you toss out the person living in your space, who do you put in there?

Industry groups like the National Association of Realtors lobbied hard against extending the ban. They point to “mom-and-pop” landlords. Rich people ALWAYS point to “mom-and-pop” operations and pretend that designation includes themselves but even THEY acknowledge that “mom-and-pop” rentals make up only about 40% of the market. That means that 60% are “pooled money” investors – people with a couple of coins to rub together who throw their coins into a pot with other people’s coins and buy up all the housing inventory as investments. They pay ridiculously high prices for the properties and charge ridiculously high rents.

Even without Covid-19, the homeless problem is growing exponentially because of this unbridled greed. Covid is going to exacerbate the problem. John Adams visited France just before the French Revolution. He wrote home to his wife that France was beautiful but he couldn’t believe the disparity between wealth and poverty in the country and he was particularly struck by the number of homeless people he saw. Nobody in modern America seems to see any correlation at all. Extremes of wealth and poverty as exemplified by people who couldn’t even obtain housing in an otherwise wealthy country leading to revolution? When has THAT ever happened?


2024. I think that’s when we’ll see it in this once-great nation. See, the Republicans have made no secret that they’ve given up on democracy and all of the representative republic crap and they have made NO bones about their plans to rig “elections” in their favor. They’ve been passing “laws” aimed at eliminating voters they consider undesirable. Those are voters who don’t vote for them.

So which intelligent American is going to accept the outcome of an “election” if the Republican wins after such naked and brazen cheating? Worse, what if the Republican DOESN’T win, despite all of the electoral shenanigans? At least one state, Georgia, has addressed that possible problem by making a law that allows them to simply disregard the vote and appoint their preferred “winner.” Conservatives only pretended they won the 2020 race and that was enough to assault the Capital building and kill cops. But now the cons have taken the guesswork out of it by declaring outright their intent to cheat as aggressively as possible. I really don’t see how that ends well…


Quick question: do you think the dumbass will be reinstated as “President” in the middle of this month? Or, do you suspect trump is STILL just a lying, cheating, manipulative, failed-human-being piece of crap?

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