Yowza! If you’re a fan of the “Profits Over People” model, you’re bound to be happy that PG&E seems headed for yet another rate increase! First, PG&E blew up a section of San Bruno. They were granted a rate increase to do the work they had previously been granted a rate increase to have done – but didn’t. Then, they burned most of the town of Paradise. They were granted a rate increase to do the work they previously should have done – but didn’t. On Wednesday evening of this week, they burned down all of Greenville, California, a town that traces it’s roots to the gold rush. Sure, there will be bad press and public discontent but that’s only from commoners and the outcry will pass. The rate increase will be forever. PG&E burning down California is quite profitable for them…

Someone tell me again about the virtues of private industry versus the government…


Still Florida. Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, is doing everything in his power to kill as many Floridians as possible. Yeah, I think that’s a weird role for a governor as well, but that’s his stance. He’s threatening to cut off funding for schools that require masks because “masks are for smart people and nobody in Florida wants to be mistaken for a smart person!” No, he didn’t say that but he might as well have. In fact, many people who live in Florida are very upset their oh-so-stupid governor is “fighting back” against science and logic. One guy said, “It seems to me that our governor is content to send our kids into a slaughterhouse to score political points with his base. There is no excuse for not following the science.” (See? There ARE smart people in Florida…) Kids need to get back into schools. Wearing masks adds to their safety and to the safety of the people around them.

Think about this; the people fighting against mask-wearing are largely the SAME group who say kids SHOULD wear armored backpacks in case someone starts spraying bullets but won’t ask their precious little shits to wear a mask in case someone starts spraying Covid-19. This IS natural selection in action but it’s sad when the children bear the burdens imposed upon them by their gullible conservative parents…or their own governor…


Okay, speaking of obnoxious governors, Andrew Cuomo is surely at the top of that list. There is an ever-increasing chorus of women claiming Cuomo sexually harassed them. Civil lawsuits have been filed and an investigation by New York’s Attorney General has found the charges credible. Now there’s a criminal charge facing Cuomo on the same subject. He’s facing impeachment and criminal charges. But…he said he didn’t do it so, there you go. After all, who has EVER heard of a criminal insisting he didn’t do it if he was guilty?

After the AG report came out supporting the accusers, Cuomo’s lawyers insisted that all the women in question are telling the stories wrong. Apparently, if they’d just (and only) listen to the way Cuomo tells the stories, they’d understand he’s just a stud on the make and there can be no harm in that, right? Offering those women the opportunity to experience him isn’t sexual harassment. It’s more of a…compliment. After all, those women were hot enough to catch the eye of a guy like Cuomo and no one needs to tell a Cuomo how awesome it would be to be with a Cuomo. Every time I hear him talk on the subject it sounds a little like he’s saying, “Look, all I did was offer some bitch a chance to see my magnificent unit. What’s the problem?” (For the record, I believe that he doesn’t get it. It’s called arrogance…)

So far, Cuomo seems to be trying the trump tactic of ignoring reality and tossing out accusations, all while insisting on his own innocence – but that only works for trump because Satan, himself, watches over trump. Cuomo doesn’t have the same support. He should step down and deal with his legal hassles…


Right now, if you look at the polls, Gavin Newsom is winning/losing/in a tight race about the fraudulent recall effort against him. Conservatives, of course, hate him and want him out. They’re blaming him for, well, for everything, really. I think the biggest thing he has working against him is Covid-19. At this point, ALL of the problems America is facing with Covid-19 can be traced directly to conservative obstruction. Gavin can only do so much but because so many cons refused the vaccine, Covid just won’t go away. We’re heading back into a masked reality and possibly another lock-down, none of which is Newsom’s fault but you just KNOW the cons will blame him anyway.

Working in Newsom’s favor? The state is mailing ballots to every registered voter. That means they don’t have to “get out the vote” in the traditional sense. All people have to do is fill out and return their ballot. People are notorious for not coming out for mid-term elections and it’s even worse for special elections. That problem won’t exist this time around. No one can say, for sure, how many of the ballots will be returned but we saw in 2020 making it easier to vote means more people vote. That will work to Gavin’s advantage.

I’m voting ‘no’ on the recall but then I STILL have to choose someone to take over should the recall succeed. The person with the most votes wins. They don’t need widespread approval. Just more than anyone else. I’m still on the Mary Carey bandwagon and I encourage you to do the same. Oh, sure, you might be hesitant once you find out she’s an actual, dyed in the wool porn star but your alternative is a Republican or worse, a Libertarian. Mary ran in the Gray Davis recall as well. If you go to her campaign website (don’t do it at work!) it appears she hasn’t updated anything. She still plans to make gay marriage legal in California, for example. That’s because her campaign is a bit tongue-in-cheek. The FIRST thing she asks is that you vote ‘no’ on the recall.

Whoever wins won’t have any time to actually DO anything, good or bad. The normal gubernatorial race is next year. The ‘pack’ is chock-full of unqualified people. If we’re going to get stuck with someone just because cons want to be jerks, let’s go with Mary. No, I don’t think she’ll be a better governor than many of the cons on the ballot – but she won’t be any worse, either. And, look, if we’re going to get screwed, at least let’s get screwed by someone who knows what they’re doing!

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