Poor Choices…

The United States military industrial complex learned a lesson from Vietnam. Sadly, the lesson they learned was that including information on the progress of their wars in the evening news worked badly for them. The solution? Suppress as much information as possible for as long as possible. Simple, see? Don’t TELL the American people what’s happening and mostly, they won’t know (or, sadly, care). Keeping the wars out of the corporate news allowed the war mongers to profit in Afghanistan for 20 years. Then Joe Biden decided to honor CheetoJesus’ deal to leave and started pulling troops out. NOW we hear about Afghanistan all day, every day.

The corporate media blitz seems intended to gin up resentment at Biden for leaving and raise concern that maybe, just maybe, the US should stay in Afghanistan for, well, forever, I guess. (It has been, after all, a major gravy train for “defense” contractors.) To me, all of this focus just highlights the reality that after sacrificing countless human lives and 2+ TRILLION dollars in Afghanistan…nothing changed. It took the Taliban 11 days to retake the entire country.

Oh well. I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that soon the US will be involved in some ongoing conflict again somewhere in the world for some “reason.” The US is only rarely NOT in armed conflict with someone. Apparently, it’s important to keep the military ordinance manufacturers well fed. The American people? Not so much…


I think California has the dumbest recall law in all the states. We “elect” the Lt Governor. If the Governor gets recalled, why not just promote the Lt, like they plan to do in New York? Why do we, instead, use the lowest possible bar to replace the outgoing Governor? Now we once again run the risk of ‘electing’ some idiot who couldn’t get elected under normal circumstances. This is the second time the cons have used California’s recall system against California. I blame the Dems. Not for the Gray Davis recall, of course, but very definitely for this one. They should have seen the obvious vulnerability and corrected it. Does anyone have any confidence they’ll do so after this recall? I don’t.

In a recall update, I have been pushing for retired porn star Mary Carey as the replacement. It’s not that I’m a fan. I’ve never even seen her professional work. I’m pretty sure she’s no more qualified to be Governor than any of the conservative fools trying to sneak into the Governor’s office through the back door. Honestly, my attitude has been that if Republicans aren’t going to take politics seriously, neither am I. Ms. Carey ran in the Gray Davis recall and I had understood that she was running again in THIS recall. Sadly, when I received my sample ballot, her name was not to be found. Just vote ‘no’ on the recall and it won’t matter anyway…


I think I’ve mentioned my complete lack of sympathy for those who are reaping the whirlwind after failing the vaccine IQ test. I’ll probably have some karmic debt to pay but I’m really enjoying every story about some asshat who refuses the vaccine with no medical reason and then gets Covid. Frankly, as much as I hate insurance companies, I think at this point, THEY have become victims. Not alone, of course, People who need medical treatments NOT related to Covid are being turned away from hospitals because the facilities are too full from the moron cons. Two recommendations, here. One, insurance companies should be relieved of the burden of covering the costs of unvaccinated-by-choice Covid patients and two, when hospitals run out of beds, the unvaccinated-by-choice Covid patients should be FIRST out – regardless of their health status. Pull out their breathing tubes and send ’em home.

I’m really just tired of responsible people suffering because of irresponsible people. Responsible people have done everything they could to get irresponsible people to do the responsible thing. We’ve tried everything from educating, to cajoling, to outright bribery. Nothing worked. Their “choice.” I HAVE noticed that they become BIG fans of science and medical expertise when THEY come down with Covid. Some of them are SO stubborn, they continue to insist they’re not dying from Covid even as they die from Covid. It’s almost as if the virus doesn’t give a fig about what anyone says. It’s just going to do what it does. But this is one area I’ve come to agree with the cons. They made their choice and now they should be allowed to live – and die – with it…

2 thoughts on “Poor Choices…

  1. I saw a piece on TicTok where a nurse calmly explained to non-vaxxers how important it was that they made plans for their kids I case they did get the virus. First she made a clear, calm argument for the jab, then said but if they wanted to continue to exercise their freedoms, talked very emotionally, but rationally about the parents that have died and children that have been orphaned and her experiences with those kids of all ages. It was VERY impactful. Her’s should be the PSA the CDC runs. I’ve stopped feeling compassion for dying non-vaxxing adults. Their selfish stupidity is costing us-I’m not sure how long they think we will quietly allow them to continue to endanger us and our children…but with schools starting all over America, I think they’re about to find out.

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