What A Mess…

Boy, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is sure messy. I wonder who planned it? Actually, I wonder if ANYONE “planned” it. It doesn’t seem to have been all that well thought out. I’m all for getting out of a war we should never have been in to begin with but one would think it would have been done better. The cons, of course, are blaming Biden, personally. I know, ‘the buck stops here’ and all that. Technically, true BUT…I’d bet a dollar that Joe Biden didn’t personally plan nor oversee the operation. CheetoJesus (ALSO not personally overseeing any of it) made his deal with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan over a year ago. The Pentagon has had ALL that time to make plans and arrangements. I wonder what they were doing instead?

War, of course, is a for-profit operation in the United States. If one does not know or accept that fact, then leaving behind materials and weapons looks like a vast failure. On the other hand, the equipment left behind will have to be replaced now and someone is going to get paid to replace it. The abandonment of supplies could easily be understood as squeezing a few more dollars out of this war before starting the next one. After all, there’s not much risk that a stone-age people are going to be able to fly and/or maintain a Black Hawk helicopter for any length of time…

Oh, lives lost? They’re simply not important to the people who profit from the wars. After all, none of their people are ever in harm’s way. “Collateral Damage,” they’re called…

I noticed most of the media reported that the G7 nations got together and bandied about the notion of extending the exit deadline beyond August 31 but decided, you know…among themselves, not to. There was very little mention of the reality that a request for just such an extension was made to the Taliban – who said, “no.” What does it mean when one side in a war gets to dictate terms to the other side at the end of that war?

No matter, profits were steady for the few, the shameful, the profiteers. Their only problem now will be to find the next third-world rock pile to waste (and replace) bombs in. Stay tuned. I’m sure it won’t be long…


Have you seen the cons wearing the Nazi-era ‘Juden’ stars in protest of mask-wearing mandates? These are the folks who were talking during History class. The truth is, I know how easy it is for people to just string words together to make sentences. I know how easy it is to simply adopt and stand firm on some contrarian position. I know how easy it is to make some BIG, hyperbolic comments for dramatic effect.

But if any of those people really think – and I mean actually believe – that being asked – or even told – to wear a mask in an effort to protect themselves or the people with whom they come into contact is anything – ANYTHING – like being kidnapped from your home, abused, robbed, stripped naked, marched into gas chambers, and brutally murdered well, I’d say their grip on reality is…tenuous, at best.

Fortunately (for them), I’m willing to do them the favor of NOT believing that they might actually believe it. Let’s test the theory. Ask any one of them which they’d prefer, wearing a mask as they enter a store or not wearing a mask as they enter a gas chamber to die. Ten times out of ten, they’ll choose the mask because no matter what they say, they know it’s not the same. (Yes, I’m quite clear that because they’re NOT actually facing such a choice, many might pretend to choose the gas chambers anyway. They’re lying.)

It’s supposed to be dramatic but it’s SO over the top, it just comes off as deranged…


SO far, the recall seems to be going Newsom’s way. (Don’t get lazy. Vote ‘no’ and return your ballot!) It’s early, yet, but so far Dems have returned about two-and-a-half times as many ballots as Repubs. That’s a good sign. Of course, the cons might be just waiting to go to the actual polls on election day.

The ads I’ve seen from the cons spend a lot of time describing various problems California has but I haven’t seen anything even approaching solutions. One guy DID promise to do “everything he could” to end homelessness. Those are weasel words. Hell, I’M doing “everything I can do” to end homelessness. It’s just that the occasional few dollars to a homeless person here and there isn’t having much of an impact.

I understand why the cons make such a great effort to win these bullshit little recall elections in California. It’s the only chance they’ll ever have to hold statewide office so long as they’re preaching insanity. After this mess, I hope the state legislature will take up the problem and fix the recall rules. The truth is, I’m okay with the relatively low bar required to get the question to a ballot but if a recall is successful, why not just move up the Lt. Governor? The Lt is a separate, independently elected representative NOT beholden to the sitting Governor. That person is THERE in case the Governor can’t govern for some reason. Getting removed from office is, clearly, a reason. So why not just promote the Lt?

If we don’t fix this mess, we’re going to be facing recall elections every time some rich rightie manages to buy enough signatures to start the process over again…


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