Twisting Details…

I’ve heard cons braying about how Covid has killed more people under Biden than it did under the Dumbass. It’s part of their stupid ‘everything got worse on January 21st’ bullshit story. (Cons are conditioned to believe that everything is always perfect when Republicans are in charge and everything sucks otherwise…) The idea that Covid 19 may have killed more since January 21, 2021 might even be true, though I’ve noticed they count from January 1 and not January 21. It doesn’t really matter. I suspect that more people WILL die of Covid while Biden is President but it’s still the Dumbass’s fault.

Think of one of PG&E’s profit-making wildfires. The fire burns. Someone calls 911. Firefighters show up and start fighting the fire. When it started, the fire was only in the area of PG&E’s neglected equipment but it spread. One COULD make the case that the fire got bigger AFTER the firefighters showed up, too. But that just ignores the failure and neglect that allowed the fire to get started in the first place…


I watched an HBO documentary called ‘Four Hours At The Capitol.’ I highly recommend it. I kept finding myself surprised to hear the insurgents claims about what they were doing and why they were doing it. Much of what was said was self-serving, of course, but very often, the cons had me believing that THEY believed. They saw their efforts to storm the Capitol, kill the Vice-President, and capture Congress critters as exactly equivalent to the Boston Tea Party. (Those are my words. None of them used that comparison…)

Now, I’m going to tell you the truth, here. I don’t really have any heartburn with the idea that average Americans might one day have to fight back against the government. Every day, we have to watch the decline-by-choice of a once-great nation under the weight of corruption and failure. Every day, the idea that Americans might have to attack the Capitol and arrest corrupt Congress critters looks more likely. But I DO think one should have evidence that the need exists. These attackers didn’t have any. After 60 court cases ended in “no evidence,” they attacked anyway. They preferred the word of a proven liar and attacked their own country, the one they claim to love so much. In my mind, it sounded like a Christian saying they love Jesus so much they can’t WAIT to nail him back up on the cross. Still, stupid as it seems, these people were convinced they were the true patriots doing their duty to the nation. They thought they would receive pardons. They seem truly shocked that they’re now facing criminal charges for their criminal behavior. Their President TOLD them to attack, fercrissakes…

I imagine it’s WHY they’re getting such light sentences. These are adults, responsible for their own actions. SOME of the rally-goers stopped at the gates and refused to attack, feeling like things were going too far. That, alone, demonstrates, to me, that it was POSSIBLE to know the assault was the wrong thing to do. The insurgents have to pay a price for their actions. But the thing is, if I was sitting on the bench, I would HAVE to take into account they had been told by the President of the United States of America to fight like hell and attack the Capitol if they loved their country – and thinking is not the cons strong suit. So I understand sending most of the minions to prison, slap-on-the-wrist style. It’s the LEADERS who need to do hard time. Donnie the Dumbass, Dumbass Jr, Giuliani, some media personalities, several actual members of Congress. THEY need to go to jail. But they won’t, especially 45. We don’t arrest ex-Presidents regardless of their crimes. Ever.

The concept is, if one party starts arresting people for actual crimes the OTHER party will start arresting people for trumped up “crimes” and the whole thing will collapse under the weight of fake tits for real tats. I think the thing that bothered me the MOST about the insurrection and the attempted coup is the revelation that this once-great nation basically ran on the honor system. I guess the founders thought honor would be enough to protect the country but that ended after Nixon. The Republicans tried to protect their guy but as the evidence mounted, they did the right thing for the country. After that, though, the powers that be realized they had to eliminate honor if they were ever going to recover their aristocracy. Fortunately, for them, dishonorable men were readily available and MORE than happy to trade the country for money.

Foisted upon us was a parade of rogues and villains that started with Ronald Reagan and included Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich and Bush 43 and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and CheetoJesus and Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell and a cast of miscreants too numerous to mention. (Before you ask, Obama was basically a useless placeholder. I think Bush 41 was the last President the country had that cared more about the country than a political party…) The string of scoundrels has been far too much for the integrity of the country to bear. Corruption moves faster than correction.

Fair warning: the final result was NOT January 6, 2021. That was just the latest chapter. The final damage will be shown in the next “election” when NOBODY will accept the outcome. Cons won’t accept any outcome they don’t like and thinking Americans have been watching one red state after another pretend something is wrong with the system while they eliminate democracy. If the whole system was based on trust and integrity, and all Americans know that the trust and integrity have been ripped from the system, there is no system. I don’t know where we go from there but I suggest you keep your powder dry…

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