Blah, Blah, Blah…

Greta Thunberg is an 18 year old environmental activist who has come to prominence by denouncing the words-but-no-actions made by most countries regarding climate change. She knows that it’s HER generation that is going to suffer the worst consequences of the avarice of my generation. She watches and even attends these climate summits all over the world. She sails on a boat to get to them. Cons hate her. You know, because she’s speaking the truth and cons hate, hate, HATE truth…

There was this recent climate dog-and-pony show called the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties or COP26. Lots of nations came together to discuss what could be done about climate change. The answer, of course, is nothing. Responding to climate change will affect profit models around the world and the people currently sitting in the most profitable positions would rather wipe out humanity than give up a dollar. Greta knows this. She recently tried to shame them into action by calling out their rhetoric.

Politicians KNOW that most people would rather see the climate corrected or at least controlled even if it means some rich person ends up a bit less rich. They KNOW that if they’re going to protect their phoney-baloney jobs they’ve got to at least pay lip service to climate change. So they have these meetings from time to time and make all these grand statements about what people and countries should do then set “targets” for some distant future “fix.” The young Miss Thunberg summed up the details: blah, blah, blah

She’s right. There will be LOTS of talk and many promises. There will be little to no meaningful action. Blah, blah, blah…


One of the things lawyers do to benefit their clients is stall – slow things down, wait things out. Maybe a key witness dies. Maybe a file just sits on someone’s desk too long. Over time, people might forget details. Maybe Congress changes hands in the mid-terms and the Republicans won’t see any need to follow up on treason. Who knows?

I hear we’re supposed to be treated to the scene of Steve Bannon, the America-hating, Dumbass-enabling conservative traitor, surrendering to authorities on Monday in response to being indicted for Contempt of Congress. Some people and outlets are breathlessly awaiting the events. They seem to think Bannon is going to prison on Monday. Settle down a bit, will ya? He’ll go before a judge, plead ‘Not Guilty’ and be released. He’ll have dinner where ever he wants to on Monday night. THEN, his lawyers will stall. There will be a LOT of legal maneuvering. Who knows? Maybe Congress changes hands in the mid-terms and the Republicans won’t see any need to follow up on treason.

CheetoJesus, himself, is doing the same thing. He’s free to tell anybody – EVERYBODY – who will listen that he’s innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. But when he’s given the opportunity to prove he’s innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, he moves into “legal defense” mode and stalls. You know…like ANY innocent person might do. Who knows? Maybe Congress changes hands in the mid-terms and the Republicans won’t see any need to follow up on treason.

I saw Adam Schiff on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ from the twelfth of this month and he repeated all the old tropes and observations. Oh, it’s important for America. Maybe some of the Republicans might do the right thing. Putting pressure on Bannon will bring about larger results. Same ole, same ole, blah, blah, blah.


On the same episode of Real Time, Bill Maher asked (again) if it was possible to get rid of the hatred and get Americans acting like Americans again – you know, the great American melting pot, his version of Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along?” There was much discussion. Blah, blah, blah. There will be no kumbaya moment so long as conservative media continues to foment dissension and discord by broadcasting America hatred dressed up as patriotism, anti-social behavior disguised as individual liberty, and moral collapse masquerading as moral superiority. America is suffering a class war right now and the One Percent is so far ahead, I fear the war was over and won (for them) before most Americans even realized they were under attack. Hell, many still don’t!

Thanks largely to Bill Clinton, the One Percent enjoys effective, near-perfect control over the media in the US. They WANT the divide. They LOVE the discord. They KNOW that a house divided cannot stand and they do not want this house to stand. They’ve rendered the cons morally stupid and the cons have been duped into defending those who mean them harm and fighting those they should ally themselves with. Cons are the One Percent’s first line of defense, despite the fact that cons are working against their own interests.

So, the answer, Bill, is no. We CAN’T all just get along. Moneyed interests don’t want us to get along. It might interfere with their money interests. This once-great nations needs the return of the Fairness Doctrine (dropped by Reagan) and the return to rules that limited ownership within markets (dropped by Clinton). By and large, I believe Americans would do the right things with decent information. Sadly, these days, all we’re getting – everywhere we turn – is bunk.

Personally, I think Greta nailed the perfect epitaph for humanity: blah, blah, blah…

2 thoughts on “Blah, Blah, Blah…

  1. Isn’t is time we stop acting like MAGA’s are so stupid for believing the lies of the GOP and start looking at how stupid so many of those of us on “our” side of the line are for believing the bullshit we’re being fed that there will be some sort of justice for what Trump and his brethren have done? Aren’t we just as gullible? Despite ALL evidence to the contrary, there is a belief that justice is being pursued. It isn’t. We are being given just enough action to keep us quiet. And a lot of us are stupidly falling for it.

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