Double Negatives…

The dumbass released a statement that said, and I quote: “Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive election fraud in the 2020 presidential election is either very stupid, or very corrupt!” The internet, of course, attacked his double-negative sentence that admits there was NO election fraud in 2020. Frankly, I’d guess he KNOWS he’s confessing the election was fair but wants to keep his big lie rolling so he puts out a statement like that, knowing his base isn’t capable of grasping his true meaning. Those who can’t figure out the double-negative will hear what they want to hear. Those of us who can, will understand his concession.


There are four rules of gun safety. 1- Treat all guns as if they are loaded, always. 2 – Never point the muzzle of a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy. 3 – Be sure of your target and what’s behind it. 4 – Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

From time to time, I make reference to my own proposal for a gun management law I call ‘The Keep Your Gun Act.’ It does two basic things. One, it raises the rules for gun safety to the laws of gun safety while eliminating subjective interpretations from gun-friendly authorities. (Essentially, if you break one of those laws, it can’t be excused as an accident. e.g., guns don’t “accidentally” discharge…) The other thing it does is require gun owners to secure their weapons so that nobody can take them without permission. If your gun is stolen because you thought it was cute to leave it in your nightstand and then used in a crime, YOU can – and should – be charged as an accessory. Let’s put the “responsible” into “responsible gun owner.”

This little punk-ass bitch shooter in Michigan took a gun from his father’s nightstand to kill the four kids who have died so far. Apparently, the kid posted photos of the gun with the caption ‘My new beauty.’ According to Reuters, the father bought the gun for the kid as a Christmas gift. A killing machine as a Christmas gift…just like Jesus would have wanted…

At some point after the twisted child’s rampage the parents got wind they were going to be the subject of an investigation and, in a demonstration of their principled position, ran and hid. A lawyer tried to cover for them but his statement turned out to be false. The truth was, they ran away and hid in a warehouse. It turns out, someone let them into that warehouse and now THAT person is under investigation, too. Now the parents are under arrest and facing charges of manslaughter. Good.

Michigan, being so stained with red, doesn’t have specific laws requiring gun owners to secure their weapons from children so it will be a tough trial for the prosecution to win. Still, if the information trickling out in the media is anywhere near accurate (I know, a big ‘if’…) the parents willfully turned a blind eye to their sick son’s problems…then armed the little prick. It seems they got the outcome they desired. Maybe father and son can go to the same prison…


In a new attack on poor people born in bad places, the Sour Cream Court is about to overturn Roe vs Wade. Make no mistake, this ruling does nothing but harm people with the fewest resources – that is, those who will have the hardest time providing for their offspring. Anybody who can pull together the scratch will just take a little vacation from their red-state hellhole to a blue state, obtain the services they need, then come home “refreshed” – and no longer pregnant.

It’s possible to eliminate abortions by attrition but the so-called “anti-abortion” crowed always stands against any and every alternative. In truth, they’re not anti-abortion. They just want to punish women (not the men) who have sex. Otherwise, the sperm donor would be on the hook for child support from the moment of conception, right? I don’t know ANYBODY who is “pro-abortion.” But the “anti” crowed ALSO refuse to teach children about reproduction and they refuse to provide birth control and they refuse to help the poor with financial aid – at least, to the extent possible.

Some people know forced births only harm a specific segment of our society. Pseudo-justice Barrett even suggested it’s okay to force women to term since they can just give the baby away. And we all know, once born, that child is on his own.

It’s interesting. Roe did NOT address abortion specifically. It’s about privacy. Overturning Roe means women are losing their right to medical privacy in some (red) states. Maybe they’ll have to go back to bringing in a permission slip from their husbands to obtain birth control, too…


The defense at trial hasn’t started yet, but Ghislaine Maxwell’s “people” are out in force pretending that she’s as much a victim of Jeffery Epstein as the girls in question, as though she’s just the scapegoat. She was the groomer and sometimes an active participant in the sexual abuse. She was/is every bit the perpetrator. Two people committed those crimes, Epstein and Maxwell. Epstein died in prison. That doesn’t mean Maxwell gets a pass.

I don’t know how the trial will play out. Maxwell is rich and the once-vaunted “rule of law” in this once-great nation is only selectively applied anymore. But this woman seems to have been a full partner in the trafficking of underage women scheme and she should take her own responsibility for her own actions…

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