I think my favorite story of the week is the one in which the January 6th panel in the House has obtained a PowerPoint presentation made for the dumbass that details the steps to how to overthrow American democracy. The panel received the information from Mark Meadows, the one-time chief of staff in that oh-so-corrupt White House. He started off willing to cooperate with the panel. He turned over some documents then decided he wasn’t going to cooperate, after all. Now the panel is referring him for criminal charges for refusing their subpoena…but they STILL have the documents…

The PowerPoint presentation is 38 pages long. Meadows had the copy he turned over as early as January 5th – the day before the infamous coup attempt. He didn’t turn his copy over to anyone until it was demanded by the panel. Quick question, if he KNEW a coup was planned for the next day and he didn’t DO anything about it, isn’t he culpable as well? Shouldn’t he be sharing a cell with his beloved CheetoJesus?

The really sad part to all of this is that the Republicans have been working overtime to eliminate democracy from their dark little states and have changed the rules to the point where the GOP just gets to choose and declare a preferred winner in their states. I believe all of this screaming and yelling that the last “election” was stolen is simply noise intended to blunt the complaints that come from the left when the next election IS actually stolen.

All the criminal conspirators have to do is wait things out until the mid-term “elections” which have already been rigged in their favor while the so-called “Democratic controlled Congress” chooses to do nothing. (That’s worth paying attention to – the Dems COULD take action to address what’s happening but they choose not to.) Once the GOP regains control, the investigations will be dropped – right along with the Constitution of the United States of America…


There’s a conservative writer out there, P.J. O’Rourke who wrote a book once called ‘Eat the Rich.’ First, he’s a humorist so his libertarian conclusion doesn’t really need too much investigation. You start off Libertarian, you end up wrong, pure and simple. No surprise, he finds so-called “free market” economics the best possible answer. The book is about defending the excesses and selfishness of rich people. The suggestion is that without rich people, economies crash.

Admittedly, it’s an old book. It was written in 1998. Libertarians were still having some success selling their stupid idea that so-called “supply side economics” was something other than the launch of a class war against working Americans. Time has proven the failure of the concept. In truth, it’s failure was understandable with just a little thought. Some of us – including Bush 41 – knew it was all bunk from the time St. Reagan first blurted out the words. But here in America, asking people to think is a fool’s errand. It seems too many are afraid that might hurt…

Upon further review, the only thing that O’Rourke got right was the title and not in his intended sarcastic sense. Of course, the tools of the one percent, conservatives, are still desperately clinging to the notion in the hope that someday, somehow, some of it might become true. But then, those tools will believe anything. They’re not exactly the “turn to for knowledge” crowd. Honestly, I didn’t know people could be so embarrassingly stupid – and it seems to take a gargantuan force of will to achieve the feat.

But for people still capable of thought, I’m just going to say it – rich people are bad for economies. They do FAR more damage than good if for no other reason than they gain the market power to do whatever they want and then they go ahead and do whatever they want without regard to the wreckage they leave in their wake. Here in American, the rich have become SO rich the US government is having difficulty keeping up. That’s too rich.

The answer is and continues to be, the stupidly named Democratic Socialism. It’s a Capitalist system. It’s just regulated Capitalism. It keeps greedy people from controlling the commons. It keeps those same greedy people from hoarding wealth to the detriment of the society around them through high taxes on high incomes. In fact, Democratic Socialism is the economic system that made America great in the first place. FDR knew far too many Americans would crap their panties at the word “socialism” so he called it ‘The New Deal’ but it was just Democratic Socialism in it’s infancy.

Sadly, I don’t see any normal means to returning to Better America. The one percent launched and won their class war before most of us even realized we were under attack. Bill Clinton was a masterstroke in their scheme. Elected and derided as a ‘Democrat,’ Clinton did more to advance the One Percent’s agenda than any other modern President. But the words of JFK have never been more true: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

‘Eat the Rich’ was coined as sarcasm but I think it’s going to become the battle cry of the revolution…

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