It looks like the anti-sex crowd is about to achieve a “victory” of sorts in outlawing abortions for poor women. I know, they pretend they’re outlawing abortion in general but, of course, anybody with resources will just travel to a blue state, get the medical care then need, then go home. No, these laws are designed and intended to keep poor women poor. Nothing else. Still, they’re going to get that law from our now corrupted “Supreme” (meaning it includes with sour cream) Court.

The moment the court rules against safe and legal abortions, I’ll be watching for the obvious companion bills to start becoming law in those same states. You know the laws I mean. Since the women are on the hook for the next 19 years (from the moment of conception), it seems obvious the men who impregnate them should ALSO be on the hook, financially, from the moment of conception – or, at least, from the moment she’s denied the freedom to choose. I’ll be watching for the laws dictating that the mother receives full child support from the father from, what is it, twelve weeks?

Sure, there will be problems. Some women might, accidentally or otherwise, identify the wrong man as the father. Some women might not KNOW the identity of the father. (Most rapists, for example, seem unlikely to introduce themselves. “Hello, I’m Don Drumpf and I’ll be your rapist today.”) Until DNA can certify the identity of the father, the named man must pay the required amount. If it turns out he’s NOT the father, she has to pay him back (discouraging intentionally misidentifying a person) and the properly identified individual must pick up that tab – going back to that twelve week threshold. (So, technically, the correct sperm donor would repay the incorrectly identified not-the-donor…)

I feel certain the GOP has these bills ready and they’re just waiting on a final verdict from the ideologically subordinate court…


Have you heard the one about the political party that completely debased itself by declaring a seditious act of insurrection “legitimate political discourse?” Why, that would be today’s Republican Party. These people are SO obnoxious they’ve called the January 6th insurrection “legitimate political discourse” and opted to punish the last two sane Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Freaking Liz Cheney is not conservative enough for today’s Republicans? Holy gods. It’s because today’s Republican Party is made up of people who once comprised yesterday’s Libertarian Party. Many people didn’t know there even WAS a Libertarian Party. That was largely due to the fact that their thinking was SO muddled, SO out of line with decent, rational thought, most people just dismissed it as a fringe element of crazies. That’s WHY they took over the Republican Party in the first place. It’s a kind of stolen credibility. But the Libertarians didn’t improve their thinking to be Republicans. Instead, they dragged the Republican Party down into the rabbit hole of standard Libertarian crazy.

Look, the Republican Party’s decent into madness has been televised. We’ve all watched – and cringed – as they’ve moved further and further from reason to, well, this. It seems inevitable the party would crash sooner or later but I’ve got to confess, I never expected them to just say – out loud – “No, treason’s okay, so long as WE’RE the beneficiaries!” Still, that’s definitely their message. Hell, they’ve codified it. In censuring Cheney and Kinzinger, they’ve entered it into the Congressional Record!

Yeah, I know. They still have considerable power. But they’ve exposed themselves. They can no longer be considered the “loyal opposition.” Their announcement shows them to be disloyal, unamerican gadflies. History will not judge them kindly…


You get up in the morning, pour your coffee, and sit down to read the news. You know what you don’t expect to see? A headline that reads, “Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Forced to Close After Threats.” But that’s the headline I read when I opened the Guardian this morning. It gets your attention, you know? Who in the heck would threaten a freaking butterfly sanctuary, fercrissakes?

Yep. Cons, of course. It offers only small comfort that the cons aren’t angry about the butterflies. (Give ’em time, though…) It turns out the Orange Moron’s Wonder Wall was meant to pass through the sanctuary and the people who run the sanctuary were able to block it. Obviously, this meant an assault of Q-Anonsense and the crazies came out of the woodwork to party. And this is Texas. EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas, especially the crazy.

So now, even butterflies are taking a hit from the insanity of America’s most radical and dangerous element, the Q-Anon cons.


Well, we made it. 900,000-plus dead from Covid 19. And they’re still counting…and counting and counting and counting. The cons may be crazy but they’re doing their job. The bulk of those dying these days ARE the cons themselves who refuse proper medical intervention until they CAN’T refuse proper medical intervention. (Even then, some still try.) I think of them as Darwin Award winners and their voluntary deaths are probably improving the overall intelligence level of America – but that doesn’t seem to be saying much…

I’m still surprised that in order to maintain their philosophy of contrarian obstructionism, the conservative bubble chose to kill off their own supporters. It seems like a Pyrrhic victory. Perhaps those who run the conservative bubble have decided they gained enough control over this once-great nation, they don’t NEED the mob anymore…

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