So…if you get your information from outside the conservative bubble, you know that the January 6th commission has issued subpoenas for documents from the Dumbass maladministration regarding the events of January 6. You know that the Dumbass, claiming the documents in question will prove his innocence, has done everything in his now limited power to block the release of said documents. (After all, who wouldn’t provide exculpatory evidence when accused of a crime, right?) If you get your information from outside the conservative bubble, you know CheetoJesus took his case all the way to the now-corrupted “Supreme” Court. You know that even THAT court agreed with Congress and ordered the release of the documents. You know that at least one of those documents was a draft Executive Order to have the US military seize and secure every voting machine in the country as part of the alleged planned coup.

On the other hand, if you get your information from inside the conservative bubble, YOU know that Tucker Carlson wants to have sex with your candy and he’s REALLY irritated that some of the M&M’s aren’t as sexy as they used to be.

I feel like there may be some…lapse in the quality of information being introduced to the conservative bubble. It’s really no wonder they have no clue as to what’s really happening in this once-great nation. This lapse is what I think about every time I hear someone say, “Why can’t we just come together?” How can we come together if one group is not even told what’s happening?


You Chose Out…
I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in the amount of religious dogma being spewed by the anti-vax/anti-mask crowd. It’s coming from people I never even knew were religious. Now they present themselves as the picture if piety. I suspect they’re hoping their posed postures of morality will overshadow their immorally selfish behavior of being anti-vax/anti-mask. Actions still speak louder than words.

I’ve got to tell you, ALL of us are tired of this ongoing struggle exacerbated by those who simply refuse to cooperate. We SHOULD have beaten this virus down a long, long time ago. But there’s this one group, armed with reams of misinformation and with no regard for anybody but themselves, who insist on denying reality. They insist, that is, until THEY get the virus themselves. THEN what do they do? They run straight to the very doctors they’ve been dissing the whole time. They RUSH to the bosom of science in the hope that the science they hate can still save them, sometimes still so dedicated to their dogmatic positions they try to tell the experts how best to fix the problem they created by ignoring the experts in the first place. (Ivermectin, anyone?) They clog up medical resources and, quite frankly, they’re costing this country a great deal of money both in the damaged economy AND in medical costs.

There’s a commercial in which a group of young people is shown running through a dark and scary nighttime landscape, trying to escape some crazed chainsaw killer. They stop near a running car to consult as to the next, best move and one says, “Why don’t we just get into that running car?”
Another member of the party looks at her with that stupid Tucker-is-confused look as says, “Are you crazy? Let’s hide behind the chainsaws!” And that’s what they do.
The voice-over says, “When you’re in a horror film, you make poor decisions. It’s just what you do.”

Our current nightmare isn’t a film but it IS being driven by poor decisions. It’s OBVIOUS the cons WANT a solution to the problem. Since the start, they’ve suggested one ineffective “solution” after another. Drink bleach, shove a blacklight up your bum, use aquarium cleaner, try horse de-wormer. At some point one of them MUST say, “Why don’t we just use the medicine developed specifically to combat this virus?”
The others will just look at her with that stupid Tucker-is-confused look and say, “Are you crazy? Let’s drink our own urine!” And that’s what they do.

The majority took the jab because we understand about consideration of others. It’s called compassion. “Sure, I’ll be fine but I can’t know about the people I come into contact with so I’ll do my part.” But I suspect we’ve reached a point where I’M being more concerned about THEIR health than even THEY are. That’s an imbalance I think it’s time to correct. Clearly, we’re not going to be able to force the stupidly stubborn to do the right thing so it’s time to just wave the white flag and give them what they want. At this point, I’ve finally moved into the “Let’s just drop all mandates and let ‘er rip!” camp. It’s a chance for EVERYBODY to put their money where their mouth is. (…mouths are?)

I believe I’m protected because I have the jabs and boosters. I may still get and/or spread Covid-19 but I most likely won’t die or even need hospitalization. On the other hand, THEY claim not to care. Even as they lay dying in a hospital bed, they’re STILL trying to tell the doctors how to treat them – and they’re still wrong.

We need a couple of balancing rules so that the innocents in this faux battle don’t have to suffer actual results of manufactured outrage, so here’s the deal: 1) insurance companies (an innocent?!?) must be let off the financial hook for unvaccinated patients. Unless one has a medical proscription against the jab, society cannot be expected to pick up the tab for your bad choices any longer. 2) ALL other health issues MUST be prioritized over unvaccinated Covid patients. If all the ICU beds are full of the unvaccinated-by-choice and someone shows up with, say, chest pains, one of the unvaccinated MUST be discharged in order to make room for the new patient. Maybe on a first in, first out basis. You’re free to choose as you like but with that freedumb comes responsibility. You live – or die – based on your choices.

The United States is rapidly heading toward 900,000 dead Americans as a result of this mess. I’m pretty sure that immediately following the dropping of all mandates that number will skyrocket for a short time. But the truth is, I can’t think of a downside. Opening everything back up will boost the economy. The people who die will be the people who volunteered for the role – and who can change that choice at any given time. But their passing will benefit the gene-pool AND create new job openings…

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