I know. We’ve all seen this story before. Still, it defies odds. CheetoJesus doesn’t do any miracles when he “beats” one legal challenge after another. Mostly, he has relied on the support of his entranced minions. He bullies and browbeats. They whimper and show him their bellies. Or turn a blind eye to his crimes. Or disregard his treason with one of our strongest adversaries. Or acquit him without even considering the evidence. This after the whole world watches on television as he incites the true believers to violence and insurrection on his behalf. Obsequious compliance becomes the order of the day.

But when the law identifies criminal behavior and sets it’s sites on a person? For better or worse, the law doesn’t roll over. The law takes it’s time. It’s thorough. Hurling epithets won’t have any effect on the outcome. Lying to a compliant press won’t change the evidence. To be fair, so far, he manages to evade responsibility for his actions. Many others have gone to jail for him or because of him but he keeps walking free. Truth? He won’t go to jail now, no matter what they find. The US doesn’t imprison ex-presidents. Period. But that doesn’t mean he’s a viable future for his party.

They say rats flee a sinking ship. I think it’s probably true. Hell, everybody tries to flee a sinking ship, right? It’s more of a saying, really. It means that bad guys try to insulate themselves from the targets of those investigations the moment it looks like the investigation is going to go against the target. Deutsche Bank has said it won’t do business with the trump crime family again. The accountants for the family have jumped ship. Both of those companies have, likely, made a lot of money as a direct result of their connection. But, suddenly, the connection is FAR too risky – even for piles of money – so they’re out.

His lawyers have mostly abandoned him, too. Most lawyers, of course, are different that those other professionals. They readily associate with criminals – so long as the checks clear – and get away with it because it’s their jobs. But most decent attorneys have also turned their backs on the dumbass. He’s burned through the top-level guy, the mid-level guys, and most of the “also-rans.”

The rats are fleeing the USS Trump because they sense the impending doom. These are not people or groups prone to panic attacks. They make steely-eyed determinations and respond accordingly. THEY think the orange moron has become FAR more of a liability than an asset, whatever the outcome. Sure, he might still slither out of things. I’ve said before and I’ll say again: Satan takes care of his own. But the fleeing rats are a sign we haven’t seen before…


I’m pretty much sick of hearing about “inflation.” It’s really “greed.” I call it ‘The Great Fleecing’ and I’m pretty sure it’s going to get worse before it gets…no…it’s just going to get worse. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic. It’s just that I don’t see any angle, from any direction, that will pull us out of this. The last time we were stuck being fleeced by rich people, FDR stood up and stopped them. But FDR was, historically, a very unusual case. He could be termed a one-time good deal. He DID set us on a better, far stronger course. People who can’t manage their own greed have been trying to undo everything he did from the time he did it. They’ve succeeded. You might want to hunker down now…



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