I’ve noticed a common thread in what’s happening in Ukraine. NOBODY wants to be fighting that effing war. The Ukrainians certainly don’t want it. The Russian soldiers don’t want it. Sure, they’ll do their duty – it’s what soldiers do – but they’re heart isn’t in it. They don’t believe in their mission. Some aren’t even showing up as expected. Europe is aligned against Putin. China? Well, they’ve put out a tepid statement saying they respect Ukraine’s sovereignty but…Russia’s “security concerns” should be addressed – so, who knows?

How many people do you know who went into the Covid-19 lockdown and came out crazy? Sadly, I know a few. It looks like the same has happened to Putin. Russia’s “security concerns” seem to be fomented in the mind of a madman.

You know who’s STILL showing support for Putin? US Republicans. They’re a deeply confused crowd, you know? They’ve been SO FAR conditioned that they’ll say anything, DO anything to “stand against the left” – even when that means they’re actually standing against American interests and humanity in general. The Orange Moron lavished praise on his handler, Putin, calling him “smart” for his invasion. He’s critical of humanity’s response. I suspect he’s too stupid to have considered that Russian banks are being cut off from the world banking system. How does trump get paid if Putin can’t deliver the money?

Fox “News” moron Tucker Carlson called Putin’s illegal war a failure for the Biden administration. He was SO fawning, Russia used his comments as propaganda unedited. They just slapped on Russian subtitles and let it run. They didn’t need to massage one thing. The cons will praise anything, everything, that stands against America – all while waving the American flag and declaring themselves patriots. Yet another decent into their own moral rot…

Here’s a tiny bright side to all of this. If you’re paying attention, you know that, recently, Donnie the Dumbass got busted in possession of stolen, classified documents. 15 boxes of them! He’s had them in his possession since he left office. (If you’re a con, you’re VERY upset the M&M’s aren’t as sexy as they used to be. Fox just didn’t tell you about the stolen documents…) I never have to sit quietly by and listen to some America-hating con blather on about Hillary’s emails again.

No one has said what was in the boxes, of course. It was classified information and shouldn’t have been taken or left sitting around in an office. So it’s pure speculation that the Dumbass gave Putin a look at the information. It was shortly after the boxes were retrieved that Putin made his move. Maybe there’s no connection whatsoever. But the way Donnie kowtows to Putin – and always has – means it’s not crazy to consider trump’s loyalties lie somewhere other than the United States. There’s no way to know how much US intelligence Donnie shared with Putin during his four-year infestation of the White House. Then the Dumbass goes to CPAC (Conservative Pukes Acting Crappy) and repeats his fever dreams about how awesome he believes himself to be compared to everybody else.

I admire the Ukrainian spirit. One story has 13 Ukrainian defenders of an island telling invading Russians to “go fuck yourselves.” Initially, they were all reported as dead but the call has gone up around the country. The road department in Kyiv has removed all of the actual road signs and replaced them with signs that read “go fuck yourselves.” In a hopeful note, the 13 might still be alive according to Ukraine’s State Border Guard…

I’ve been very impressed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy during this whole thing – starting from the time the Dumbass tried to blackmail Zelenskiy into helping trump cheat his way through the election. Zelenskiy said no. When the US offered to get Zelenskiy out of Ukraine he reportedly replied, “The battle has begun. I need ammunition, not a ride.” He started posting photos of himself, proving he’s still in Kyiv. Now we see him in a battle uniform sitting next to others fighting for their country. That dude has balls as big as all outdoors. I have no doubt that Putin will have Zelenskiy killed if captured. I remember when the Dumbass retreated to a bunker because he was so scared of a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters. Zelenskiy is out fighting with his troops.

Truth be told, I thought Russia would have greater success than they’re showing so far because of their edge in weaponry, made stronger by trump cutting off weapons to Ukraine after they wouldn’t help him cheat. It’s VERY difficult to gauge the power of the cause in these things, though, and the Ukrainians seem to be MORE determined to fend off the illegal attack that the Russian troops are in pressing it.

I stand with the world in support of Ukraine. Putin – and his lapdog trump – can go fuck themselves…

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