Putin’s Folly…

That putz Putin seems to be trying to take a page out of the Dumbass playbook: simply state your preferred reality and then insist everyone around you embrace that new, false reality. Above all, stick to your story no matter how stupid and no matter how easily debunked. On Saturday (March 5), he gave a speech in which he claimed that the sanctions being imposed on him for his illegal invasion of Ukraine are “akin to an act of war.” I see it differently but even if it were true it would be FAR less so than invading one of your neighbors, wouldn’t you say? He also claimed that Ukrainians defending themselves run the risk of putting the Ukrainian state in peril. “The current leadership needs to understand that if they continue doing what they are doing, they risk the future of Ukrainian statehood,” Putin said. “If that happens they will have to be blamed for that.” Not him and his war of aggression. No. The Ukrainians. For defending themselves. Sounds like an abusive spouse…

Just like the Orange Moron, he’s out blaming everyone else for his own actions and failings. Just like the Orange Moron, whatever sanity he may have had at one point has taken a powder. I stand by my assertion that his madness seems likely the result of his isolation during Covid. Have you seen the photos of that nutball at one of his forty foot long tables or in rooms so big his advisors have to talk to him via microphone? I think the distance could be about not catching the virus but, in fairness, Putin has poisoned so many people, he could just be scared someone might try to poison him right back, as they should. (More on that in a minute…)

Oh, and he threatened to widen his war to include Europe and the rest of the world. At this point, he doesn’t seem to have the military strength to do that so what do you think his threat refers to? The west limits it’s assistance in Ukraine to equipment and logistical support, fearing the madman with the nukes might use them – always the nightmare scenario when the topic of nukes comes up. But even THAT is too much for Comrade Putin. He wants everyone to look away while he attacks a peaceful, sovereign nation with the intention of returning control of Ukraine to “Mother Russia.”

The Russian people seem to be unhappy about the attack and many of the Russian soldiers report that they didn’t even know they were going to war. They thought it was a training exercise. So, it appears that nobody likes this invasion except Putin. Well, Putin and the American far right. That group has been trying to snuggle with Putin for years because they see him as a strongman and a beacon for white superiority. Besides, it’s easier for them. They don’t have to actually LIVE under Putin’s brutal rule so they get to fantasize about how awesome it must be. They COULD go there and find out but one does not see much of that…

As a sidebar, I read an article in the Guardian suggesting that both the far right AND the far left have embraced Putin. No link because the article is so stupid but the headline is, ‘Far Right and Far Left Alike Admired Putin…’ The writer gave many modern examples of far-right scoundrels who openly fawn over Putin, including Donnie the Dumbass, Marie Le Pen in France, and Boris Johnson of the UK. He offered two examples of far left supporters: Karl Marx and Oscar Wilde. Seems like a real reach claiming lefty supporters when you have to go back to the 19th century to find them. All right, I’ll give you Eugene Debs, too, but even he died in 1929. Putin wasn’t even born until 1952 so my bet would be none of those guys were actually Putin fans. Conservatives will just say anything to try to make a “point”…

The stupidity of the racist right has always boggled my mind a bit. I continue to hold that the best argument against White Supremacy is the white supremacists. Drooling morons, all. Donnie the Dumbass is, of course, their current poster child but Marjorie Taylor Green wants in on that action to the point she went and spoke at a recent racist rally in Florida. (Of course. Where else would it be?) Curiously, she doesn’t think racists should be “cancelled.”

When I was in the service, I learned that the Geneva Conventions – humanity’s attempt to civilize war – make clear that invading a sovereign nation without provocation is a war crime. It’s also a war crime to attack civilians. Putin’s tortured logic in attacking Ukraine was that he wanted to “denazify” the country – from it’s JEWISH President. Apparently, like so many conservatives, Putin wasn’t paying attention in History class. Russia keeps insisting they’re NOT targeting civilians. They just keep hitting, maiming, and killing them accidentally in a way that couldn’t possibly be avoided – unless one had chosen not to attack at all in the first place. The world has already begun to collect evidence.

The thing is, I think the only way the madman stops his illegal war of choice is for someone near him to kill him. (He seems to think so, too.) Yes, I know. I’m suddenly agreeing with Lindsey effing Graham fercrissakes. But the math is simple. The Ukrainians don’t have the ability to take Putin out. The west won’t get involved because Putin has nukes – which he’s now threatening to use either way so, good call there. That leaves some humanity-loving Russian to step in. To quote Sting, “I hope the Russians love their children too…”


Have you seen the news that the Dumbass apparently lied to his dumbass supporters when he told them he would march with them in their seditious insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021? His private White House schedule has come into the possession of the investigating committee and shows quite clearly he had other plans. He talked THEM into it, then skulked off to watch television. He’s a liar and a coward and it was all just more trumpery…

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