Getting It Wrong…

Okay so, a couple of years ago a laptop became the focus of much chatter in the conservative bubble. According to a dude who knew a guy, his friend had discovered an abandoned laptop ostensibly that belonged to Hunter Biden. The contents of the laptop were copied and made into a transcript that was passed around. As it happens, the laptop, itself, was passed around, too, before finding it’s way to the Justice Department. As a group, the left – myself included – was pretty much unimpressed. A dude who knew a guy? A laptop handled by nearly every prominent GOP enemy of Joe Biden?

As it happens, though, this particular story in the conservative bubble turned out to have some legs. The laptop DID belong to Hunter Biden and the Justice Department may have found evidence of crimes, mostly him trying to make money off of the coincidence of being Joe Biden’s son. No word on the chain of custody issues but I’m guessing we’ll hear FAR more about it during any legal processes that may arise. For clarity, they may NOT arise, either. Justice has confirmed the laptop did belong to Hunter and has some concerning emails on it but has NOT said flatly Hunter committed crimes. The issues on the laptop are currently under investigation.

Still, it’s enough for the cons. The cons see the problem of ne’er-do-well Hunter as proof that Joe shouldn’t be President. They just refuse to grasp that most people didn’t vote for Joe because they thought Joe was the right man for the job. People voted for Joe because he wasn’t Donnie the Dumbass. Period. But, oh, they GOT Hunter, didn’t they? Some of my con friends have taken the attitude that they “got” me, too, because I remain unwilling to accept stories based on flimsy assertions and because I wrote in this space in October of 2020 that I wasn’t buying the story. (MyBaconPress acknowledges and regrets the error.) It’s a difference that can be highlighted between thinking Americans and conservatives. Thinking Americans will consider the new evidence and re-think their positions, updating accordingly. For instance, I didn’t buy the laptop story based on the assertions I had heard at the time. Now that confirmation has come from more credible sources, my current position is that if the evidence supports the charges, Hunter should pay the price. Simple, straight-forward, and honest.

For their part, once they’ve been given a position-du-jour, cons cannot, will not, are absolutely forbidden from changing their prescribed viewpoint on that topic at any and all costs. They don’t even notice when they’re arguing against their own stated positions, like, the very next day. Also, they’re amazingly adept at narrowing their focus to the point where they see crimes and nepotism in their political enemies but never notice similar (or worse) behavior from the pampered offspring of their political heroes.

What? Hunter Biden may have taken a job he wasn’t qualified for, that he only got because of who his daddy is? LOCK HIM UP! What ABOUT Eric, Don Jr, and Ivanka? They get what they get because of their obvious skills and qualifications. Sure. Obvious. Really, I wish the cons were able to widen their view and realize, that’s just the way life works for the useless offspring of the very wealthy. If they didn’t have their entire lives handed to them for nothing, they wouldn’t have anything at all.

The actual fight, here, is NOT left vs right. It’s the Haves vs the Have-nots, and the Haves are keeping the Have-nots squabbling over crumbs while they steal all of the cookies. In the meantime, though, I’ll let the cons have their day squawking over Hunter’s laptop. They don’t get many opportunities. A story from the conservative bubble that turns out to have legs is a VERY rare thing…


In this once-great nation, these days, it seems like we’ve intentionally chosen to take a path in which, if we do ANYTHING at all, we do it wrong. I can’t explain this phenomenon. It can’t be an accident. If it’s your thing to make bad decisions while trying to make good decisions, you’ll occasionally make a good decision. So to be so consistently wrong on every front, at every turn suggests to me somebody somewhere is TRYING to make the worst possible choices at all times. Sadly, whoever that mysterious someone is, seems to be having tremendous success.

Take Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Saving Time is just a scam so energy companies can squeeze a little more money from the Have-nots when the weather starts changing. It serves no other purpose, despite whatever stories one might hear. People REALLY don’t like the time changes. They’re very disruptive to daily life. Evidence shows the time changes result in small but noticeable increases in car accidents, acute health problems and mental health challenges. So, Congress, in it’s infinite fealty to wealth has decided to stop with the time changes. Great. THEN they say they want to keep us on Daylight Saving Time all year round. D’oh!

It’s a typical Capitalist hellhole decision. It builds the money-gouging into the system once and for all. But think about the deepest part of winter. It will STAY dark longer into the already dark mornings. Think about the kids – YOUR kids and grand-kids – who will have to make their way to school in the dark. This is not just theoretical, either. In 1974, America switched to Daylight Saving year round. The change lasted less than a year and was revoked after several early morning traffic accidents involving children. Yes, changing the clocks sucks so we should…kill more of our children. Good. Great call. Oh, by the way, science says (sorry to mention science, cons) it’s bad for humans. It conflicts with our natural circadian rhythms. The correct move is to kill the time changes by switching to Standard Time, once and for all. Let individual Americans decide how they’ll spend their time on summer days.

But these days? You give Americans the chance to do the wrong thing, they WILL DO the wrong thing. Every time…


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