Bored by the Histrionics…

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I think the current GOP-generated trumpery about Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s qualifications to sit on the “Supreme” Court should be seen by every thinking American as a good sign. I mean, look, everyone knows the Republicans were going to find the Democratic nominee unacceptable for some reason. Everyone knows the Republicans hated the Democratic nominee – whomever it might eventually turn out to be – from the very moment they heard the Democratic president got to name a nominee. It’s not outrage. It’s theater – and I’ve seen this play so many times, it’s boring and not at all impressive.

So (yawn) the Republicans are pretending the good judge has been lenient with certain cases involving the defendant possessing – not producing – child porn. The lies suggest she’s pretty much okay with child porn and generally allows perpetrators to walk as often as possible. Those, of course, are the sound-bite statements – made with no rebuttal allowed and actually intended for campaign ads in their home states down the road. Honest media responded to the fraud nearly immediately by pointing out that Judge Brown-Jackson’s sentencing record in these cases is perfectly in keeping with practices all along the Federal bench. They pointed out that even judges appointed by the Dumbass make very similar sentences.

And they couldn’t even stick to just the fraudulent charges. They just HAD to misrepresent her actual record over and over and over again. In short? It’s a smear, not a “concern.” Today she gets to offer rebuttals to their bullshit. So, listen, if that’s the best the GOP can come up with to try and defame her? Good.

Welcome to the “Supreme” Court Judge Brown-Jackson…

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