All Crimes, Great and Small…

I don’t know why people are only calling for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases involving the 2020 election, which Donnie the Dumbass lost in spectacular fashion. He should step down. Period. His wife, Ginnie, gave the world the reason. She’s a bat-shit crazy con who insists the Dumbass won the election, despite having no proof to support her claim. (Lindell’s pages of 1’s and 0’s notwithstanding.) That’s not really the problem, though. One is allowed to have a crazy – or maybe just stupid – partner. It should be noted that Ginnie is a dyed-in-the-wool believer in the Q-Anonsense. Is Clarence?

TWICE, since trumpery’s big lie began, Clarence has ruled in favor of her. No, I know. Officially, he’s not ruling for his crazy-ass wife. He’s ruling on some “contested” point of law. It just happens that his opinions don’t support law, but DO support protecting his wife. Coincidence, see? In February of 2021, shortly after the CheetoJesus attempted a coup on January 6th, Pennsylvania Republicans file a suit – I think it was called Pennsylvanian Snowflakes Sad About the Outcome vs the United States but you should check that. Anyway, Pennsylvanian snowflake Republicans tried to whine about the outcome of the 2020 election all the way to the “Supreme” Court. The case being frivolous, the High Court rejected the suit. Thomas dissented, even as he included in his dissent the reality that the election had been “free from strong evidence of systemic fraud.” So, why would Thomas support a suit he KNOWS has no merit? I think he was writing a plea to his wife…

THEN, in January, 2022, the Orange Moron tried to block the release of a trove of documents from when he polluted the Oval Office to the January 6th commission. Hard to blame him, really. They just keep revealing one incriminating detail after another. That suit went to the “Supreme” Court, too. The whole court agreed the Dumbass couldn’t make the case he was trying to make. Well, everyone but Thomas. Thomas dissented, with no stated rationale for his vote. It seems, now, his “rationale” was that the documents were going to implicate his wife in the coup attempt – as they have done. She was at the January 6th rally, though she maintains she left before the riots. Likely true, since she had to get to the command post to help support the freaking thing. Fortunately, she wrote much of her criminal, traitorous behavior down. Apparently, she’ll be taking the Fifth before the January 6th commission soon.

For his part, Clarence got some unnamed “sudden infection” as the information became public and has been unavailable for comment…


Biden’s rhetoric about Putin is ratcheting up. In a recent speech, Biden said of Putin, “This man cannot be allowed to remain in power.” The White House, of course, followed up with “clarifications.” No, we’re not calling for the destruction of the Russian government. What the President “meant,” apparently, is that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors. Oh, okay.

Personally, I think Putin should be removed from power completely. But I don’t think calls for the Russian people to remove him will find any traction. It’s hard for day-to-day citizens to rise up against their leadership, no matter how bad – or how corrupt – that “leadership” is. Most rational, thinking Americans know, for example, that Dumbass trumpery was grifting from the moment he took power in the Oval Office and not only did they NOT rise up, they won’t put the criminal in jail. Hell, he might even run for President again. In the same way the Dumbass counts on important support from the “poorly educated” – whom he loves – Putin has a small but powerful cadre of supporters at his back, too.

In the meantime, Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine continues unabated. He has kind of shown the world that the Russian bear is more of a Russian bear cub – unless they use significantly damaging weapons like chemicals or nukes. The Russian troops don’t want to be where they are and seem to be surrendering military equipment to the Ukrainians as quickly as they can. Putin apparently issued a statement saying he never really intended to take ALL of Ukraine. He only wants the Donbas, an eastern Ukrainian region. It would be like if Putin invaded California, saying he “just” want control of Florida and Georgia. I think most Presidents would say no. The Dumbass would likely consider the request. Okay, on second thought, America would be MUCH better off without Florida or Georgia so, any takers?


I kind of love the idea that the Dumbass is suing Hillary Clinton over the investigation into his Russian connections. I’ll bet. Trumpery thinks Clinton and others “colluded” to create the idea that his campaign was in league with Russia – based on nothing more than his team’s collusion with Russia! The nerve! Remember, there have already been a number of convictions.

Trumpery is a first-class moron. (Finally! First class at something…) Hillary is smarter than the CheetoJesus in her sleep. But Donnie the Dumbass just keeps going, doesn’t he? I STILL say, Satan takes care of his own…

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