And The Tension Rises…

The Sour Cream Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has experienced a breach. Someone, somewhere in the bowels of the court leaked a draft document showing the court’s intention to overturn Roe v Wade. These cowardly weasels (they like to call themselves “justices”) prefer to hand down their most egregious, most abominable decisions quietly, in the night, as they abscond out the back door. Let people yell and howl at their activism, they’ll be long gone and in their hidey-holes for a few months.

It’s not a surprise. The cons packed the court intentionally with the goal of returning the US to the days of back-room abortions and punishing poor women – one of their favorite things to do. I specify “poor” because that’s the group that will suffer the most from this stupid, activist ruling. Women with resources will simply travel to a smarter, blue state, get the needed procedure, and come home and show everyone the photos from their recent “vacation.” But if you can’t pull together the scratch to travel out of state? You WILL suffer that error for the rest of your lives. Suck it up, buttercup. As usual, people have forgotten history. Young, fertile women today are about to find out just how brutal that time was. I wonder how long it will be before those cretin red states are requiring women to bring a permission slip from their husbands to obtain birth control.

Younger women might think, “Oh sure. Like THAT’S ever going to happen.” Yeah, it could. That used to be the rule and it could easily be the rule again. That’s the way things were for women in my lifetime! Also, women couldn’t have credit cards in their own name. I doubt THAT one will change, though, because the cards financially enslave people and in our brutal, so-called “free market” system, keeping people down financially is the primary goal. But a woman’s doctor WOULD often examine the woman and then contact the man who speaks for her to discuss the results. Women my age know what they’re up against. Younger women don’t seem to.

The dishonorable liars on the once respected “high” court who stand with this decision each took turns telling the Senate that Roe v Wade was “settled law.” There’s no such thing, of course, but that was their story and they stuck to it. The thing is, they were nominated in the first place because they were dependable votes against women. But I say again, they testified before Congress, saying something in the moment they knew they were misrepresenting – just to get the seat. Lying to Congress is illegal, sworn in or not. When they lied to Congress, they committed perjury, right? I think perjury should be an impeachable offense for a SCOTUS judge. Maybe we can get that into the next constitution. You know…after the revolution…


Have you heard the one about how landlords provide housing and that if ANY controls are imposed over the process, those greedy little bastards just might stop investing? Oh, it’s a real knee-slapper. See, in real life, landlords aren’t providing housing. They’re denying housing by buying up ALL of the available inventory. You hear about the “housing shortage” in the corporate media all the time but there are plenty of buildings. They’re just all owned by rich folk who have no use for them other than gouging every dime they can from the working class. When rich people use their lucre to buy up most or all of the single family homes in a given area, other prospective buyers get locked out of the process. They then rent instead of buying. This puts pressure on the rental market and people in no position to buy are forced to compete with those who COULD buy if there was something reasonable available. I describe it as a “shit rolls downhill” situation…


Just For Fun:
I believe in an 80 year cycle of things. I know, that’s a bit obscure. That’s because the “things” in question are different, working in different 80 year cycles. Also, 80 is only the average and the numbers don’t always work perfectly. Sometimes, it’s 75 years, sometimes, it’s 85 years but you can pick a cycle and follow like events through history and you’ll see the cycle, too. My own suspicion is that it takes about that long for in incoming generations to re-learn – or more accurately, forget – what the older generation once knew from experience. But check this out:

The end of the American Revolutionary War was, officially in 1783. (The fighting stopped in 1781.) 80 years later? Why, the American Civil War in 1861. THAT ended in 1865. 80 years after that? WWII. 1941 – 1945 as far as American involvement. So, why those events and not others? Why for example would I cite WWII but not WWI, or any of America’s other bullshit wars for that matter? Well, the subjectivity is what makes this abstract. The reason I focus on them in this particular cycle is that they’re transformative events, BIG things that changed the world. The Revolutionary War introduced the world to a brand new country, one that would later become the world hegemon. The American Civil War overturned an entire social and economic structure, turning the US from a racist hell-hole with legalized slavery, into the racist hell-hole with slavery outlawed we live in today. (The racists had to switch to a “prison” system to accomplish those same goals…)

Yes, WWI was a big deal but the Dough-boys went over, fought, and came back to a world pretty much the same as the one they had left. It DID set the stage for the later transformation but didn’t do much on it’s own but kill a lot of people. WWII, though? The entire world was different after that war. Everything, everywhere. For better AND for worse. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s? Why not that one? The Civil Rights movement looked like a big, transformative deal. But, let’s be honest, here, shall we? The people airing grievances during the Civil Rights movement are pretty much STILL out there airing pretty much the SAME grievances and precious little has changed for them beyond window-dressing. Ethnic minorities still suffer social and institutional racism. Illegal wars for profit still rage in this country just as quickly as the wealthy can convince the cannon fodder THIS war is necessary. Fat, old, white men are STILL trying – with unfortunate success – to own and operate women.

Now take a look at the world around us today. Everyone, rightly or wrongly, is angry and getting angrier. The politicians have been VERY clear in their “let them eat cake” attitudes. The brutal, no-holds-barred, so-called “free market” capitalism is slowly crushing the life out of the workers. Climate change is out of control, now, and greed just keeps pretending it will be okay. The anger of the average Joe is growing, little by little, day by day – and it’s just getting worse. So…add 80 years to the end of WWII in 1945.

Can I guarantee the world with devolve into some course-changing, cataclysmic event in 2025? Of course not. But the US DOES have an “election” coming up in 2024 and most people realize it will NOT be a fair or honest contest. The red states have created so many election laws that come down to some form of “if the outcome isn’t in keeping with our Gerrymandering, we reserve the right to change the results ourselves,” only a fool would trust the results. January, 2025 is when the next Presidential inauguration takes place in the US.

Yeah, I know. Tin-foil hat stuff. Like I said, just for fun. Do with it what you will. But in the meantime, you might want to keep your powder dry…

2 thoughts on “And The Tension Rises…

  1. I did a paper on stock market cycles once. From the 1860s to present day you can see clear boom and bust cycles and almost predict the exact year. Co related it to different political parties in power but I don’t remember how well that worked except it did have an effect.
    The GOP is using the Scotus to fight the civil war again. States rights is their rallying cry now. Interesting times. Damn that Chinaman.


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