Hey, look! They finally found someone cheating in the 2020 election. Well, technically, they found a THIRD “someone.” According to the AP, she’s a woman named Sandra Brown who worked for the Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters, also facing charges along with her deputy, Belinda Knisley. The only confusing part to me? They’re Republicans! They cheated for the Dumbass – who was declared the winner of Mesa County with 63% of the vote – by rigging the machines! No wonder the cons are so certain the machines were rigged. THEY were rigging them! Projection, thy name is conservative. (Biden still won Colorado with 55.4% of the vote…)


I was a bit irritated by the unexpected release of the Uvalde videos on Wednesday, the 13th. Not because of the release, itself. That had to happen and was scheduled to happen. Officials just wanted the opportunity to show the video to the families of the victims first, and that was scheduled for Saturday, the 16th. But that just makes the timing of the “leak” all the more suspicious, doesn’t it? Since the video was already scheduled for release, anyway, jumping the gun, ostensibly to “get the scoop,” was really just an act of cruelty to the families who immediately decried the action and said they felt “broadsided” by the drop.

I don’t mean to go all tin-foil hat on you, here, but there was one other effect the early release had. The exploits of the Barney Fife Brigade, Uvalde Division HAD to become the top story of the day. I mean, an entire police force frozen in fear as one shooter murdered 21 people? How could the media NOT run with it? So, it pushed any other major news stories back. For example, there was far less discussion of the findings of the January 6th committee’s hearing on Tuesday than there otherwise might have been and far more focus on what cowards look like in Texas. (As a sidebar, I keep hearing that the entire force should be fired. What kind of integrity do those guys have that they might wait to be fired? If they had any honor, they’d hand in their resignations and go do work for which they’re better suited. Something that will NEVER require bravery…)

Anyway, in case you missed it, Donald J. Trump was up to his eyeballs in planning the criminal insurrection. He knew darn good and well he had lost the election. (His difficulty in accepting the fact might, perhaps, be tied to the idea that he also knew he had loyalists in strategic positions to rig the machines…see the previous bit about Mesa County in Colorado.) He knew darn good and well that he had lost every legal challenge. He knew darn good and well there were no legal options left to him, so he went illegal. He didn’t hesitate and he choose illegal while surrounded by lawyers telling him, literally yelling at him at times, what he was doing was illegal. He worked with the “Proud Boys” and the “Oath Keepers” and other moronic dregs of humanity. He knew, in advance, he was going to tell his acolytes to march on the Capitol. That was NOT a spontaneous event. He and his criminal partners planned and executed the insurrection.

I expect to be pissed off when Trump avoids jail time because, in America, we don’t jail ex-presidents, no matter what. (My actual anger will be at the final surrender and collapse of a once-great nation.) But I saw an idea in a letter to the editor I liked. Let’s strip him of his citizenship and exile him from the country. (That would be the second country the Drumpf family has been exiled from in only three generations. I wonder what family name they’ll choose next? May I suggest “Rump?” It keeps the core of the original, Drumpf, and it’s replacement “Trump,” and better describes the character of the family members…) My own addition to the exile plan? First, seize his assets under the doctrine that we don’t know which of his dollars came from regular business and which came from illegal activities. (That’s sort of stupid phrasing. I’m not aware that he’s ever made a single, honest dollar in his entire life…)


I keep seeing con politicians out there suggesting they intend to restrict a woman’s right to travel to blue sanctuary states in order to receive the medical care they can no longer get in their red punishment states. It’s an appalling suggestion, restricting freedom of movement. But, guess what? Freedom of movement is not specifically written in the Constitution, the standard the kangaroos are currently pretending makes the most sense. Freedom of association is and any rational human being could easily understand the obvious reality that one’s freedom of association is impaired if one is not free to move to where the association is taking place. But these are conservatives with an ideological agenda, not “rational human beings.”

In a related note, one of the effects of the Kangaroo’s overturning of Roe was that pro-choice activists started looking for stories to highlight the danger and stupidity of overturning Roe. As if on cue, they found a 10 year old girl who was forced to travel to a different state to get an abortion after being raped and highlighted her ordeal in the news. As soon as the story became public, the conservative bubble immediately reconsidered it’s position, seeing the reality of how these things can play out and turned it’s attention to restoring Roe. Ha, ha, I’m kidding of course. Cons never let reality interfere with their favorite fever dreams of the moment and they’re not about to start now.

In fact, the conservative media simply declared the story fake news. The Washington Post pretended that abortions for children so young were vanishingly rare. Apparently, in the same story (the very next line, in fact), they admitted that in Ohio in 2020, 52 people under the age of 15 received reported abortions. That’s one a week, on average. That seems FAR too often, to me, and not “rare” at all.

The Wall Street Journal declared the story “too good to confirm.” I don’t know. Sure, I know the timing didn’t help the conservative ideology at all, but how is a 10 year old girl being raped, impregnated, and THEN unable to find help in her home state in any way “too good?” Or even “good?” But of course, we protect patient’s privacy and children’s names in news stories so the story couldn’t be immediately confirmed – which meant it COULD be immediately dismissed by the lying right.

Until the cops caught the rapist.

Then the con media just clammed up and moved on. They never told their obsequious acolytes the truth about the story I’ll tell you this: they likely never will…


I saw a piece in the Guardian called, ‘Broken and distrusting/Why are Americans pulling away from the daily news.’ My first thought? News? What news? I haven’t seen much journalism in American media sources for a long, long time. There are opinions. There are estimations. There are analyses. There are even thoughts and guesses. But there is a depressing dearth of journalism. To paraphrase one of the more destructive assholes this country has ever suffered, I didn’t leave the news. The news left me.


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  1. Another great blog Mark. (Two uncharacteristic grammatical errors.) “My I suggest “Rump”. “go do work for which their better suited” > >


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