But the Truth Won’t Die…

A quick summary of today’s Republican party. There’s a guy named Rusty Bowers. He’s a con. He’s the Arizona House Speaker. He supported Trump early on but lost faith when Trump committed treason. Trump supporters in the state tried to pressure Bowers to lie about the election. Giuliani tried to pressure him to lie. He wouldn’t lie. He calls himself a Christian and, apparently, tries to live up to the moniker. (It’s a refreshing change…)

Bowers testified to the House January 6th Committee on June 21. He told the truth. He testified that Giuliani told him, “We’ve got lots of theories but we just don’t have the evidence.” It looks like the traitor Giuliani is going to lose his law license and MAY end up in jail – right along with so many of his co-conspirators. But the effing GOP needed to make sure that Bowers suffers, too. You know, for telling the truth. For being honest. For having integrity. All things antithetical to today’s cons.

The Arizona Republican Party has censured Bowers, declared him an outsider not in good standing with the party and called on Arizona Republicans to vote him out. Apparently, the LAST thing in the world Republicans want is a person of ethics in their midst…


Just a few thoughts on the January 6th Committee. WOW! Okay, that’s just one. I really think the committee members have done a very good job. The cons think so, too. That’s why they won’t watch if they can avoid it – and they’re VERY good a avoiding reality.

I’m struck by the loyalty I continue to sense from some of these witnesses. They’re all Republicans who loved and supported Trump. They found themselves in a position where they COULDN’T avoid reality and it slapped them in the face. They lost faith – and found reason. But when they testify, they seem to seek the best way to answer the questions honestly without insulting the Dumbass. Some of them feel compelled to add endorsements of Trumps pretended “accomplishments” before or after testifying under oath about Trump’s guilt in his coup conspiracy.

What about that Secret Service, eh? They knew they were supposed to preserve those texts – so they deleted them. Are they trying to protect the integrity of the agency? That ain’t gonna do it! Lawbreaking by a law enforcement agency never has a good look. We, the people, have just been through this with Hillary’s emails in the 2016 election. She deleted something like 30,000 emails and offered up really stupid excuses– um, “explanations.” The obvious calculation was that the fallout from the deletion would be less than the fallout from inclusion – so they were deleted. Why would the Secret Service position be any different?

I hear Fox “News” followed the hearings the next day with – wait, I want to make sure I have this right – oh, yeah, there it is. They attacked Biden and the White House for “taking credit” for FALLING gas prices. They were perfectly happy to smear him with HIGH prices but when the price comes down suddenly he has nothing to do with gas prices? How convenient. (The President doesn’t really normally have that much to do with the prices anyway. Biden’s actual failure, in my mind, is in not invoking anti-trust laws to bring the oil companies to heel in the first place…)

I love when the committee calls out the Republican traitors in Congress by name and I really loved when the committee showed the clips of these spineless “Ever Trumpers” condemning the President’s coup in the days immediately following, traitor McCarthy, in particular. Knowing Josh Hawley encouraged the protestors and then was seen running for his life in fear of those same protestors was almost too good to bear. I managed, though…

I thought I heard the first hints from the committee that a 14th Amendment solution might well be forthcoming when they pointedly asked if this was a man who should be holding ANY public office. The 14th Amendment allows for any person who has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and then engages in insurrection to be barred from ever holding public office again. After treason, that’s the very least we might do. I mean, the very, VERY least…

Obviously, the cons are going to attack last night’s witnesses and claim they’re lying turncoats who are just making things up. That’s their standard attack. The committee has addressed it by introducing a subject in one hearing, letting the cons lie, then bringing in FURTHER corroborating evidence in subsequent hearings. It’s been quite brilliant…

Sure does make one wonder about Merrick Garland and his “investigation.” I know, the name of HIS game has to be secrecy but if the committee has pulled together so much damning evidence, hasn’t the DOJ done the same? I know the wheels of justice turn slowly but I’d like to see him step it up a bit…

Trump didn’t stand down until AFTER he knew the military was on the way and the Congress critters were safe. He KNEW he’d lost. THAT’S when he told the insurgents to go home. He fought telling them to be peaceful throughout the event. He fought calling them off throughout the event.

I laughed out loud when I saw/heard Trump trying to form sentences telling the attackers to leave. The actual message he finally recorded simply regurgitated the same b.s. he’d been selling for months and turned out to be as supportive of the assailants has he could be while still acknowledging his defeat at the Capitol. (He STILL hasn’t acknowledged his defeat at the ballot box – but he’s still a loser…)


Sometimes, I feel sorry for the consumers of conservative media. It’s not nice of those media outlets to tell their consumers false things, then send those self-same consumers out to make fools of themselves saying things that all thinking people know don’t hold up under scrutiny. Among the more recent entries is this ridiculous suggestion that the January 6th Committee isn’t a “real hearing.” The con rank-and-file is fooled by the claim because the hearings don’t look like a trial on ‘Law and Order.’ Of course, they’re not supposed to. It’s not that kind of a hearing. If you think “Grand Jury Hearing,” all of a sudden it looks exactly like it should…

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