Clarity Obscured…

Well, it looks like Steve Bannon is going back to prison, at least for a short time. His sentencing is scheduled for October. He was found guilty of Contempt of Congress for refusing to respond to subpoenas. Two charges were filed. One for refusing to turn over paperwork the other for refusing to appear. Apparently, he tried to defend his actions with the assertion that he was complying with counsel. Only…he couldn’t supply the attorney who offered the “advice” nor any evidence to support the claim.

This happens from time to time. Because of our corrupted media, cons get used to going on television, saying whatever pops into their pea-brains in the moment – and then getting away with having said it like it made perfect sense. No follow-ups, no probing questions of any kind. They get fooled into thinking that trick likely works all the time. But it doesn’t work in court. Lawyers do this trick they call “cross-examination” in which they DO ask follow-up questions, things the talking heads never seem to think of. Things like, ‘And just who is this attorney who offered up this “advice?”‘ That’s when the con finds out, “I’d rather not say.” is an unacceptable answer. Then they go to jail for awhile.

Bannon was convicted on both counts. Each count carries a penalty of one year and $100,000. There’s a minimum requirement of six months. It’s hard to say what will happen since this country seems dead-set on dismantling itself and discarding the rule of law but if I was the one doing the sentencing, I’d throw the book at this guy. He’d do two years and pay $200,000. No, not because I just don’t like him. I don’t. But my personal feelings about a defendant should not enter into the question.

To my knowledge, nobody has been convicted of Contempt of Congress charges for a long, long time. Decades, in fact. That’s because the vast majority of true Americans recognize Congress’ authority. But Bannon isn’t the only character behind Trump’s criminal coup attempt to tell the committee “no.” He’s just the first to face charges. It’s an excellent opportunity to remind those in the “we just don’t want to comply” camp that not complying is not an option. I guess it’s not supposed to play into the reasoning, either, but Bannon should still be sitting in prison for stealing all the money from his ‘Build the Wall Fund’ scam. He’s only out because his criminal co-conspirator, Donald J. Trump, used his ill-gotten power to pardon Bannon in the first place.

I’ll tell you this: Steve Bannon clearly belongs in prison and in a country that operated on the rule of law, that’s where he’d be heading for a couple of years…


Can you believe Texas? Look, I get it. The anti-abortion crowd feels empowered right now. They’ve corrupted the highest court in the land by packing it with kangaroos and know they can get away with just about anything their fevered little minds can envision – so they’re going to try. After the “way-too-high” court overturned Roe vs Wade, several companies in the punishment states started offering to cover the expenses of people who make the trip they now have to make to manage their reproductive opportunities. That is, several companies offered to pay the expenses of traveling for abortions. In my most cynical moments, I might suggest that the companies did so to help keep points off of their health insurance but that’s just because I never trust stated corporate motivations. Besides, it doesn’t matter why. So let’s just agree they’re doing it out of concern for the welfare of their employees.

In response, Texas Republican lawmakers sent to companies on record saying they’ll help, a letter threatening legal action against those companies if they actually DO help. In a July 7 letter from the Texas “Freedom” Caucus (Isn’t THAT ironic?) they claim they can criminalize anyone who “furnishes the means” for an abortion. I guess their position is, you’re “free” to do as you’re told…

It’s not bad enough that the most vulnerable victims of the conservatives are always the poorest people. The punishment states are trying to punish women who can pull together the resources to travel to smart states, too. They want to punish anyone who gets an abortion, no matter where the abortion occurs. This is not hyperbole. In Ohio, the state Attorney General threatened legal action against an Illinois doctor after she performed and abortion for a 10-year old rape victim – in Illinois! Texas is pushing for the same privilege.

Now, I understand how easy it is for the kangaroos to use a hand to simply cover the part of the Constitution that’s bothering them, then declare they “don’t see it in the Constitution” but the rights of citizens to travel between the states and to enjoy the rights of that state while they’re there is, actually, written into the document. It’s in Article IV. The very first line of Section 2 says, “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of the Citizens in the several states.”

Of course, it remains illegal to, say, travel from Missouri to Minnesota to rob the Northfield bank – just ask Jesse James and Cole Younger – but it’s not illegal to travel across state lines to engage in legal activities – feel free to check with the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada. But the various “Freedumb Caucus’s” are coming for that freedom, too. (Not the prostitutes. The freedom of movement…)

I’ll tell you this: there was a time I would just laugh off such stupid efforts. “Good luck with THAT in the courts.” But these days? With the kangaroo “Justices” making rulings on personal preference and not the Constitution? There’s no telling what might happen…


Special note to the progressives: Hey, me, too. I get it. I can’t tell you how much I hate the “My house is burning right now!” “Well…be sure and get out and vote next November!” attitude. I don’t want to vote for the do-nothing Democrats any more than you do and for the same reasons. In this case, though, the “do-nothing” part serves. Sure, they won’t help anybody or anything (except themselves, of course), but they’re not likely to work to harm anyone, either. “Do nothing” is still better than the conservative’s “do harm.”

But we really do find ourselves in a “no choice” (no win?) position these days. We only have two choices and the Republicans CAN NOT be one of them. Right or wrong, the cons WILL come out – en force – and vote as instructed by their party. We MUST counter that action or they’re just going to gleefully run roughshod over everything this once-great nation stood for. Sadly, this once-great nation has been reduced to an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” state.

We have to vote. It’s all we’ve got, short of ‘Second Amendment Solutions.’ Like it or not, we have to vote Democrat and we have to vote Democrat on paper. Don’t use the machines if you have any choice at all. Remember, the machines may not be corrupt, but according the legal proceedings you see in the papers, the people who check the machines very well might be…

I’ll tell you this: I really hate what the cons have done to this country…

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