Failures, Falsehoods, and Finances…

Burning Down the House…
Last week, I wrote a bit directed to progressives in which I pointed out that we, the people, do not, in fact, enjoy freedom of the vote and that progressives MUST vote with the Democrats or suffer the consequences – which have been made SO onerous and SO deadly to average Americans we either support the Democrats – like it or not – or suffer Fascism, authoritarian rule, and/or a Christian theocracy – all antithetical to a Constitutional, democratic Republic. There is no middle ground. I know some people who would love to hear me say so, feeling as though, perhaps, I’d finally “gotten the message.” But *I* feel like I’m acquiescing to the failure of a once-great nation. It’s like helping to put the fire out at the meth dealer’s house next door. You don’t care about the meth dealer. You wish you didn’t have to deal with the meth dealer. You know the meth dealer’s house in only on fire in the first place because the meth dealer is a moron. You wish the meth dealer lived somewhere else or was in prison. You help anyway, but it’s only because you don’t want THAT fire to burn down YOUR house.

I’ll tell you this: I cannot escape the reality that in a system in which I have no actual choice for whom to vote, where actual conscientious voting is seen as – even taunted as – “throwing one’s vote away,” there is no democracy, either. I don’t know what we’re doing anymore…


Wrongheaded Insistence
OMG, my sides hurt. I’m laughing out loud at the Dumbass. He had his dumbass lawyers send a dumbass letter to CNN complaining they keep telling the truth about him and he really wants them to lie, instead. Well, the lawyer said it a little differently. The lawyer wrote, ‘“Accordingly, I hereby demand on behalf of President Donald Trump that CNN (1) immediately take down the false and defamatory publications, (2) immediately issue a full and fair retraction of the statements identified herein in as conspicuous a manner as they were originally published, and (3) immediately cease and desist from its continued use of ‘Big Lie’ and ‘lying’ when describing President Trump’s subjective belief regarding the integrity of the 2020 election.’

Even his own lawyer referred to Trump’s “subjective belief” as though we all have to credit his big lie if he insists he believes it. I imagine his supporters are happy about it and convinced that “he’s going to show them now” – but he isn’t. He’s lying and, based on ALL available evidence, he KNOWS he’s lying. He IS sticking to his lie assiduously, though, isn’t he? At this point, his big lie is SO far out of touch with reality, SO far away from anything that can be proven, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to establish an insanity defense.

You see, it doesn’t matter how many times I insist the moon is made of green cheese. The moon is not made of green cheese. It never has been made of green cheese. It never WILL BE made of green cheese. Humans have been to the moon and brought home examples of the rocks, not the cheese, that make up the Moon. My insistence that the moon is made of green cheese is just wrong and sticking to a wrong position that has been proven wrong over and over and over again eventually becomes a lie in and of itself – unless one is delusional but then, it’s a delusion. It never becomes true just because someone insists.


At least at last we know…
The RNC has informed Trump that as soon as he announces his run as for president (which in his twisted brain means strongman/dictator) the RNC will stop paying his legal bills. That’s a curious thing, isn’t it? Did YOU realized the RNC was paying Trump’s legal bills? I know I didn’t and if I had been a donor to the RNC, I’d be PISSED OFF that they’re using MY money to pay for that loudmouth liar to keep lying.

Maybe the cons aren’t angry because they assume it’s probably not all that much. I mean, how much could it be? He hires the crappiest lawyers the law has ever seen, the only lawyers willing to work for him. Hell, they MUST be cheap, right? Sure. $1.75 MILLION dollars (and counting) worth of “cheap” – so far. Trump seems in no hurry to walk away from the gravy train. At one point, Trump told the RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel, that he was leaving the Republican party and starting his own party. McDaniel told him they would stop paying his legal bills if he wasn’t a Republican. Being the manly man he is, Trump immediately backed down and no one ever heard about his third party again. The RNC doesn’t want Trump to announce a planned run before the mid-terms and they speak the only language he might understand: money. They’ve told him not to announce. He won’t either.

They SAY it’s because they have to maintain the look of “neutrality.” Uh-huh… They also say they’re paying for challenges from when he was the Traitor President. Except they’re also paying for personal legal expenses for Trump, his obnoxious family, and his thieving company.

I’ll tell you this: I don’t understand how these payments could be viewed any way other than campaign contributions. If Trump doesn’t have to pay his own legal bills he has no incentive to stop with his frivolous claims AND it frees up campaign money he SHOULD be on the hook for. I suppose if the RNC donated the exact same amount to any candidate running it would all balance out in the wash but there’s no word there have been any such payments to other potentials. (It would be hilarious to watch all the cons coming out of the woodwork trying to collect their payments in kind. The Republican Presidential field would have, like, 666 candidates…all with their grubby little hands out.)

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