Difficulty Understanding…

I just read a letter to the editor in my local “newspaper.” The writer is supporting the on-going use of private homes for short-term rentals, Airbnb, that sort of thing. He insists there’s no problem with them. Then, the last line of his letter reads: “Planning commission: Do something about homeless people while you are at it.”

My guess is, he’s a short-term rental owner and wants to feel good about his “investment” and his “business decision.” But he’s upset about homelessness? It’s curious that he never seemed to put together the idea that short term rentals are a major piece of the homelessness problem in the first place. Taking housing off the market for short-term rentals leaves countless people out in the cold – literally.


If you want an example of how the people who don’t understand things really don’t understand things, here’s a good one. They’ve taken to supporting authoritarian strongmen. They’ve been convinced they should like the “strong” part. They SCREAM at the left for trying to “take away our freedumbs,” then support people taking more and more freedom from their own people every day. (Conservative media is strangely silent on that part…) Viktor Orban came from Hungary to Texas and spoke at the ‘Conservative People Acting Crappy’ or CPAC conference. Orban uses the traditional racist trigger issues of illegal immigration, “law and order,” and “gender ideology” in schools to whip up the people who don’t understand things into a frenzy. He’s a blatant “blood and soil” nationalist who likes to rip on the “leftist media.” He called for international unity of the so-called “Christian Nationalist” movement.
“Wait, ‘blood and soil?’ I’ve heard that term before. Where was that?”
“Charlottesville. The Neo-Nazis were chanting it along with “Jews will not replace us.”
“‘Blood and soil’ is racist?”
“Oh, yeah. It was originally coined in Germany in the late 19th century. It was a dog-whistle phrase referring to the “purity” of the German people. The Nazis picked it up and really ran with it.”
“But aren’t these Christians?”
“‘Christian Nationalists,’ a cover-term for racism.”
“No, they say they’re Christians.”
“I can SAY I’m the tallest active player in the NBA today. Doesn’t make it true. In order to be Christian, one has to at least TRY to emulate the ostensible teachings of, you know, Jesus. When the actions don’t support the words, ignore the words. Respond to the actions…”

I’ll tell you this: Being the people who don’t understand things, they have no idea about life under strongmen and dictators. (They were either talking or sleeping in History class.) They have a limitation. They have to experience something, personally, before they can understand it. Once they’ve experienced actual loss of freedoms under an actual strongman, they’ll understand…but it will be too late…


I’m really enjoying watching Alex Jones get his. My favorite part is that, step by step, his destruction has been of his own making. (Well, him and his “affordable” lawyers…) He didn’t even challenge the original suit so he lost by default. He goes into the penalty phase and thinks he can just lie his way through – because that’s what he does when he’s NOT under oath. I think the attorneys for the plaintiffs have done a very good job and would have shown Jones was lying either way but just to be on the safe side, Jones’ own lawyers sent one of the plaintiff’s lawyers, Mark Bankston, everything he needed to prove, beyond question, that Jones lied under oath. Enter perjury charges. NOW how much would you pay? But wait! Don’t answer, yet, because there’s MORE!

Jones’ attorney sent the entire contents of Jones’ phone to Bankston, apparently by accident. The law has rules that cover things like that. Jones’ “team” COULD have gotten the information back and kept the plaintiffs from using it. They didn’t. Now it’s fair game. Along with proof that Jones was merely profiting from his cruel little ‘Sandy Hook was a hoax’ lie and that he was committing perjury to try and protect his lucre, the phone contents have apparently implicated him in Trump’s January 6th coup! Lovely, isn’t it? Bankston has made clear he intends to turn the contents of the phone over to the January 6 committee.

The court has ordered Jones to pay $49.3 million dollars to the plaintiffs in the matter – $4.1 million in compensatory damages and $45.2 million in punitive damages. Jones says he’s going to appeal. He had better. This is only one family. The rest are standing in line.

Jones put his company into bankruptcy, not because he couldn’t cover his obligations but as a maneuver to try and protect his money. I’m no lawyer but I think the bankruptcy filing should be rejected. He can pay his obligations – he just doesn’t want to.

I’ll tell you this: Personally, I hope the families get every penny Jones collected lying to his ‘Infowars’ crowd. He collected the money with lies, he should lose the money to truth…then he should go to prison for perjury and conspiracy to commit sedition…

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