Can We Lock Him Up Yet?

The cons seem to have gone dark on social media again – at least for awhile. They’re waiting for the conservative bubble to settle on a story that might have some level of credibility. Donald Trump stole a bunch of documents from the White House, documents he’s not allowed to have and he knew he wasn’t allowed to have when he took them. But he sees himself as special. Hell, we ALL see him as “special,” just in a different way. When confronted about his theft, the traitor Trump pretended to return the documents but didn’t actually comply so the FBI went in and recovered the things that were stolen. They had a warrant, which requires probable cause. Now, we all know cops lie to get warrants from time to time, but I’d bet everyone is on their very best behavior when it comes to searching the home of an ex-president. The ONE THING the cons have gotten kind of right on the topic is that such a thing is unprecedented. Of course, so is outright theft by an outgoing, loser, used-to-be President, so…

The cons have floated several trial balloons. The documents were his. No, they weren’t. He declassified all the documents. No, he didn’t. For one, even the President of the United States doesn’t have the authority to declassify all classified materials. Second, he wasn’t President anymore. Third, the citations in the warrant have nothing to do with the classified nature of the documents.

I saw, “Hey, everyone has to take work home from time to time.” Maybe, but not after they’ve lost the job. When someone “takes work home” after no longer working for the company, that’s usually viewed as “stealing.” Trump insists he returned the materials and, he kind of did. But also? He didn’t. That part has confused me a bit. I had read that he illegally took 15 boxes of stuff. Then, he returned 15 boxes of stuff. Then, the FBI came and took 15 boxes of stuff. WTF?!? It crossed my mind that he copied things and kept them before returning the originals and likely kept some things outright. It’s speculation but at least it explains how he returns AND retains the same amount of illegal contraband.

Trump tried to say he was in “negotiations” to return the documents and Of COURSE they rolled out trusty old Whataboutism. Here’s a thing, generally speaking, one does not get to negotiate the return of stolen items. (Museums seem to be an exception, here…) Now, in fairness, except for the “classified documents” part, this kind of thing has happened before. Sometimes, someone takes something they shouldn’t, commonly represented as a “misunderstanding.” When those people were informed they couldn’t take what they took, they sent back the offending material and that was that.

Not Donnie. He DID send back something but then the FBI received a tip that Trump still had the information he wasn’t supposed to have, some of it quite sensitive. At least SOME of the stolen classified documents regard nuclear weapons. Apparently, the information is sensitive enough that the FBI felt they had to conduct the raid. (SIDEBAR: There’s a specific claim that Obama had documents from the Obama administration sent to Chicago and nobody searched HIS home! For clarity, documents DID go to Chicago at the same time Obama went to Chicago. But the documents did NOT go to Obama. They went to an archive in Chicago where Obama has NO say or control over the documents so…no.)

I swear to the gods, I even heard cons trying to pretend Trump was going to use his “jeanius” to improve nuclear technology…

So the cons desperately need a story. In the meantime, though, the right is apoplectic over the raid at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s current hide-out. The conservative media is out there screaming as loudly as they can trying to turn the actual events into something they weren’t and denying the something they were. Do they care that the evidence shows Trump stole classified documents from the White House when he left? Nah. Do they care that he lied to the – well, do they care that he lies? Nah. They KNOW it’s a “political hit job.” Trump told them himself. Hell, if Trump hadn’t opened his mouth, the political “hit-job” would have remained a secret. Nobody in government revealed the raid. That was Trump, himself. So…he did a political hit-job on himself? Well, kinda, I guess. He IS fund-raising from the event…

Now everyone is releasing everything trying to prove competence of the raid (the DOJ) or incompetence of the raid (Trump, et al). So far, all the supporting positions benefit the DOJ and NOT the DJT. That’s hardly a surprise, either. Apparently, Trump released an unredacted version of the warrant that includes the names of the agents involved in the search. Cons will insist that’s some kind of oversight but I doubt it. I think Trump is actively trying to sic his sycophants on the agents in question in the same way as that crazy who attacked an FBI office in Ohio with an AR-15 after the raid was revealed. (He’s dead now…)

I’ll tell you this; I’m really quite bored with conservatives sniveling, oh-so-predictable responses to anything…everything that happens. If a con is accused, it’s fake news. Period. If someone can say something, anything, about a Democrat, the Dem is guilty. ALWAYS! Boring. Worse, it leave the cons with as much credibility as…well, as a person with ZERO credibility. Yeah, not a great simile but certainly true…

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