Can’t Quit…But Should…

Hey, the far right is going bonkers again. Or is that more bonkers? They’re VERY upset that their chosen one – the CheetoJesus – keeps getting caught breaking the law. They think it’s very bad form for law enforcement to enforce the law.

I suspect, maybe just hope, that each time there’s a new revelation of wrong-doing on the part of the Orange Man – who, btw, IS bad – some small number of once-loyalists suffer an infusion of reality and fall away from the cult. Liz Cheney was one such. She is a conservative’s conservative. She supported Trump’s agenda with a near-perfect record. She drew the line at sedition, is all. But that was too much for the true believers. Now she’s out. She committed the crime of telling the truth. Trumpsters HATE that. She accepted reality instead of alternate reality. She responded to evidence. Oh, the humanity!

I never have been and I suspect never will be a fan of or supporter of Liz Cheney. But I salute her stand for the right thing. I’m sure history will vindicate her position. Of course, it will be too late but it’s great to be vindicated, isn’t it?


Have you seen the news that Netflix is in a dither? They say they’re losing, or perhaps not gaining fast enough, subscribers. They say they’re having difficulty maintaining their customer base. They say they don’t know why. Maybe raising rates will help. Maybe adding commercials. Yeah, that makes sense. People are leaving so make it worse in every way for those who try to stay. (Sadly, in this once-great nation, that seems to be the new American way.) I have a thought. I think I can help.

Netflix puts out some good shows. Then, they don’t. I mean, they’re going to. They promise. There’s a new season coming. Eventually. When? No, we can’t say when. Oh, you’ll love it, they assure us – if you ever get to see it. Netflix regularly waits YEARS between seasons. By the time they get around to following up Season 1 with Season2, I’ve commonly forgotten all about the show in the first place. Perhaps my tastes have changed, whatever.

I don’t want to get involved with Netflix shows these days. The shows are good but there’s so much lag time between the seasons, it seems not worth my while. You can’t build your company on binge-watching and then refused to put out any product for the viewers to binge on. Television shows used to put out 30 new episodes, take the summers off, then start again. I know, things change. Now they put out 8 new episodes, then take two or three years off. Grueling…

That’s my unsolicited advice for Netflix. Put out a product we can count on so we can all ‘Netflix and chill’ again…


The new season of the NFL is upon us and, once again, starts off with controversy. DeShaun Watson is the QB of the Cleveland Browns. That’s brand new. So far, he’s only ever actually played professionally for the Houston Texans. The guy got himself in trouble sexually harassing massage therapists. TWENTY-FOUR of them! Two grand juries in Texas refused to criminally indict him. (What? A Texas grand jury refused to indict a star Quarterback from one of their home-state teams? Shocking.) 24 civil suits were filed. 22 of them have been settled.

An independent agency suggested suspending Watson for 6 games. 4 women per game. I’m probably not supposed to think of it that way. The NFL wanted something “tougher.” They “fought for” a one year suspension. They all settled on 11 games and a five million dollar fine. So, 2 women per game. Yeah, tough. Coincidentally, Watson will be back to play just in time for the scheduled match up between his old team and his new team. Oh, and the Browns knew something like this was coming so they structured his contract with a piddly little first year rate so he wouldn’t lose too much money during the suspension and softened the blow with a $45 million dollar signing bonus. Apparently, DeShaun will be just fine. And, after all, they’re only women. It’s not like he protested social injustice, or anything. As we all know – and Colin Kaepernick found out – protesting social justice is a career-ending act. Fortunately (for DeShaun) sexually harassing 24 women is just an irritant that needs proper optics.

I’ll tell you this: the NFL thinks you’ll be back to watch anyway. I wouldn’t bet against them on this. They’re probably right…

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