Rambling Rumblings…

I saw a news story that indicated that a judge had handed Trump a “win” by suggesting she was inclined to appoint a special master to look at the classified documents taken by the FBI per a request from Trump. The special master will look at the papers and see if any were taken wrongly. I guess we’re not supposed to notice that the guy who stole mountains of top secret and confidential documents from the White House is now concerned FBI agents serving a warrant may have taken something from him by mistake. (It happens. The government just returns anything it takes not covered by the warrants – like Trump’s passports that were taken and then returned…)

I’m not sure I’m prepared to call it a “win.” Not for Trump, anyway. He uses – hell, he counts upon – obfuscation and lies to keep his based fired up and on his side. Sure, he still has that ability but there will now be a person appointed at Trump’s request to oversee the process and when that person also confirms that the documents were taken wrongly from the White House AND that Trump shouldn’t have them, it’s only going to make Trump’s case worse. Sure, the conservative bubble will go into overdrive whining and crying about how unfair it is that THEIR GUY can’t just steal Top Secret documents from the White House if he wants to. They’ll tell their minions that the President said the magic words, “Oogoody-Boogidy” over them and rendered them harmless.

But I’ll tell you this: the people who understand things will have one more confirmation – among many others – that Trump is a criminal deserving of punishment for his crimes. I’m not sure that’s a “win…”


I don’t much like the America that has been brought to us by the conservatives. Sure, I know they would decry that statement. “WE didn’t do it!” They would insist, “The liberals did it!” Of course, it hasn’t been liberals. To be fair, it hasn’t actually been conservatives, either. The conservatives have just been the tools the rich people have used as a cudgel. The rich want a tax cut. They get one of their talking heads to say so in the conservative bubble and suddenly the “base” thinks tax cuts are a great idea. Sure, the tax cuts they support will hurt them, personally, but the rich will be slightly better off and for a con, there’s no better outcome. (The cons STILL believe in “trickle-down” economics despite the fact that the only available evidence proves it has been b.s. all along…)

I call the conservatives “the people who don’t understand things” because of how easily they can be led to support positions that harm themselves in support of helping people who don’t need any help. I was planning on writing details about issues the cons support that they shouldn’t but then realized there’s a nice little summary available. Basically, the cons support anything that helps the rich and oppose anything that helps anybody else. Simple, see? So, for example, cutting student loans $10,000 for people making less that $75,000/yr is an abomination and an outrage while forgiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to the same politicians who oppose the student loan cuts is just good politics, see?

Afflict the afflicted, comfort the comfortable – it’s the conservative way. Now, for clarity, I don’t really see the politicians in Congress as conservatives or progressives. I see them all as Toadies for the One Percent – playing a 535 person game of “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” The Republicans are the bad cops. They’ll block anything, everything that might, even accidentally, help some not-rich person. The Democrats are the good cops. As anger simmers among the average American because so many of us are, in fact, afflicted – victims, now, of the “Greatest Country On Earthtm” – the Democrats are charged with tossing out some bone to the masses – hopefully, enough to quell the throngs into submission.

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was the Democrats boning the people. We wanted universal health care like all the other first world nations on the planet. Instead, we got a conservative-created, corporate bonus plan that requires people to pay for insurance without ever helping them get the care they actually need. We WANTED health care, we GOT health insurance. But the people settled down. Corporate greed began strangling the life out of the average Joes of the country – “inflation” they called it – so the Dems brought about the Inflation Reduction Act. Maybe it will help but I’d guess there are provisions stuck in there throughout that funnel money to the people who need it least. Still, the masses will settle down, a bit. It’s a delicate, difficult balance.

I’ll tell you this: I believe that, sooner or later, the one percent will push just a little too far. I don’t know when, I don’t know how but something, somewhere will trigger something nobody expected. If history is any guide (and it is) it may very well be some small, “normal” event that just sends everybody off at once. It won’t be pleasant but it’s becoming increasingly necessary…

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