Hypocrisy, Thy Name is GOP…

Oh, HER…
Herschel Walker has now admitted he knows the woman he insisted he didn’t know. That guy lies like a Trump. He’s been caught lying about so many things the list is too long for this space. Obviously, the cons have withdrawn their support for the lying son-of-a…what? They haven’t? Still on-board, eh?

I’d like to pretend I’m shocked but I’m not. The cons have made clear, through actions AND words, that they just don’t care about anything but getting the craziest cons possible into Congress. They couldn’t possibly know what Walker stands for. He never takes an honest position on anything. They don’t really care, though. They see the ‘R’ after his name, they hear him spout insanity and lies, and they KNOW he’s their man!

In my more serene moments, I realize they’re just doing what they THINK the left does. That is, ignore negative information about someone. Of course, as is always the case, what they THINK in no way comports to what actually happens. You see, the conservative bubble is very carefully stepping around all the criminal activity of their CheetoJesus. It’s the simplest way to keep the people on board: just don’t tell ’em. But they still have to fill time so they’ve turned to that other, hard-hitting pseudo-scandal, Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop.

While those of us who understand things are learning more and more about Trump stealing national secrets and then fighting for all he’s worth to keep those stolen documents, being forced to return them only to show that he’s STILL hiding some of them, and worst of all, that several of the documents seem to be missing entirely (I suspect his Russian handlers have them), the folks who DON’T understand things are learning that Hunter Biden tried to make deals based on his connection to Joe.

I’m going to digress a bit. It’s actually an important thing to remember when Uncle Con shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. He CAN’T know what he’s not told – any more than you do – and he’s been carefully conditioned to never, ever consider anything YOU say as valid. Uncle Con isn’t stupid. He’s deceived, and “deceived” can happen to anybody…

Anyway, those of us on the left have pretty much ignored the Hunter Biden story because it’s a nothing-burger. A well-connected kid who tried to profit from that connection? The news would be the well-connected kid who didn’t. Even the tales in the con bubble admit that none of Hunter’s deals ever went through. They also admit, usually at the very bottom of the story, that there’s no evidence that Joe ever participated in any of it. Worst of all, the source of the information, Hunter’s laptop, has such a chain-of-custody problem it’s completely useless in court. In short, even according to conservative media, Hunter never succeeded, Joe never participated, and there’s nothing anybody could do about it anyway.

But it’s the best the cons have so they run with it. The result, though, is that the con rank-and-file think the left is just ignoring information they don’t like in order to support the people they DO like. So, that’s what THEY do. Herschel has had a long string of affairs. He has fathered several kids out of wedlock and raised none of them. He will pay child support – if you can force him to. He has encouraged and paid for abortions. As we’ve already seen, he lies like a Trump. He’s running as an anti-abortion candidate and he’s still supported by the GOP who insists it’s because he’s so close to Jesus. (His opponent is an actual, practicing minister. Apparently, not as close to Jesus as the serial philanderer. Who knew?)


Here’s another example of GOPBS. Biden went to a factory and referred to a report from CNN in which Republicans voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill as “Socialism”, which they pretend to be against, THEN tried to get money for “socialist” projects in their districts/states. Biden referenced the report, then read sections calling out the GOP hypocrites by name. (You can see the video in a new tab by clicking here.) He starts by saying we should, as his grandchildren would say, Google it. Well, I did that for you. (Click here. Yet another new tab.) Really, they do this stuff all the time.

I’ll tell you this: I’ve said before and I’m sure I’ll say again, Republicans have no principles, only positions…


I always find it disheartening when things happen that remind me that this once-great nation is sliding deeper and deeper into a hell-hole of greed. Sometimes, they’re little things. I’ve been listening to a local “news talk” radio station, KGO Radio, for so long I can’t even remember when I started. I listened to the morning guy, Ronn Owens, and then the afternoon guy, Jim Eason. Owens was a liberal, sort of Bon Vivant of San Francisco at the time, and Eason was the conservative voice. Together, they created balance.

After Bill Clinton destroyed the media ownership rules that prevented one entity from owning too many outlets in a single market with the Telecommunications Act of 1996, a feeding frenzy started and KGO was sold, then sold again. It changed hands several times until it was owned by Cumulus Media. They tried, once, to dismantle the balanced news talk so beloved in the Bay Area by going to an all news format. That didn’t work and they returned to news talk. Now, they’ve done it again. I was listening last Wednesday while running errands. I got out of my truck for something like five minutes. When I got back in, the program I was listening to was gone – just…off the air…and had been replaced by a loop of music samples all referencing money and gambling and occasionally intoning that “something new was coming on Monday.”

Sure, something new. I’ll tell you this: it won’t be better. KGO News talk filled a niche that can’t be found elsewhere. Cumulus can’t replace it with something they don’t already have at some other station. Even if they go to a national news talk format (presumably cheaper for the corporation), it will be worse as it will lose it’s local flavor (and likely, take on a conservative edge). Yeah, I know. It’s a little thing. One more tiny sign of the submerging of a once-great nation…

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