Well, the criminal con man Alex Jones was ordered to pay $965 Million dollars to the Sandy Hook families he’s been slandering for decades. Add this amount to the amount the lying, little weasel is required to pay from other trials he has already lost and he’s on the hook for over a Billion dollars! Okay, wow. Oh, and…good. He brought hell to those families AFTER their beloved children were brutally murdered. But even as the amount was being announced, HE was on the air, gloating that the families are “never going to get that money.” HE says he doesn’t have any money. A forensic accountant from Texas says he’s worth around $270 Million – all money he fleeced from the people who don’t understand things. Not surprisingly, the first thing he did after defying the court was to ask his oh-so-gullible audience to give him more of their money. (They will, too, giving life to the adage “A fool and his money are soon parted…”)

Two things. One, laughing and sneering at the court holding your future in your hands seems a risky bet. Two, I doubt the families will ever get a billion dollars, but based on what happened when OJ Simpson was found responsible for Nicole Brown Simpson’s death, they WILL get every dollar Jones earns (or steals from his naive believers) for the rest of his life. That’s okay with me…


Just for laughs…I hear Trump is considering an actual appearance before the January 6th committee. I guess I should say I hear Trump is pretending to consider appearing. He won’t. Hell, he can’t. But WHEN he’s pretending, he says he’ll do it if he can appear live. Personally, I think the committee should agree. Heck yes, we’ll do it live! Watch how fast he back-peddles. Two hours of “the Fifth, the Fifth, the Fifth” is not very compelling television but it would show everyone but his blindest loyalists who he is. Worse, for him, he might actually say things. Now THAT would be fun. He’s used to just shouting down dissension. That doesn’t work in trials. He’s used to just saying whatever needs to be said to get out of things. That doesn’t work under oath. Especially when they already have the evidence.

In truth, the only thing Trump wants is to run out the clock. Remember when the United States faced the dark specter of him being in the Oval Office for a second term? The vast majority of people who understand things fell out to vote against him. We REALLY need to do so again – this time in the mid-terms. You see, the coup continues. Cons are trying to install anti-American, pro Trump politicians in sensitive political positions to manipulate the outcome of elections – the very “crime” they accuse the left of committing. (We didn’t, but they sure as heck will…) Worse, if the cons regain control of Congress, the January 6th committee is disbanded and Trump is off the hook – his main bet. The legal proceedings might well continue for awhile but even those can be disrupted by loyalists working overtime to protect their preferred choice of cheating, lying, con-man criminal “saviors,” the CheetoJesus…


I think women are going to come out for the mid-terms. THEY need to stop the cons even more than before. The cons are actively taking their rights and running on the promise of taking even more. We have Proposition 1, that codifies abortion rights in the state constitution – which, of course, won’t matter if the cons take Congress and impress us all with their “state’s rights” stances by passing Federal legislation eliminating abortion rights from sea to shining sea…state’s rights be damned…

Frankly, I think we ALL need to fall out and vote against Prop 26 and Prop 27 as well. BOTH propositions suck. Proposition 27 introduces online betting in the state. Proposition 26 mostly just protects the deal the state already has with the First Nations tribes but they couldn’t just stick to that. It also tries to eliminate competition from non-Nations card rooms. Not nice.

You can tell the backers of Prop 27 are lying, by the way, because the thing it does MOST – introduce online sports betting in California – is the ONE thing they don’t talk about in their ads. Oh, we’ll cure homelessness and solve the drug problem. No, you won’t. You’ll add to both, exponentially. ANY position that depends on lies for support doesn’t deserve to be supported…

Okay, being a Californian, I’ve provided three good California reasons to come out besides stopping Trump’s minions but that’s only California. The rest of the country needs to come out against the anti-American movement conservatives and stop them. (I know, THEY don’t think of themselves as anti-American, being all flag-draped as they are and spouting love-the-country slogans as they do. But the flag-draping and slogans are just trappings. The things they argue against in this once-great nation – largely “once-great” as a direct result of the damage the cons have already done – are the very bedrock foundations of the Constitution and one cannot say they love the country – just hate everything about it – and be convincing…)


It turns out there’s a tie-in from Proposition 27 to the recent demise of KGO radio’s News talk format. One of Proposition 27’s main sponsors is a company called BetMGM. (I wanted to confirm the company name and sought a confirming reference. It’s VERY WELL hidden – even on the Yes on 27 page…) Cumulus Media dropped the News talk format on KGO and replaced it with sports betting content. I haven’t listened much but DID happen to hear one of the network sponsors – BetMGM! Why, that’s the SAME BetMGM sponsoring Prop 27! Coincidence? Cumulus already had an agreement with a company called ‘WynnBet.’ Now WynnBet and BetMGM have created an agreement to work together. Together, they’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to seize control of the gambling market of California. (Just imagine the return they’re expecting…)

KGO fell victim to greed – and greed kills. In one fell swoop, KGO was changed from a rare jewel that had served the interests of Californians and the Bay Area, in particular, for 80 years to a threat, out to siphon money from unsophisticated gamblers and harm California in countless ways. Cumulus, WynnBet, and BetMGM must feel pretty good about their chances of getting what they want. The polling shows their prop losing at the moment but the money keeps flowing. I’ll tell you this; personally, I hope they lose the proposition AND all that beautiful lucre they’re pouring into the process…

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