Wearing Thin…

Well, it’s getting longer every day, isn’t it? The list of Dems the cons plan to impeach, I mean. Kevin McCarthy, the person most likely to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House (at the moment) said the House plans to impeach the director of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas for…um…reasons.

It’s pretty much clear to everybody except the people who don’t understand things that the cons are planning a revenge tour. They’re upset that their criminal president, trump, got impeached…twice. THEY think it was all politically motivated because they choose to ignore evidence. So, they’re going to “get back” at the Dems by impeaching everybody with a ‘D’ after their name. Personally, I suspect they’re doing it because they don’t have anything else to do now that they control the House but not the Senate. Everybody except the people who don’t understand things knows the cons want nothing more than to make life easier for the richest of the rich and as hard as possible for everybody else. They LIVE to inflict suffering.

But with the Dems keeping control of the Senate, any evil act they intend will have to wait until 2024, at least, since the Dems will just block in the Senate whatever they do in the House. Since they won’t be able to get any of their evil acts done anyway, they might as well spend the next two years impeaching anybody and everybody. Nothing will get done, but the people who don’t understand things will get a good show and the rest of us? Well, we’re just going to get more and more tired of conservative delusional antics. I mean, I don’t know about you but this has been going on – and escalating – for the last 40 years and every time they come up with some new, stupid, faux “charge” I find myself just getting tired all over.

2022 sent a message. Americans dumped the worst of the worst wherever they could. The class of election deniers (rightly called ‘liars’) was mostly sent packing. It’s going to take some time, especially against conservative cheating at the ballot box but it looks like Americans – true Americans, not those flag-humping but Constitution-hating cons, are sick and tired of the craziness. So the cons are going to have to wait until they get a bit more power, if they can, and in the meantime, their “fiddle while Rome burns” behavior will look like impeachment after trumped up impeachment.

My prediction? It will prove to be a MASSIVE waste of time and money. First, you need charges against someone to impeach. Making them up during a fever dream doesn’t really hold water. Second, the Dems still control the Senate where their fraudulent impeachments get tried. The Dems will respond to the evidence – or lack thereof, in this case. The cons voted to acquit the Dumbass despite the evidence against him and they’ll vote to impeach any/every Dem they can think of despite the lack of evidence against them. The Dems presented their case (poorly, I’d have to agree) and the cons just shot them down. Now the cons will present their target and the Dems will respond in kind. The only difference is, the cons did what they did despite the law and the Dems will act in accordance with the law. I like the Dem way better…


The cons aren’t what I would call smart but they certainly ARE clever schemers. Take Georgia, where the conservatives really hate voting, so they’ve done everything they can to derail the process. One of the things they did was this: they recently changed the law so that runoffs have to take place within 28 days of the general election that necessitated the thing. BUT…Georgia law ALSO says that a voter must be registered 30 full days prior to an election. This means no new voters for the runoff. One cannot stand on the sidelines during the election, realize their voted is needed, then register and help their party – either party. Like I said, clever…

On the up side, though, the Warnock campaign has, so far, prevailed in their attempt to recover Saturday voting for November 26, so, there’s that…


Pretty much ALL of the people who understand things have lost most or all of the respect they might once have held for the so-called Supreme Court. I’ve taken to referring to it as the Supremely Kangaroo Court as they’ve taken to ignoring law and making ideological ruling after ideological ruling and I don’t think my opinion will change so long as the Roberts Joke Court is packed with activist ideologues. BUT…they did something the other day I didn’t expect. They made a ruling based on law. Hell, I didn’t even know they were capable of doing that.

They ruled that the House Ways and Means Committee does get to look at trump’s taxes, even if they ARE “under audit.” That ruling is perfectly in keeping with a law that was passed by Congress during the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s. That means it’s a law that’s been on the books for nearly 100 years. I’d call it “established.” Still, it was surprising this corrupted court considered it in view of the fact that the case in question had to do with trump’s taxes. My actual, cynical guess is that they agreed with the law in this case because they believe the House Committee doesn’t have enough time to do a proper review of the criminal trump’s taxes before the cons take over and protect their criminal boy. Even when they work within the law, they do it in a way that helps trump as much as possible. I sure hope those returns don’t get “leaked” to the press – who WILL have the time and resources to give them a very thorough review regardless of who controls the House.

So guess who’s upset the corrupted court followed the law for a change? Why, that would be one Donnie “the Dumbass” Trump, who said they had “become nothing more than a political body…” Of course, he ALSO said that handing over taxes was unprecedented. It’s not. Presidential candidates have been releasing their tax information, usually voluntarily but not always, for decades (except for the appointed, partial-term Gerald Ford). I remember when Mr “Promises made, promises kept” promised and promised and promised he was THIS close to releasing his taxes – but he never did. Now he’s mad at the court HE corrupted and turned into a nearly useless, completely untrustworthy, ideological crap-hole because they unexpectedly did the right thing. Good.

I’ll tell you this: maybe I should start calling it ‘Frankenstein’s Court since the creature may have turned on it’s creator…

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