New Year’s Day Grab Bag…

I’m pretty sure Gretta Thunberg whooped Andrew Tate in their recent dust-up. He is a well-established, poorly developed human being. She’s the well-established exact opposite. He didn’t like the idea of her running around trying to save the planet so he decided to troll her. He sent her a tweet bragging about how many highly polluting cars he owned and asked for her address to he could send her the details on each car and it’s massive emissions. I don’t know how she does it, but she commonly has tremendous answers for such trolls and Andrew was no exception. She replied, “Yes, please do enlighten me. Email me at”

Okay, so that’s a win right there. He should have STFU and left it alone but, no. The guy IS after all an infamous misogynist and moron and would not, likely could not, let a woman whoop him. So, he responded and his response included being handed a pizza box from someone off screen. He told them to be sure NOT to recycle the box – another dig at Greta’s activism. Authorities in Romania recognized the box and went and arrested Tate – for human trafficking. Apparently, Andrew, his brother, and two other scumbags are charged with capturing, kidnapping, and raping women, and forcing the women to make porn for the men to sell.

That, alone, is a win, right? Getting a human trafficker to out themselves and get themselves arrested is just wonderful. But, just to be sure the message hit home, Gretta tweeted, “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.” That woman really IS going to clean up the planet, isn’t she?

His incel fans have hit social media to insist Tate is being framed. They’re trying to defend him! They know nothing about the guy except that they’d (secretly) like to have sex with him – but that seems to be enough for them. Evidence? No, the cops have that. His supporters have nothing but blind loyalty. I’ll tell you this: I’m never sure why these guys don’t just get over themselves, find a nice guy, and settle down but my respect for Gretta – already sky high – went even higher…


I saw this actual headline: “Governor Kathy Hochul legalizes human composting after death.”

I didn’t even know a person could legalize…anything, really, after they’ve died…


Barbara Walters died. I was sorry to hear it. She was a very good journalist. She didn’t take any guff and worked to make the world a better place AND created a path for other women to follow into journalism. Barbara was a person who makes me wish there was a heaven…

Bennie the Rat died, too. You probably know him better as Pope Benedict XVI. He helped the pederast priesthood of the Catholic Church protect themselves from repercussions of their actions AND worked to protect the church who worked so hard to protect the perverts instead of the victims. Bennie the Rat was a person who makes me wish there was a hell…


On the topic of sexual abuse, I hear that some of the large organizations where sexual abuse was the norm – organizations like the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, and USA Gymnastics, for example, have taken to using bankruptcy laws to protect themselves. They file the bankruptcy claim and the judge sets the amount the victims have to settle for AND sets up a future fund for as yet unknown victims who will come forward at a later date – but NOW have to fight other victims for a piece of a smaller pie.

I’ve long held that NO organization or person who is fundamentally solvent or has a financially solvent parent company should be allowed to file bankruptcy under any conditions. I guarantee you, if YOU show up in bankruptcy court, they’ll take a very close look at your finances and if they determine YOU have the money to pay, you WILL pay. None of this “no, we’re fine, financially. We just want to re-organize” b.s. for you.

I’ll tell you this: It was bad enough when companies started doing it just to eliminate pension obligations they hadn’t fulfilled and didn’t want to fulfill but now being used to protect the perpetrators of sexual abuse from the victims? That’s just too over-the-top for me…


So, that DINO moron Joe Manchin is trying to block commercial and consumer tax credits for electric cars because of…reasons. It’s my guess that his “reason” is that he’s a coal baron and fossil fuel supporter and that group is pushing back HARD to maintain the economic advantages they gain from killing the planet. In like fashion, here in California, PG&E, the corrupt main power supplier, is trying to unravel incentives for rooftop solar in a back door attempt to harm the rooftop solar industry and protect it’s own profits for awhile longer. Across the country, the cons are being encouraged to support the oil industry and more drilling. It’s all about money and control of the market so one can make MORE money.

I’ll tell you this: fossil fuels are finite resources. Using them all up at once is one of the stupidest things the human race has ever done…and we, the species, have done some incredibly stupid things over time. We make a lot of things from oil. A LOT of things. Burning up the remaining supply in our cars as fast as we can only means that ALL of those things either disappear or become ridiculously expensive – and that’s before we ever even get to the argument about climate change…

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